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Comments on song "Teri Tamanna, Teri Zustzu Hai"
iqii13 on April 16, 2009
wt u fkin tryna say
iqii13 on April 16, 2009
isnt it...but u cant. only I CAN. lol...kidding (actually...i CAN be wiv him u no!)
musa786 on April 17, 2009
ofcourse im a guy is just a nature im just expressin my thoughts is just a compliment nth wrong wid da way i look and yeh she is hott
musa786 on April 17, 2009
ive seen him wen he was shootin for awarapan i called my friend she was craziest fan of him..she ran all da way and scream so much wen she saw him and took pics wid him da funniest part was wen she said can i kiss u he said nono my wife is here i laughed so muchh i like him i mean i has respect 4 him cuz of him i became famous in skool .. as they say sum similaritiess
iqii13 on April 23, 2009
xcuse me u lil musapants, u aint seein him. u crazy? iz fkin so bate ur lying
iqii13 on April 23, 2009
yeh, ur the 1 who wishes to see him shooting 4 awarapan.
musa786 on April 25, 2009
it dosent matter wat my point is
iqii13 on April 28, 2009
yh u were lying tht u've seen him. who'd bleev tht. even i can say i met him!
zammiye on April 29, 2009
One of the most beautiful song. love it!
iqii13 on July 27, 2009
iqii13 on July 27, 2009
yh u do hve to prove it.

and ur english is kinda weird!
iqii13 on July 27, 2009
lv ths song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
iqii13 on August 10, 2009
ma spllin? yh i chekt it.woz so rong bout it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and last 2 yrs wtaching the song? check ma channel, u'll c how much songs i got saved!!!!!!! lil 1

retard...y dont u urself say tht 2 u!!!
musa786 on August 10, 2009
argueing on da internet is like running in da special Olympics matter how u win ur still a retarded ...gosh iqiii get a life stop argueing
musa786 on August 10, 2009
no matter how much song u saved ...u still come here to proof how ratarded u areee . WELL U WON NOW STOP... oh wait u cant stop cuz ur retarded
iqii13 on August 20, 2009
well its u actually who cant stop typing in this part of the channel .why dont you just stop and then we will all stop lil 1.

am replying coz i wana.

u dont reply.otherwise i will call YOU a retard!!!
iqii13 on August 21, 2009
well y dnt u stop replying to me...retard
zaighamraj on September 21, 2009
one of da romentic
song ..
harrajsingh on October 13, 2009
i am starting to love this song
adnanmalick on December 07, 2009
well done emmi . great song, thanks bollywood for such a great hero .

LVU u emmi..
KA5H24 on February 11, 2010
KK and Emraan together are deadly.
khanpreston1 on February 24, 2010
what is the name of that gal with emran?
asim2630 on March 06, 2010
imran hashmi you are great
xtream chumi on March 06, 2010
imran hashmi you are great
aatachakki on March 15, 2010
imraan inthis video is looking so cool and stylist and lyrics is also so much good
stewielee on April 14, 2010
I don't know what they are saying but I LOVE the beats in this song. It is so catchy. :)
TheCinderella4u on April 20, 2010
whatever it is but i love this song it makes me crazy.seriously...
rajaninag88 on May 19, 2010
awesome music.emraan rocks
Rajani Nag on May 19, 2010
awesome music.emraan rocks
5249khan on June 03, 2010
really gud song which will make evry one DaNcE
Honey Mandawaria on June 07, 2010
awesome song. emraan looks dashing
Indiaexpress on September 15, 2010
why the song was sung by two singers?
eziscript on October 01, 2010
bcoz himesh reshammiya can't sing those words :D
chemist0071 on December 19, 2010
serial kisser is lookin nice
raksrahul on December 21, 2010
@SimranMalkani5 same here yaar,, i love it.!
mycrickethighlights2 on April 22, 2011
Haha most Guys here Love Imran I dont see any Comments From Girls LOL
mathew Howard on April 22, 2011
Haha most Guys here Love Imran I dont see any Comments From Girls LOL
tomriddleaswath on August 18, 2011
Mujhe aaj Bus ek Teri , Teri aarzu hain !!!!!!!!!
Anita s. narine on September 26, 2011
Oh Wow Emraan looks sooo sweet in this video ! orange does look darnnn hott on he.. mee love
MrMuneebafzal on April 01, 2012
to be honest this song was great if it was shoot without monkey(hashmi)
Muzammil Siddiqui on September 01, 2012
Hit if u r listning this song in 2012
alexandra12345ism on December 13, 2012
Emraan love favorite.he looks great with Geeta Basra.damn hot couple
Prasad Y on August 31, 2015
Where's the HD ??!!!!!
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