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Comments on song "Tum Mujhe Bhul Bhi Jaao To Ye Haq Hai Tumako"
mukeshbond on November 08, 2008
nice song from sunil dutt movie DIDI. The song sung by Mukesh and Suman
Nayan Yagnik on November 08, 2008
Sorry, you are under wrong impression! It's Sudha & Mukesh.
mukeshbond on November 08, 2008
me sorry I was writing Sudha Malhotra and in error it was written as Suman
Kalyanpur. Thanks for correcting
Neena Jani on November 12, 2008
One of my favorite song, quite different from today's irrirating lyric.
orawal on November 21, 2008
What a beautiful, great song!! The legendary Sudha Malhotra!! Thanks for
posting this gem!!
Ritul Pande on January 06, 2009
Thanks for posting such a beautiful song
Abdul Chundrigar on April 30, 2009
sudha malhotra. a great singer..lata had a raw with her and didnt allow her
in film world. she was a competent of lata ji. sahir ludhyanvi,,great
socilist generation likes noise and rap ,let them .we oldis
seek melodyand lyrics..wah rahim
TheWindCatcher on May 22, 2009
Wah wah! Dil khush kar diya...
hemant patil on June 27, 2009
what an evergreen song full of vintage beauty and deep meaningful lyrics.
Hats off to Sudha Malhotra! This is one song which I can listen infinite
no. of times and it still gives a fresh feeling each time!
vasu49hp on July 26, 2009
can someone please post the lyrics and translation?
V. Siddhartha on August 30, 2009
There are few songs that capture the heartache minus bitterness of
unrequited love as beautifully.The lyrics of Sahir and the heavenly voices
of Sudha and Mukesh make this melody exude a soft luminosity akin to that
of the finest polished pearl. Thanks,yagniks.
SYED NAQVI on October 26, 2009
There is nothing we can say that, that was bit less, or too much or not
good. you just can not find any unlikeness. It is so beautifull,
meaningfull song. extremely heavy wording of Sahir, sweet voice of Sadha
and music...sooooooooo soooo good. I just love it!
chotutalk on November 23, 2009
Happiest moments when enjoy such melodious voices having meaning ful
lyrics. Mukeshji and Sudha Malhotraji hats off.
Shiv Shanker on April 26, 2010
This classic composed by beautiful Sudha Malhotra is my favourite song...
sound and video here is very clear.. thanks for posting..
Balwanjee Jat Kahiloon on May 29, 2010
This song is a wonderful expression of sentiments of two hearts, Sudha and
Sahir who came very close but could not walk down the aisle because of the
bondage of society.
MyKaempfer on November 30, 2012
Not Suman Kalyanpur; the female singer is Sudha Malhotra (The composer of
this particular song was Sudha Malhotra herself; all other songs in this
film were composed by N. Dutta).
Ulhas Gupte on February 20, 2013
BubblesPothowari on June 22, 2013
ज़िन्दगी सिर्फ मोहबत नहीं कुछ और भी हैं ज़ुल्फ़ रुखसार की जन्नत नहीं कुछ और भी
है ( zulf Long hair of the sweet heart, Rukhsaar : seeing the face first
time of the sweet heart), Jannat : Heavnes) तुम अगर आँख चुराओ तो यह हक हैं
तुमको मैने तुमसे ही नहीं सबसे मोहब्बत की हैं
BubblesPothowari on June 22, 2013
मेरे दिल की मेरे जज्ज्बात कीमत क्या है ( Jazbaat : emotions, values) उलझे
उलझे से सवालात की कीमत क्या है मैंने क्यों प्यार किया तुमने न क्यों प्यार
किया इन परेशान सवालात की कीमत क्या हैं तुम जो यह भी न बताओ तो तो यह हक हैं
तुमको मेरी बात और हैं मैने तो मोहबत की हैं तुम मुझे भूल भी जयो तो यह हक है
तुमको ..
BubblesPothowari on June 22, 2013
तुमको तो दुनिया के गमो दर्द से फुर्सत न सही सबसे उल्फत सही मुझ से ही मोहबत
न सही मैं तुम्हारी हूँ येही मेरे लिए क्या कम हैं तुम मेरे हो के रहो यह मेरी
किस्मत न सही और भी दिल को जलाओ तो यह हक है तुमको मेरी बात और हैं मैंने तो
मोहबत की है तुम मुझे भूल बी जाओ तो यह हक है तुमको मेरी बात और हैं मैंने तो
मोहबत की है
jigna dani on April 15, 2014
kirti kumar Khanna on December 05, 2015
sheer joy to listen this duet . what a composition .rag bhupali but yaman
kalyan is also there . but whatever this is an excellent performence by
sudha jee and my favourit favourit mukesh chan mathur
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