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Comments on song "Ye Wohi Geet Hai, Jisko Maine, Dhadakan Me Basaya Hai"
Farid Khatri on April 11, 2010
Really "Ye wahee geet hay jis ko mainey dharkan main basaya hay" for
raazeewe on May 31, 2010
great find dear
deepakkt08 on March 26, 2011
Thanks for the upload !
However it is great disappointment watching poor picturisation of such a good song.
Wasif Bashir on September 08, 2011
Fabulous singer kishore kumar
Rani E on September 09, 2011
it is not rare song. i have it with me past 20 years
Biswaroop Ghosh on October 25, 2011
Why is it rare is a is one songs the best songs Bollywood ever
had! Refreshing and rejuvenating.
jayashree404 on November 22, 2011
What a song!! such a melodious and a rare gem indeed!!
MrAashishkaushik on January 17, 2012
it's not a rare song of the great kishore
bharatij11 on March 06, 2012
realy very good song from kishor kumar, and jalal aaga also very good performance with romentic act i like it thank you for this song
madan vaid on May 16, 2012
i am kishoredas bhakt & was thinking that i have heard his all songs but i
was wrong there are many gems of kishoreda which are unheard i am grateful
to youtube & all the uploaders like you
Kamaljeet Moudgil on June 14, 2012
Kishore da ye andaaz uneh sab se alag la ke khada karta hai,,,,,,.
dekaenator on August 11, 2012
A lovely song by Kishore Kumar. Feeling nostalgic ! If I am not the music was composed by Jaidev and film had Rehana Sultan and Rakesh Pandey. Watching video of this song for the first time. Thanks a ton foe upload.
Soumya Bhattacharya on August 16, 2012
It is not a rare song.. one of the great songs of Kishore kumar. But thnx
for the video.
RajKamal002 on August 25, 2012
I am great fan of Kishore Da. However this is a rare song. Everything in
this world seems so beautiful listening to Kishore Da !!!
SOUGATA GHOSH on January 17, 2013
Karthik Vishwanathan on January 20, 2013
from 1967 to 1977 Kishore had a fresh voice...after that his voice had
Basab Bandyopadhyay on February 24, 2013
Great Song & Great Acting of Jalal Aga .real sad !
Amitabha Das on April 11, 2013
So u didn't hear this song before and you are a 'Kishoreda Bhakt'? Come on
dude, this is not even a rare song.. it's a big hit!
Himesh Chande on July 24, 2013
There is NOT A SINGLE Kishore song that IS NOT a BIG HIT!!! :-)
1225jameel on July 28, 2013
Wow,I call it pure gold,What a song and Kishore da is just marvelous .
Kannan Subramanian on August 09, 2013
haha none of you have commented on the genius who composed this song
Pratik Majumdar on August 20, 2013
Awesome song from the rare Kishore Kumar Jaidev combo.
Amitabha Das on September 08, 2013
Well, I am sure u love Kishore Kumar and so do I. But he sang 2905 songs in
his career out of which 2648 were Hindi and while I am sure all of them are
very well sung, only 350 odd are considered to be 'Super Hits' while
another 800 are considered to be 'Hits', which include this one. That
leaves another odd 1800 songs which can be considered as 'not so popular'
out of which again, about 80 are called 'rare' because very few people have
heard about them.
Amitabha Das on September 08, 2013
And in my opinion, for a person claiming to be a 'Kishore Kumar bhakt' he
needs to atleast have heard the super hits and hits. The more among the not
so popular you have heard, the greater a 'Bhakt' you are and if you know
half of his 'Rare' songs, you should not only be a 'Bhakt' but also a
connoisseur. As for me, I know more than 1400 songs of Kishore Kumar by
lyrics, and heard another 1000 odd which I can hum along. That still leaves
500 which I haven't heard...
PONNADA SRINIVASPRASAD on September 26, 2013
You are off the mark, Kishore could be ranked next to Rafi but Kishore
songs are extremely popular and even Rafi always held Kishore da in high
esteem and commented he sang very well, this song is a jewel
Kurra Shanny on February 05, 2014
An Amazing Song which only Kishore da could sing- feel so proud to be a
Kishore disciple
Kurra Shanny on February 05, 2014
Amitabha Da - must meet you
Shirish V Vaidya on March 15, 2014
Super Ganna,
Shirish V Vaidya on March 15, 2014
Hey Amitabh, thats real good why dont you share a video of yours & share
it with us one of the Kishoreda songs. you singing.& would want to
share my computer disc with you so that even I could enjoy the rare & the
super songs by Kishoreda
Tushar Dutt on May 29, 2014
Another intense song..Kudos Kishoreda!
Dhulipala Rajasekhar on September 15, 2014
The film was " Maan Jaiye " released in 1972 lyric by Naqsh Lyallpuri and
music by the
great Jaidev.
Krishna Kumar on November 02, 2014
Thanks to YouTube the greatest entertainer
DILIP MAHAJAN on November 16, 2014
Dr.Ratnakar Kalegaonkar on December 26, 2014
maine ye geet jab gungunaya saj gayi khayaalonki mehphil .waa kk
Ashish Jha on May 07, 2015
one of my most favourite songs
Rajeev Ranjan Baisantry on June 16, 2015
One of the better but lesser known song of Shri Kishore Kumar. Great work
by Shri Jaidev.
Chandrasekhar Viswanath on August 08, 2015
What a beauty? Kishoreda was truely great. That too with Jaidev's music.
rajiv diskalkar on August 09, 2015
Rare combination kishore & jadevji
Ashwini Kumar on October 08, 2015
truly God blessed person. He will rule the hearts of millions in coming
decades also. Pranaam Kishore kr ji
Krishna Kumar on November 06, 2015
A haunting melody
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