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Comments on song "Zamana Kharab Hai"
valent pawar on August 04, 2012
grt piece of work...sumthin felt da whole very peace
hearing lyrics r good.melody part in da between is good..
sumit batra on August 04, 2012
Alternative platforms like Coke Studio are truly helping these renowned
musicians to showcase the flip side of their talent..its good for
listener like me who r getting such a unconventional work to listen.
Mir Shahnawaz ali on August 04, 2012
What An AMAZING perfomence by BHANU PRATAB 4:05
santosh kshatriya on August 05, 2012
miyan... apni nazar utar lena. kisiki nazar na lage. Zamanaa Kharab
Hai...!!! Dil nikal liya dost... !!! Uparwale ka kitna shukriya ada karun
ke tu mera dost hai...!!!
gaurav bhattacharjee on August 05, 2012
Bhanu pratap--god bless u buddy...wat honest voice...!!!
Aslam Annoor on August 05, 2012
This a great composition. Lyrics are outstanding. Bhanu Pratap G Mera
Salam! Dominique akka's rendering is brilliant. I enjoyed a lot. Thank you
Ehsaan and Loy.
Anupam Enosh on August 06, 2012
Hai Zindagi Ek Til, Rooh Ke Gaal Pe; Manzar Sa Beh Jayega, Zindagi
Sambhalta Firta Kahan... This part just touched my heart & awesome part by
harmonium.. Love your Voice Bhanu Ji & Ma'm Dominique Cerejo.. Both you &
Clinton have rocked the coke studio season 2...
Sadaf Vasgare on August 06, 2012
This is like so soothing to the ear!
roma suvarna on August 06, 2012
i like this song
bhavini chohan on August 06, 2012
Loved d composition.!!!!
Sweta Bisht on August 06, 2012
The full song is out now. I love her voice.
roma suvarna on August 06, 2012
bhanu pratap nice work
Neil Chitnis on August 06, 2012
There should be a separate Like button for those glasses. :D
Suraj Rao on August 06, 2012
This one is amazing! Goosebumps amazing!
Swapnil Pagare on August 06, 2012
Brilliant Composition...Bhanu Pratap and Dominique were just awesome...The
entire band did awesome job...I would like to congratulate Ashish Manchanda
who mixed and mastered this song...job TRULY well done...He truly added
different beauty to this song...
XJFrets on August 08, 2012
1 dislike? hahaha he mustve pressed the wrong button! :p
Preetam Sikdar on August 08, 2012
Loved it !!!!!! Peaceful !!
navu nishu on August 08, 2012
i love ths song. recently i went thru all ths thng... n hav come to knw
tht srsly yeh zamana kharab hai...
navu nishu on August 08, 2012
ths is a knd of world whr ur mst loved 1 ditches u... :'-(
Pradeep Kumar Singh on August 09, 2012
This song brings out the best of Bhanu. Amazing voice. Dominique's at her
peak, as always. Best part of the song is the ups-downs in the beats of
music, qawwali as well.
kumail619 on August 14, 2012
Bhanu Pratap was a contestant in Indian Idol 4
22Nillay on August 21, 2012
a perfect food with balanced spices made from heart.
debrup majumdar on August 23, 2012
cant stop listening to this tune... Bhanu pratap's voice touches SOUL.
TheMegaspur on September 03, 2012
Is Dominique Clinton's wife?..she's awesome
AR on September 15, 2012
Bhanu Prakash - what a beautiful way to start the song!
brahmabul on September 21, 2012
Yup. She is the wife of Clinton Cerejo.
brahmabul on September 21, 2012
Awesome lyrics man. Manoj Yadav - Take a Bow. Bhanu Pratap stole the show
from Dominique.
smunshi1 on October 18, 2012
lovely song...Bhanu Pratap rocks!!
kaykay on October 25, 2012
this is song is pure magic and the lyrics is SUPERB!!
Arjun Kapur on November 08, 2012
it is so nice to c the music evolve into what it should have been all
along. thank god. to all the musicians and artists.. god bless and
god speed.
brijesh kumar on December 13, 2012
nice song :)
Adeel Khan on January 02, 2013
I bow to you India
Ashween Dara on January 04, 2013
manoj bhai - awesome lyrics. and Gulraj Bro- rocking as alwayss... mwaah
love yu both
navu nishu on February 28, 2013
one of the best song ever... yeh zamana sach me kharab hai
ajnedable on March 09, 2013
Who is Gulraj?
manish ccit on May 07, 2013
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abbsic on June 15, 2013
let the best come out of us.and I am sure we will be the
questions asked...
abbsic on June 15, 2013
a proper fusion is i about how you sound each instrument sound when i hear
it..and not just for the sake of it
Ravish Kumar on July 01, 2013
Lyrics mesmerized me. specially.. 03:40 onwards. Bingo Mr. Manoj Yadav jee
bornomala on August 13, 2013
love u dominique
Sachin Vidhate on September 25, 2013
damn!!. cant stop laughin at it. katrina kaif slapped a senior director in
a set. she doesnt have any voice over it. i found this clip here =>
Sumit Sujangarh on November 30, 2013
one of my best song, which i like most. superb sung by the both singers.
lyrics has moral values.
1HUMANIT1NATION on August 31, 2014
tushar chakrabartty on October 14, 2014
vocal is outstanding
Seema Thakur on November 02, 2014
Wonderful Composition..Lyrics, Music,Vocal...Loved it all...:)
Mandeep Ranu on December 06, 2014
Wonderful music.and a very soft beautiful voice of dominique.the
music compliments the singing very well!
tanish sakhuja on February 03, 2015
wow brother very good..i really like ur way of singing...keep it up
brother..all d best
teeruvan on June 08, 2015
beautiful song ! just wanna say its not BE-FAZOOLI,,it should be FAZOOLI
Kiran Saharan on September 27, 2015
great work bhanupratap ..i still remembr wn u said u will reach at this
stage ..keep up d gud work ..
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