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Comments on song "Tum Jo Mil Gaye Ho, To Ye Lagtaa Hai, Ke Jahaan Mil Gaya"
ajaytalap on December 27, 2009
rafi saab u r the greatest
playmakerjack on March 01, 2010
legends are born rarely...Rafi was one of them!
that's why he's immortal..
Jamie Kaur on April 11, 2010
Dear Navin Nischal Ji today is 11th april. I wish you a very happy
birthday. May this day come again and again in your life. You are one of my
favorite actors. Miss you and love you.
Abin Sinha on May 13, 2010
aaaaye hayyeeee. madhosh kar dete hai RAFI SAAB!
saimaashary on May 24, 2010
I grew up listening to these deep and amazing tunes! Brings back memories.
I now possess these albums which were passed down to me. What an honour!
ShakSanders on July 03, 2010
Wah wah wah ... Fantastic!
abbe khan on July 27, 2010
Most beautifull song, i remember days when i liston such songs day and
night when i was very young and its all credit goes to our mighty lord he
created many colours of life on earth and there are many many more colours
here after,Rafi sahab was real miracle in subcontinent,
Jay Oza on August 02, 2010
This is the worst use of a great song in a film. This is the first time I
have seen this song and I don't know what the director was thinking.
abid malik on September 09, 2010
Subhabrata Sen on September 29, 2010
GOLDEN VOICE OF INDIA thanks for uploading
navidisahar on November 01, 2010
His voice is on the top yet he passed away thorty years ago. He is alive in our hearts.
malathisantha on December 13, 2010
Sabi Rafi bhakhton agar ek saat ek jagah par mile tho usi jaga ka naam hai ... heaven on earth... Rafi saab! mujhe apna pratam bhakt sweekar kariye.
methehack1 on January 14, 2011
great song poor direction

avijit2k8 on February 21, 2011
Greatest music by Madan Mohan..and words for him...
indodesi on March 20, 2011
RIP, naveen nischol... March 19, 2011.
Anil Umaria on April 10, 2011
Unforgetable song of Rafi
Narasimhan S on May 08, 2011
singer and both actors are dead. Its bizarre
Gulzar34 on May 09, 2011
Rafi Sahab, the Best Male Voice in Indian Film Playback Singer ... Yes, millions around the world will ever keep liking his voice, all kinds of songs, mostly Romantic songs... he used to sing as if from his heart, from his soul ... !!

rkl0891 on May 12, 2011
too much petrol wasted, but was worth the song, i guess!
Bharti Thakur on July 06, 2011
wah wah wah..i wish sana should listen to it someday...
preeti dhawan on July 07, 2011
romantic voice of rafi sahib & music by madan mohan just leaves speechless.
Jamie Kaur on July 13, 2011
Priya Rajvansh was a cute actress who despite of being talented did not get
much success in films as she was deserving. Her dialogue delivery in
"Hanste zakham" was awesome especially in Police station scene. I watched
this movie many times. It is the finest film of her career. Her role in
"Kudrat" movie was also brilliant. it is sad to know that this beautiful
actress had tragic end in real life. Thanks Spsyed for this unforgettable
mkiddi88 on September 09, 2011
1 dislike? Must be deaf
Sandip Banerjee on September 16, 2011
What a great Composition by Madan Mohanji--- equally sang by Rafisab
contactnaz on September 19, 2011
he is gone sick on 1:28
laleema908 on December 01, 2011
Priya Rajvansh was murdered in most horrific manner.same happen to urmila
bhatt very sad
sonali sinha on December 17, 2011
Sala wo kaun bekuf hai jisne itne pyare song ko dislike kiya hai..
yashwant lohar on December 29, 2011
my all time fav legend rafi
Jack Surf on January 10, 2012
1000 years needed to satisfy self with dis song.till den hear it
Stay Raw on January 24, 2012
rafi saab ever green!!!! still he alive for us...!!
Vinit Sankhe on January 31, 2012
Legendary Madan Mohan! Only he can do justice to the voice of Rafi.
salman800 on March 26, 2012
Priya Rajvansh is hot as!!!!
Human-Being on May 11, 2012
actress Priya was Katrina Kaif of that time, but she didn't get much
popularity. She was born ahead of time I guess, would've been much popular
Prince Wamiq Rasheed on May 24, 2012
Heard this beautiful song by Rafi few days back and was stunned with the
combination of chords used. Enjoyed each note of the song re-creating it.
Hope you will enjoy as well. :)
Prince Rasheed on May 24, 2012
Nice one...
Please look at my version of this song @­Y
Srinivasan Channiga on June 13, 2012
This song appears to have been inspired by the Tamil song 'Enge nemmadi'
sung by T.M.Soundararajan in the movie Pudiya Paravai (1964)
drpranavsingh on June 22, 2012
I think her dialogue delivery was like Sonia Gandhi!
Jamie Kaur on June 22, 2012
No. You can not associate with anybody. She was unique.
Jamie Kaur on June 22, 2012
No. You can not associate her with anybody. She was unique.
lisps123 on June 24, 2012
Out of Bollywood music's 3 kings(Mukesh, Rafi, and Kishore), I think Rafi
was #3. I love his voice, but not all his songs, while I love everything
that Mukesh and Kishore sang. If anyone wants to make an argument for Rafi
as #1, this is the song that would convince everyone. Its my favorite Rafi
song EVER!!!
diehardrafisaabfan on June 24, 2012
Hi lisps123, i understand everyone has their preferences. Mukesh & KK sang
memorable songs but in my opinion with regards to talent & capability: #1
Rafi Saab; #2 Manna Dey; #3 KK; #4 Mahendra Kapoor #5 Mukesh. Listen to the
song "Tu kahe agar" in Andaz by Mukesh, at 01:47 he struggles with the high
Dr Sekhar Iyer on June 27, 2012
Rafi saab, itna acha gaana gaake hamse aap judaa hogaya aur hum idhar rote
baite hue hai
Viren S on July 07, 2012
its not lata but krishna kalle
Vikram Chatterjee on July 19, 2012
what - a song.
Shahid Ahmed on July 20, 2012
I know everyone has their preference.. but what stand outs is the real
talent and the work that has been done. Rafi's voice was termed as god's
voice... he is a very much trained singer who can sing all the rags,
punjabi bhangda, classical, modern... and so many more. In the same film he
sings for Guru dutt and also for Johnney walker and all the songs seems
like the actor himself sings now thats what I call talent and god's voice.
snehal doshi on July 29, 2012
madan mohan gives us an ethereal feel . elevates the lyrics and singing to
a super level
Ali Bahman on August 16, 2012
God bless you for uploading and sharing this great song. Thanks a million.
Khurmiful on August 21, 2012
Admiration is the daughter of ignorance. Rafi great singer but only in his
genre, nothing more nothing less. Furthermore I referred to the arrangement
not sonu's actual singing. The orchestration in his concert for Rafi is
better than the original arrangement, more pristine. Hope it makes sense,
Rahul Chaudhary on October 03, 2012
Great song.

semarakapini kampung on November 28, 2012
really good.. madan mohan is a genius..
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