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Comments on song "Tere Dwaare Pe Aayi Barat"
nadoyqatar on January 13, 2009
i wish to live the same kind of relationship in vivah. this is combination
of love and traditional marriage which is proved to be successful.there is
balance between the heroes
sheypyar on January 15, 2009
Love this movie, who knowes the name of the song after this part.. I know Mujhe haq ha but I've tried to download it but all I can find is the normal version.
davidinfo13 on January 21, 2009
Good music. Composer: Ravindra Jain. Old school legend
cr74lyf1985 on February 14, 2009
luv dis song...n dis film...shaid is sooo cute...n he makes a reli nice cuple wid amrita
blingstababe on February 14, 2009
LOL...he's so hot in this makes me all mushy! bang bang!
Fairyfaria on February 25, 2009
Plzzz Rajshri also upload the End of this movie!!!
kinza1920 on February 28, 2009
i love u shahid ur sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute
Nafisa Shaima on March 04, 2009
love dis movie. it made me cry. I loved dis movie so much coz it not only
portrayed da usual romance but also family values and traditions wid so
much simplicity!! + shahid n amrita's acting was so natural n simple, da
story n everything was simple but they were represented so nicely n
ordinarily tht it amazed me :) always loved da rajshri production movies
except for Mein prem ki deewanee hun :S tht movie was so bogus :S
Fatima Javed on March 16, 2009
i love shahid kapoor
Priya Patel on April 10, 2009
i agree but it does feel bad that your hott cutie goes to someone else u
got to admit it I LOVE SHAHID!!!!
amritaileshahid27 on May 05, 2009
I like you in spite of it but are you blind?
Can you not see? This chemistry and reaction of each other. Amrita and Shahid was the BEST cast in VIVAH. The next SRK and Kajol in the future.
Shabia Omair on June 03, 2009
haha.. i toootally agree.. n yeah i like angal in spite of that.. but
duudee.. the chemisteryy.. godd... lol.. seriously.. definitely the next
SRK and kajol..
AfshanNaeem on June 25, 2009
i love this movie and songs.
BillieNomi on June 26, 2009
so sweet, they have true chemistry between them.
Priya Sharma on June 28, 2009
amrita is lookin veryyyyyy pretty in the bridal wear. love u.
humtodilsehaare on July 29, 2009
no matter how many times i watch this movie i cry
its so emotional in the good way ;]
tikoo009 on August 04, 2009
i have seen this movie more than 50 times, remember all the dialogues and all but i still feel i havent seen enough... i love both of them... his cute and handsome and shes very pretty and kind hearted... i love shahid and amrita... they are a nice pair... the next shahruck and kajol. love you both
AladinRiteshDeshmukh on August 13, 2009
luv this movie shahid kapoor looks more handsome as a groom in his movie
sharmin113 on August 26, 2009
luv this movie,shahid looks cute in the wedding
pestc20051 on September 03, 2009
seriously, i love this movie..nowadays ppl get married for money bcoz bride
brings a lot of dowry.. but this movie teaches us that relationship should
be based on love and sincerity not greediness...very well words
to praise the efforts of the whole team...really if every
father/mother-in-law becomes like the family shown in the movie then no
father is going to be worried abt his daughters future...
urd2urd on September 05, 2009
that was a very true culture of india.. which showed the world that the
indians are the Civilized nation.. love this movies.. love bollywood
nassima06 on September 08, 2009
oh man i feel well sorry for her wen she couldnt get up :(
Imran Salauddin on October 15, 2009
Yes, we dont believe it.
Imran Salauddin on October 15, 2009
Very very touchy unforgettable one..
CH302KHURRAM on October 16, 2009
they r too cute ireally like this movie especially this part soo nice and
romantic sana
Sarah leè on October 31, 2009
his so cute OMG
HKRMJHT on November 06, 2009
An evergreen movie and lovely songs
qt4good on November 07, 2009
Love the song and LOVE the movie!!!!! It's a great lesson to everyone.
nihitmehta on January 04, 2010
song always fills my eyes up
AawarA on March 02, 2010
then you must have watched it more than 40 times lol btw I have watched
this movie more than 7 times in last 4 days and got it on my phone as well
i just love it
seemasapeen on April 18, 2010
This was an awsome movie, I hope if they could extend the story to see what
will happened after merriage :) Thanks for posting ^__^
khyberkarn on May 02, 2010
I remember watching this movie when it came out. I had no idea what the
twist was in the story. When it happened I could not believe it. Too sad.
Lovely lovely film. Such good performances. Ends up as a very feel good
movie built on good familiy values. I told all my friends to watch it. We
are great fans of movie. Too bad we cant see another Shahid and Amrita
diego hm on May 07, 2010
thats song is soooo beautiful wow
ankita goyal on June 22, 2010
i love this movie so much.this is our culture our tradition...i wish god
send in my life boy like prem(shahid) in this movie.
ankita goyal on June 22, 2010
love u shahid
shahfan7 on June 28, 2010
nice movie.indian marraige are always so special..:)
PiecendFun on June 29, 2010
great song!!
really emotional!!!
i am sooo in love with this movies and completely bollywood!!!
great culture!!!
amma232 on August 10, 2010
i love the story of this movie very much.And on top of there are my favourite actors shahid and amrita
rispekt786 on September 30, 2010
this movie represents old fashion pure arranged marriage . purly 2 unite families !..lov it !
Preeti Govil on November 27, 2010
shahid & amrita have done a gud chemistry together, anyways superb the best
wedding song
harisH devrani on December 13, 2010
Why Director and proudcer not repeat shahid and amrita again after success
of vivah? even rajshari not repeat them
angelan0121 on December 31, 2010
my mum is OBESSESSED with this movie, shes watched it. god know how many time, its getting a little annoyingm i think i got to hide the dvd from her lol but it a good movie
mritta1007 on February 18, 2011
i cant get enough of dis movie. so beautiful
Er Hemant Kumar on July 06, 2011
its a wonderful song
jthibideau on April 14, 2012
which is rather odd bec madwaris are notorious for dowry and dowry only marriages :)
ayesha aktar on April 06, 2013
i know u r ri8 but this movie can happene in only dream cous now day people
merried for only for money
zakir baig on July 27, 2014
Ilove this flim soooòoooooo much
mahamuthu nisha on September 25, 2014
Nice heartest touching song
pratik kachhadiya on October 18, 2014
i like... touch my heart this song
M.S.T. SUN FLOWER on January 03, 2015
Very beautiful I like him
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