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Comments on song "Tinak Tin Taani Do Din Ki Zindagaani"
rumahale on August 19, 2008
Really interesting.
girish613 on September 16, 2008
Lata Mangeshkar was only 18 years old when she sang songs of Sargam Film
Dilip S. Coulagi on November 22, 2008
It's actually a duet as one can see - the other female singer was Saraswati
Rane, a very famous classical singer of her time. C.Ramchandra being a
Maharashtrian too, must have persuaded her to sing for a film - I don't
recall her having sang for films otherwise. Thanks for posting. Can you
please also post Khalasi Bhimpalasi from Sargam?
Neeraj Gupta on November 23, 2008
She di sing for Ram Rajya Been Mathur Madhur Kachu Bol.
Neeraj Gupta on November 23, 2008
Sorry It Beena Madhur Madhur Kachu Bol
Dilip S. Coulagi on November 23, 2008
Thanks for the info. I always liked her voice and singing. I'll try to
locate the song. What about Khalasi Bhimpalasi? I haven't heard that one
since I heard it on my old 78 rpm record in my childhood (well over 50
years ago)
cooldude2k6 on February 06, 2009
Really liked watching the video. I used to hear the song on tape once in a
while. But watching the video is much more enjoyable. Thank you very much.
khazanchi on May 23, 2009
Great.Thank you.But in the record the title of this song is 'Tinak Tin
umraochalsani on July 26, 2009
a pleasant song from a vastly successful music film of CR. A titbit info.:
Enthused by the success of his music, C.Ramchandra named his then newly
built house "Sargam".
rumahale on October 09, 2009
'Tinak Tin Tani' - it is the commencement of the song.
rumahale on October 09, 2009
Thanks for the information.
cumrao on October 13, 2009
Ya, you are welcome. CR was a very interesting, friendly person, a
composer, who always tried new styles, new orchestra. He gave the great
music Albela to his friend Bhagwan free of any charge.!!
orientlover1 on September 30, 2010
Actress playing harmonium at 2:30 to 2:35 is Bimla Kumari ( also seen sitting behind the singer at various times). She also sings film Barsat song " hawa mein udta jai mora lal dupatta malmal ka". A lullaby in film Albela " dheere se aaja ri akhion mein nindia aaja ri aaja" is picturized on her. Also she sings/dances at a mujra " meri jaan o meri jaan achha nahin itna sitam" in 1962 film Sahib, Bibi aur Ghulam.
orientlover1 on October 03, 2010
Actress to the right of Rehana singing with sitar is Paro. She hailed from Mairuth and was called "Mairuth ki Qainchi" ( Scissors of Meerut) in Bombay film studios in mid-1940s due to her sweet talk and refined mannerism learned as a mujra dancer in Mairuth. One evening she invited Ashok Kumar to her apartment near Shivaji Park and tried to seduce him. He rejected her advances and as he left she said,"Ashok bhaiya, I was just testing you. Ashok sahib I consider you as my elder brother".
ronin99999 on November 27, 2010
simply loved this, heard this after almost 30 years. thanks for posting this
Pashambay Baloch on December 07, 2010
@orientlover1 Thanx for sharing knowledge on film personalities
Coucoutchicou on February 26, 2011
Great to see this excerpt from "Sargam". Beautiful song although its a pity
to see such a great singer as Saraswati Rane (Hirabai Barodekar's sister)
being asked to sing for something ridiculous... But of course, that's
Bollywood as one can also see with Mehmood+Shubha Khote in "Sanjh aur
Savera" (Ajahu na aayé) or Mukri in "Kohinoor" (Madhuban mein Radhika)
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