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Lyrics of Boatman Song
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Comments on song "Boatman Song"
Peter handy on Monday, March 11, 2013
Exactly clear, the beauty of the music is not spoiled for me by wrong
words, as I don't understand the language anyway, lol Your example is a
very good one. If I wanted to change the meaning of a song I may very
easily sing 'flowing in the wind' if my purpose was to equate the wind to a
river. But I must bow to your knowledge on this one because the wrong words
could make a nonsense of the song especially if the singer is not fluent in
the language. What language is this song written in?
SobersChatterjee on Monday, March 11, 2013
Sorry... but I think you are still not clear about this one. I'm trying
once more. The song which you are listening is the voice of my guruji Pt
Jayanta Bose and he has written the song himself. Language is bengali.
Please watch the first video of this playlist Pandit Jayanta Bose and it
will be clear. The person who has uploaded the song in YT has got some
"mistaken" lyrics from google search. I am talking about the lyrics given
in the "video info" and NOT in the song :-)
Peter handy on Sunday, March 10, 2013
You can get this sort of narrow mindedness(or being purist, depending upon
your point of view) in folk music. Music that is handed down changes and
can have many versions. If I sing a song and I am not easy with the meaning
or with the way the lyrics fit into the tune, I will change it. If you need
the same lyrics every time you can buy a copy that is to your standard and
keep playing that, no offence meant I am just saying--
SobersChatterjee on Sunday, March 10, 2013
Excuse me hahaha! Please be sure what are you writing about before writing.
I am a bengali and a student of the respected singer who has written and
singing the song. There is a misunderstanding from the pronunciation
(written in the info below) and I am just correcting it, that's all.
Nothing else. It's like someone has written "Flowing in the wind" instead
of "Blowing in the wind" .. am I clear?
Peter handy on Monday, March 11, 2013
Sorry my mistake, I seldom have time to read video info, (which is often
wrong anyway), and I seldom get into debates about any youtube videos (
just read some of the boxing debates, they are horrendous), mainly because
there are so many trolls out there. Thank you for persevering with me,
Sometimes you need to knock more than once, lol peace.
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