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Comments on song "Usko Nahin Dekha Hamne Kabhi"
famousndn on February 27, 2008
classic song, glorifying gods form on earth in mother!
suvi14 on May 13, 2008
wonderful! Absolutely brilliant lyrics by Indivar.
rk10101 on September 04, 2008
Wonderful song from the movie Dadi Maa, composed by the great Roshan!
iluvusa4266 on September 05, 2008
What a beautiful song!! Excellent music, excellent verbage - great way to
pay tribute to mom - in Indian culture!! Thanks for posting this video.
sg2401 on November 03, 2008
Thanks YouTube
Shon N on November 10, 2008
Love your mother,My mother is in nursing home. One day before Diwali I
prepared her favorite food. On diwali entire time after work i spend with
her. That time in my thought was my mother. How she use to celebrate
deepawali. After work I went to a East Indian Resturant to buy her sweets
and a card. She was happy. This song is so touching,thanks for posting.
SeaBreezeCenter on December 21, 2008
Who are the singers?
sg2401 on December 23, 2008
Manish Sharma on March 18, 2009
This song pays the best tribute to our mother who as is rightly said in the
song is above god. Also the marathi actor Kashinath Ghanekar is excellent.
BlueNargis on April 18, 2009
Absolutely brilliant, mind blowing.. its beautiful...
aksb108 on April 23, 2009
deeprajgok on April 24, 2009
This is a great song, brings tears, thanks
Vinod Mehdiratta on May 10, 2009
I sung this song for my mother on her birthday. I sing this as a prayer.
Devesh Das on June 12, 2009
This is the song which I was searching for many years. I saw the cinema
when i was a small boy. I think the name of the film is Dadima . Am I right?
Javed Diljan Rana on July 11, 2009
Can any body very kindly name to male actors in the song > and their other
movies > Lady is Bina Roy (Bina Nath) I just assume may be I am wrong.
Thank u Diljan Toronto, July 11,2009
Ravi Gokhale on July 11, 2009
Stunning. Many thanks.
tubulator01 on July 21, 2009
EXCELLENT CONTRIBUTION ! The energy and flow of the song is so compelling
that I had to sing it in my voice to give it a touch of "myness", so do
listen to it in my account. The actor in amber shirt and a headwear is
marathi actor Kashinath Ghanekar,
tasveeeren on July 21, 2009
Nice song, must say.
qiron on August 11, 2009
Bina Rai is a picture of grace and beauty. It was a delight to watch Dr
Kashinath Ghanekar. Thanks for the upload.
chandru sadarangani on September 18, 2009
this song is indeed a prayer, no less than a bhajan, its too sweet. lovely
lyrics with a great melody. thanx for this upload.
Nomita Chakravorty on October 15, 2009
This is a favorit song from childhood and chhaya geet days! Dr. Ghanekar is
my childhood dream! I felt so sad... he died young.. i coul not believe it!
Sanjeev Nalavade on December 21, 2009
Bina Roy just expired last week.This was her last movie.Though she did very
few films she will always be remembered for her role in 'Anarkali'.She
really looked a lovely mother in this film.May her sole rest in peace.
Javed Diljan Rana on January 03, 2010
I was shocked to know the death of Bina Roy (Bina Nath) but that is life
every body has to later or sooner leave this world may her soul rests in
peace and her family get the patience to bear the loss. Diljan Rana
Toronto, 03 Jan.2010
Jagjit Singh Ishar on January 20, 2010
the gr8 reward in the universe god has given is mother. maa is so sweet
word that its utterance gives the feeling of honey. there is no match 2 the
feelings of mother who is one face of the god. gr8 song y mahinder kapoor
&mannadey& gr8 music y roshan.
Mulakush on April 04, 2010
Hindi movies celibrate the love between mother and child in so many ways.
This is another unique and superb example where a team of first class
artists (actors, musicians, singers and cinematographers) create a
memorable master piece. Thank you Bollywood. Thank you Rajshri.
sidhant kapoor on May 09, 2010
@indirican321 It means... I have never God ever , But Why is that required?
Hey mother how different will God be from you... (meaning you are like God
for me)
ravigurbaxani1 on December 08, 2010
superb song...
nayab tohfa hai.
classic song, glorifying gods form on earth in mother!
Bina Rai is a picture of grace and beauty. It was a delight to watch Dr Kashinath Ghanekar. Thanks for the upload.
Meha Dalal on January 08, 2011
Neeraj Kalia on May 08, 2011
Superb u mom
manu babu on May 10, 2011
This song version has created is Amazing because it is very slow ,
the original " Usko Nahin Dekha" from the movie "Daadi Maa" 1966 is much
faster. Does anyone know who sang this slow version and from which movie or
album is it? Maybe just created their own version.
vvcc on May 12, 2011
@khel03 ya, the version of does sound good,
usha vijaywargia on September 15, 2011
Very very nice song in my life
Sanjay Khatri on October 14, 2011
My mother liked hindi movies very much. She took all of us to watch this
movie at Sapna Cinema in Delhi when i was a kid... I miss you mom..
zulfitareen on May 15, 2012
as an atheist i can say that surat and murat are actually the same.
probably raza just made a mistake. but still it is a beautiful song. it is
one of my favourite. those who have lost their moms would understand the
song better because you only realize the value of parents after they have
passed away.
Chitta Ranjan Deka on January 24, 2013
A classic by Roshan, so beautifully sang by Manna Dey and Mahendra Kapoor.
It reminds me of mother who is no longer with me physically but she is
there with me every moment ! Simply great !!!
Surender Bhutani on June 16, 2013
One of the most meaningful songs is written by none other than Majrooh
Saheb. Though a good ghazal-go poet of Urdu literature he has used
beautiful Hindi words. Hats off to him. Roshan Saheb composed this song
very well. Dr Surender Bhutani Warsaw (Poland)
Amar Jassal on February 15, 2014
Mother is first and Foremost Omni Living Great GOD.
Horseman Patel on June 02, 2014
तू है तो अँधेरे पथ में हमें सूरज की जरुरत क्या होगी .वाह क्या लिख्का है
.शत शत प्रणाम माँ को
sudhir malhotra on June 15, 2014
Hum toh yahi jaane tuzhse bari sansar ki daulat kya hogi. Yai maa teri
surat se alag..
Raj T on February 01, 2015
Most touching and loving lyrics--sucha suprr song to Mothers --all are
Divine indeed .
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