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Lyrics of Caught In The Rain - कट इन द रैन
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Comments on song "Caught In The Rain"
Vikrantsingh Parmar on Friday, April 18, 2014
Well I wrote this poetry dedicating this song - I wish Shankar and Team
would like it :)

Caught In Rain

A Poem by Vikrantsingh

Holding & retention hands
Walk-to by
Rainfall Aha!
I saw those drops on your cheeks
Marring your mascara
Marring your Kohl (Kajal)
Your drizzle hair
Real mantrap pouring out
Palpitation body
I share my old jacket
You pull me near and gaze
You read all aspect in my mind
I begged for this time long back
Oh! God
Moisture lips osculating mine
That instant I felt I'm on the ball
& fall for you again
Tears & Rain mixed up
You taste my tears & rain
I'm crying - She knew
I gave tongue to 'I love you'
She said 'I cognise’
We nested hard.

© 2013 Vikrantsingh
schwavin on Thursday, November 01, 2012
The song in first impression does not catch your attention. However as it
goes you start getting the hang of the song. Shankar, I know you are missng
Fall here in NA however this song should be relatable to everyone in
general. Most of the listeners wont know about the impact which Fall has on
ppl here. A song's mukhda should always start in Hindi since its
Hindi-English Fusion and not other way around. I love your work but I felt
you could have done better with this one. I still love Kinara.
write2pras84 on Monday, January 07, 2013
I don't care that much about the pronunciation. To me, music transcends
language. So it doesn't matter even if you don't know what he is singing,
let alone pronounce it correctly. It's like listening to Udit Narayan sing
Tamil songs. He kills the language. But it's still sometimes good to hear
in a weird sort of way. That said, I've got to give it to Shreya Ghoshal.
Not one mispronounced word! She is awesome!! In any case, I absolutely
loved this song!! Good job guys.
Krishnaraj CK on Thursday, November 01, 2012
I think this comment summarizes a very important sentiment. A song is made
up of melody and words. The melody is universal and appreciated by a true
lover of music. The words are really an instrument to carry the message in
the poetry. I personally do not find Rohan's diction to be jarring enough
to warrant any changes. I thoroughly enjoyed every second of this song.
Rohan's hindi included!
deseverolimus on Friday, November 09, 2012
Thanks to Shankar.we can stop being the stiff upper lip and hear someone
with a persuasive voice sing in the language that is not native to his/her
own! Rohan...R.E.S.P.E.C.T dude -- you look like the guy who you can hang
out to drink chai with. The added bonus being, we can get back into the car
and listen to you sing! ;)
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