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Comments on song "Sur Bin Taan Nahi Hai"
febeliz on May 27, 2008
omg, they're awesome
shradd24 on August 30, 2008
which movie?
shradd24 on October 21, 2008
pls upload the movie.
shradd24 on November 14, 2008
pls upload the movie i would love to see it.
Avni Priya on December 16, 2008
I really need the lyrics of this song.
sabbirsa on January 07, 2009
excellent Kathak number. The dancers are flawless.
Gaby Poulain on January 31, 2009
Do you know that one of them is now acting as Sharad Malhotra's mother in
the Zee serial Banoo Mein Teri Dulhann? :)
sabbirsa on January 31, 2009
Thought so. She really looked familiar. Now that explains it.
Gaby Poulain on January 31, 2009
Yep...the one in yellow...she's Surinder Kaur...I also saw her as Saif Ali
Khan's mother and Sabyasachi Chatterjee's wife in the movie Parineeta...
sabbirsa on January 31, 2009
Oh yeah, she is there!!! thank you. She used to dance so well.
Gaby Poulain on February 01, 2009
I wonder if she and Komal Mahuvakar were trained in classical
favourites will always be Kamala Lakshman and Vyjayanthimala of Tamil
cinema, the Travancore sisters Lalitha, Padmini and Ragini of Malayalam
cinema, Waheeda Rehman of Telugu cinema, Hema Malini of Hindi cinema and
Saswati Mukherjee of Bengali
sabbirsa on February 01, 2009
My favourite of course would always be Madhuri Dixit. She is simply flawless. Padmini and Vjy the famous duet were simply mesmerising. Vjy especially carried off Kathak very well. Shobhna another brilliant dancer and talented actress (lethal combination). Saswati Mukherjee also I really admire. Waheedaji in Guide, who can forget that? She was topnotch. Sridevi, though not a trained dancer was too good. The worst I will have to say is Aishwarya. That lady has no expression at all.
sabbirsa on February 01, 2009
Also I am in compltely mesmerised by Shamim Ara Nipa, she is one of the best classical dancers from Bangladesh. I don't know whether you would like her but I like her a lot. There is a dance clip of her dancing to the tunes of the great Rabindranath Tagore which is posted on youtube. If you can watch it.
Gaby Poulain on February 02, 2009
I have to agree. Aishwarya Rai seems a bit raw in classical dancing. I
forgot to mention Madhuri and Shobana, though.
Gaby Poulain on February 02, 2009
Thanks for the information. I will look it up...
sabbirsa on February 02, 2009
you're welcome and thank you for the lovely conversation.
Gaby Poulain on February 02, 2009
Same to you...
tony frank De' S on February 06, 2009
KOmal Mahuvakar is trained. Komal Mahuvakar unfortunately did not act in
many hindi movies..but became famous in Tamil Movies later under the name
"Roopini" As Roopini she acted in many Tamil movies in the late 80's and
early 90's and was very popular having acted with Kamalhasan and Rajnikanth
and many other Tamil movie heroes.She will be remembered by tamil movie
fans as Roopini
Sonoko on May 19, 2009
this is a very lively version of kathak dance, is it a specific sub-type?
fez30756750 on August 19, 2009
its not real kathak its filmi but with kathak elements I guess
Dancing Devi on October 18, 2009
Aishwarya has trained in Bharatanatyam, which is not usually performed in
Bollywood films. So her Kathak dancing will seem raw because she's only
trained a little in that for the films.
saraswathi on January 13, 2010
can anyone translate the lyrics? please
Vasant Pusalkar on April 22, 2010
Komal Mahuvakar is a excellent dancer and looks innocent too. Even Surinder
danced very well. Komal's guru is Arunkumar ( father of actor Govinda ) and
the other girl with him is Bandini Mishra, again a good dancer.
Unfortunately some decent and fine actors did not prosper in our film
muthushiv on June 22, 2010
Who are the singers? I came to know that for Komal it was sulakshana
pandit, but what abt. Surindarji?
Ramakarchoudhary on March 24, 2011
So nice.I had never seen it ever but really its an amazing art.I heartily give thanks to rajshri for uploading such a nice video and the director/producer/artist of this film as well.This song has filled so much energy inside me that i can't explain in few words.Today i accept indian dance is the best in world .There is no comparison;its unique and best.
psuhaskhan on January 12, 2013
The dancers are no doubt full of energy & fully capable, but the rythms of
the dance and the song do not match. This I would say is poor choreography.
The purity of Raag Malkauns is also not maintained. . Overall this song is
just a "Khichadi". Some thing I will call "Pseudo-classical"
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