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Lyrics of Gudugudiyaa Sedi Nodo
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Comments on song "Gudugudiyaa Sedi Nodo"
Diablo on Sunday, September 20, 2015
gudu gudiya sedinodo
smoke the hookah and see
vodalolagina roga toredu idyado
smoke out the disease inside you and feel good
manasemba sanchiya bicchi
open the small cloth bag called mind
dinadinavu moha ambo bhangiya kocchi
take out the hash called lust and crush it
nenevemba chilumeya hacchi
put it in a chillum called faith
buddhiyenuvantha kendava mele nee mucchi
light it up with buirning coal called intelligence
gudu gudiya sedi nodo
smoke the hookah and see
burudi yembodu sharira
the pipe is like body
idanaritu sukrutakkittu kolavi aakara, kolavi aakara
understand this and do good deed
Varashishunalanemba neera tumbi
fill it with water called his name
arivemba ariviya hachumojugaara
air tighten it with a cloth called knowledge around it
gudu gudiya sedinodo
smoke the hookah and see
shuddagnana melaeri
let the purity rise up with the smoke
daridrya deha suttu, hogeyu haruvudu
burning the rotten body, smoke will rise
buddivantara yeledu
attracting the knowledgeable who will show you the path
Varasiddashishunaladhishana torvudu
to the great Shishunaladheesha
gudu gudiya sedinodo
smoke the hookah and see
vodalolagina roga toredu idyado
smoke out the disease inside you and feel good
gudu gudiya sedinodo
smoke the hookah and see
santhosh as on Monday, February 09, 2015
raghu ji nivu adbutha realy naanu nimma big big big big big big
big big fan raghu nimage nimma gitaarge nimma nimma dhvanige
nanna heartly salaam 
Ajit Eapen on Sunday, November 23, 2014
the single cam man, i admire. you have justified the music . with your
single cam. go on man. God bless
and all congrats to sound guys. amazing mix. incredible work. Hugs
chala pathy on Wednesday, January 16, 2013
realy along with raghu voice, voilinist catch the heart.great team great
job. RAGHU spreading kannada sogadu(aroma)all over the world.This is what
the kannadammana seve.
Suyash Shetty on Saturday, May 31, 2014
his songs make me wanna learn kannada. time to become a curious son
again and learn kannada from Mom n Dad ...hey raghu make songs in Tulu
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Antaragni - The Fire Within (2008)
Raghu DixitRaghu Dixit, Neeraj Singh, Shishunala Sharif
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