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Lyrics of Chingari Koi Bhadke - चिंगारी कोई भड़के
chingaari koi bhadke
chingaari koi bhadke, to saavan use bujhaaye
saavan jo agan lagaaye, use kaun bujhaaye
ho use kaun bujhaaye
patjhad jo baag ujaade, vo baag bahaar khilaaye
jo baag bahaar me ujde, use kaun khilaaye
ho use kaun khilaaye

humse mat puchho kaise, mandir tuta sapno ka
humse mat puchho kaise, mandir tuta sapno ka
logo ki baat nahi hai, ye kissa hai apno ka
koi dushman thes lagaaye, to meet jiyaa behlaaye
manmeet jo ghaav lagaaye, use kaun mitaaye

na jaane kya ho jaata, jaane hum kyaa kar jaate
na jaane kya ho jaata, jaane hum kyaa kar jaate
peete hai to zinda hai, na peete to mar jaate
duniya jo pyaasa rakhe, to madira pyaas bujhaaye
madira jo pyaas lagaaye, use kaun bujhaaye
ho use kaun bujhaaye

maana tufaan ke aage, nahi chaltaa zor kisi kaa
maana tufaan ke aage, nahi chaltaa zor kisi kaa
maujo kaa dosh nahi hai, ye dosh hai aur kisi ka
majdhaar me naiyaa dole, to maajhi paar lagaaye
maajhi jo naav duboye, use kaun bachaaye
ho use kaun bachaaye, chingaari
lyrics of song Chingari Koi Bhadke
Comments on song "Chingari Koi Bhadke"
Althaf Yoosuf on Tuesday, August 12, 2014
Chingaari koii bhadke
If someone lights a spark
To saawan use bujhaaye
Then the rains will put it out
Saawan jo agan lagaaye, use kaun bhujaaye?
But if the rains start a fire, who will put it out?
PatajhaD jo baagh mei.n ujaaDe
If a garden is destroyed in the Autumn
Woh baagh bahaar khilaaye
It will bloom again in the Spring
Jo baagh bahaar mei.N ujade, use kaun khilaaye?
But who can revive the garden that is destroyed in Spring?
Hum se mat poochho kaise
Do not ask me how
mandir TooTaa sapno.N kaa
The temple of my dreams shattered
Logo.N kii baat nahii.N hai
This is not a matter for everyone to discuss
Yeh qissa hai.N apno.N kaa
This tale is only for my own circle
Koi dushman thhais lagaaye
If an enemy strikes you a blow
To miit jiyaa bahalaaye
Then your beloved will nurse you
Manmiit jo ghaav lagaaye, use kaun mitaaye?
But who can nurse the wounds your beloved strikes?
Na jaane kya ho jaataa
I do not know what happens
Jaane hum kyaa kar jaate
I do not know what would happen
Peete hai.N to zindaa hai.N
If I drink, then I live
Na peete, to mar jaate
If I do not drink, then I die
Duniyaa jo pyaasaa rakhe
If the world is thirsty
To madiiraa pyaas bujhaaye
Then wine can slake that thirst
Madiiraa jo pyaas lagaaye, use kaun bujhaaye?
But who can slake the thirst caused by wine?
Maanaa toofaan ke aage
I agree that before a storm
Nahii.N chaltaa zor kisii kaa
No one can use force
Maujo.N ka dosh naii.N hai
Yet this is not the fault of the waves
Yeh dosh hai aur kisi kaa
It is the fault of someone else
Majhadaar mei.N naiyaa Doobe
If a boat starts to rock midstream
To maajhi par lagaaye
The boatman can lead it to shore
Maajhi jo naaw Dooboye, use kaun bachaaye?
But if the riverman drowns the boat, who can save it?
Chingaari koii bhadke
If someone lights a spark
To saawan use bujhaaye
Then the rains will put it out
Saawan jo agan lagaaye, use kaun bhujaaye?
But if the rains start a fire, who will put it out?

thanks kishore Sb
Darre08 on Monday, November 30, 2015
chingaari koi bharke to saavan use bujhaaye
If a spark flares up, then the rains might extinguish it;

saawan jo agan lagaaye use kaun bujhaaye
but if the rains light a fire, who can put it out?

patjhar jo baag ujaare voh baag bahaar khilaaye
If the autumn lays waste to a garden, the spring will bring that garden
into flower;

jo baag bahaar mein ujare use kaun khilaaye
but if that garden is destroyed in the springtime, who can make it bloom?

ham se mat puuchho kaise mandir tuuta sapnon ka
Don't ask me how the temple of dreams shattered;

logon ki baat nahin hai yeh qissa hai apnon ka
it is not a matter for the people, this is a story for intimates.

koi dushman THes lagaaye to mit jiya bahalaaye
If some enemy strikes you a blow, your friend will cheer your heart;

manmit jo ghaav lagaaye use kaun mitaaye
but if a loved one inflicts the wound, who will erase it?

na jaane kya ho jaata jaane ham kya kar jaate
Who knows what would happen, who knows what we would do.

pite hain to zinda hain na pite no mar jaate
If we drink then we live; not drinking, we die.

duniya jo pyaasa rakhe to madiraa pyaas bujhaaye
If the world thirsts, then wine will quench it.

madiraa jo pyaas lagaaye use kaun bujhaaye
But if the wine thirsts, who can satisfy its need?

maana tuufaan ke aage nahin chalta zor kisi ka
I understand that in the face of a storm, no one's force will work.

maujon ka dosh nahin hai yeh dosh hai aur kisi ka
But this isn't the fault of the waves; someone else is to blame.

manjhdhaar mein naiya dole to maanjhi paar lagaaye
If in midstream a boat rocks, then the sailor can cast it ashore.

maanjhi jo naav Duboye use kaun bachaaye
But if the sailor sinks it midstream, who can save it?
Lahoreumar on Thursday, July 31, 2014
The king of Romance, RIP Rajesh Khanna has immensely translated his
charisma and resilient acting to make this hypnotically mesmerizing song as
a memorable piece of performing arts. The same can be said of music
composer - R.D.Burman, playback singer - Kishor Kumar, lyricist - Anand
Bakhshi and director - Shakti Samantha, who were equally instrumental in
crafting this legendary film song that touches the deepest recesses of any
sensitive/imaginative soul. Its majestically tranquil and soul stirring
music is composed in Raag Bhervi. It is very special. Its rhythm (both
audio and visual) is bred with harmony and exudes spellbinding appeal.
Something very touching, very rare. Folks! They don't make like it anymore
. !
yogendra khokhar on Wednesday, June 24, 2009
This,to me, is arguably the best ever film song. The first time i listened
to it, i was mesmerised. Story remains same even today. This film has
simply awesome music. Any way, can any body help me out. As a child i heard
a Kishore song only once and could never find it.I don't know the film name
or the opening line.All i remember is "baithun to honahi milti hai zamin,
ho main udna chahun hai door asman.Naaraz koi na koi meherban.."
somewhere in the stanza.Feel indicates Rajesh Roshan work.
Lahoreumar on Sunday, December 05, 2010
This film, this particular song should act as a learning ground for
producers, directors, singers, music composers, poets and lyricists. The
spell binding appeal of music, transcendental wording and poetry, the
severity of subdued emotions, infinitely focussed acting by Rajesh Khanna
and magically hypnotic voice of Kishore has made this song something
extremely special to watch One's own level of intellectual calibre defines
the true measure of excellence which would never be short of words.
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