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Lyrics of Ishtihar - इक कुड़ी जिन्दा नाम मोहब्ब्बत
ik kudi jihda naam mohabbat
saad muradi sohni fabbat
gumm hai gumm hai gumm hai
gumm hai gumm hai
surat osdi parian vargi seerat di o
Mariam lagdi hasdi hai tan
phul ne jhardhey turdi hay tan
ghazal hai lagdi lamm salami
saru kadd di umar ajey hai mar ke agdi
par naina di gal samajhdi

gummian janam janam han hoye
lagda iyon jyon kal di gal hai
iyon lagdai jion ajj di gal hai
iyon lagdai jion hun di gal hai
hune taan mere kol kharhi si
hune tan mere kol nahi hai
ai keha chhal kehi bhatkan
soch meri hairaan barri hai
os kurhi nu tol rahi hai
os kudi nu meri saunh hai
os kudi nu apni saunh hai
os kudi nu sab di saunh hai
os kudi nu rab di saunh hai

jey kittey parhdi sunhdi hove
jeyundi jan o mar rahi hovey
ik vari aa ke mil javey
vafa meri nu daag na laavey
nahi tan maithon jia na janda
geet koi likhia na janda
nahi tan maithon jia na janda
geet koi likhia na janda
nahi tan maithon jia na janda
lyrics of song Ishtihar
Comments on song "Ishtihar"
TheLilyLotus on Wednesday, January 11, 2012
whoever hacked this girls hair before dipping it and her cheeks in cosmetic
dye shud b held accountable
muziklieben on Friday, November 12, 2010
i clicked on this video ,.just bcoz this girls pic ,..but both d pic n this
song complemented each other ,.in her eyes there is something which
attracts. wow ,..shez beautiful ... God bless !!!
Himant Kakkar on Monday, December 27, 2010
@mehtabsingh1 ok .. this is kinda freaky dude .. but it does happen !!! its
like a illusion pretty much.. the picture does become kinda wierd.. n yeah
i think the song is responsible for that ..
GYOUY on Wednesday, January 05, 2011
listen to this carefully... look at this girl in the display ...this tune
and this girl will take you away in another world.!!! Rabbi is a genius
musician what a talent!!
mehtab singh on Thursday, December 02, 2010
if u stare at the picture long enough, it starts to get larger and
smaller... for some odd reason it reminds me of a heartbeat. great song..i
am proud of u.
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Rabbi (Album) (2004)
Rabbi ShergillRabbi Shergill, Shiv Batalvi, Bulleh Shah, Baba Waris Shah, TraditionalRabbi Shergill
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