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Comments on song "Ye Shaher Hai Aman Ka"
payman135 on April 06, 2009
this song is very nicee man.. it got some good music and somee good singing :D
Ananya Bilimale on April 12, 2010
MrUzair619 on May 26, 2010
the song is awsam man and the place where it has been shootted
Guria999 on June 21, 2010
@payman135 you good se .
Guria999 on June 21, 2010
Ye shahar hai amn ka yhan ki fiza hai nirali yhan pe sb shanti sha yhan pe
shanti hai . So beauty song i like this song .
Sonia Thind on October 13, 2010
It's a very nice n interesting movie to be watch.really love
this movie n all the songs in this movie :-)
vikas yadav on March 24, 2011
ya really i was lost in past memories. i loved dis song when i was a child
and even now same love awaked in ma heart
parishona1 on April 02, 2011
i love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!
welldone excellent choregraphy
alexandra12345ism on April 21, 2011
Raaz was a good movie.Bipasha and Dino was a great jodi in the past.
amanslive on June 03, 2011
my name is aman also
amanslive on June 03, 2011
watahh lool 2:33
Sazi Bright on June 23, 2011
i miss my childhood with this song and yes it is a gr8 horror movie
agamdilawari on August 09, 2011
Damn horror movie. Wasn't able to forget it even after months of watching
this film
Nyima Tsering on September 04, 2011
@amanslive beast bro.
zapperrapper1 on February 27, 2012
2.52 yaha paad hai lol
Nazim7270 on March 11, 2012
i still remember clearly i purchased new computer first time when this film come out
hollandpose on May 10, 2012
True. Raaz is an incredible movie. Sadly, Raaz 2 is one of the worst
bollywood horror movies. How it is linked in any way to Raaz apart from the
producer is a mystery.
zapperrapper1 on June 16, 2012
but whats the meaning of paag dude?
Bella Nur Jannah Tolabi on July 14, 2012
i love this song a lot.. :)
Shahan Ali Khan on July 18, 2012
i love this song whenever i listen this song i miss my childhood. superb
acting by bipasha and dino one of the best horror movie in bollywood
Unomatch UM on August 29, 2012
nice song join
Lucy Baby on September 17, 2012
The scariest hindi movie to date, raaz <3
Irfan Samad on December 25, 2012
A nice song.
shiju chandran on February 02, 2013
very nice song
fira burha on February 11, 2013
horror flim
Junaid Touseef on March 25, 2013
Nice song g
Azi I on June 18, 2013
raaz still is the best bollywood supernatural thriller to date.the mystery
and the misty set adds to the chill and spookiness created.
Imran Hashmi on September 10, 2013
khaj94 on January 18, 2015
Msia is shanti life not like spore nothing is shanti all stress all around
money problem is the main headache 
Inline Media Production on May 02, 2015
सोशल मीडिया की दीं है जो इंसान चुप रह कर भी बातें करना सीख गया
वर्ना 'शोर' तो बाहर पहले से ही बहुत है
कोई कहता है
ये शहर मांगे 'शोर'
कोई कहता है
दिल मांगे 'मोर'
पर ये शहर(फेसबुक) है अमन का ..
यहाँ पे सब शांति-शांति है
क्यूंकि वक्त रहते इंसान ने शांति और सन्नाटे में फर्क समझ लिया है
शांति में अमन चैन छिपा है
और सन्नाटे में दहशत
sanjoy bhowal on July 28, 2015
khub bhalo laglo gaan sunke
sandeep kannapuram on October 15, 2015
chandan kumar on October 27, 2015
nice songs
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