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Lyrics of Maanaye Ni Maanaye Main Ik Shikraa Yaar Banaayaa - माये नि माये
maaye ni maaye
main ik shikra yar banaya

ohade sir te kalagi
te ohade pairi jhanjhar
oh chog chugeda aaya

ik ohade rup di dhup dhikheri
ho duja mehakaan daa dhirhaya
tijaa ohada rang gulabi
oh kise gori maa da jaya

ishqe daa ik palag navari
ve asaan chaananiyaan vich dahya
tan di chaadar ho gayi maidi
ho us pair jaan palage paya

dukhan mere nainan de kohye
te vich had hajuan da aaya
saari raat gayi vich sochaan
ho us ai ki zulm kamaya

subah-savere lai ni vatana
ve asan mal-mal os nahavaya
dehi de vicho nikalan chinagan
ni sada hatth gaya kumhalaya

churi kuttan taan oh khaaoda naahi
ve asaan dil daa maas khavaayaa
ik udaari aisi maari
ik udaari aisi maari
oh mud vatani naa aaya, o maaye ni!
mai ik shikra yaar banaya
lyrics of song Maanaye Ni Maanaye Main Ik Shikraa Yaar Banaayaa
Comments on song "Maanaye Ni Maanaye Main Ik Shikraa Yaar Banaayaa"
Calm Water on Sunday, October 05, 2008
I crushed choori, He would not eat it. So I fed him the flesh of my heart.
He took flight, such a flight did he take, That he never returned. I was
enamored! Mother! Mother! I befriended a hawk. A plume on his head Bells on
his feet, He came pecking for grain. I was enamored!
Calm Water on Sunday, October 05, 2008
In his voice, Blew the eastern breeze, As sweet as the nightingale. His
smile was the whiteness of a crane in the rice fields, Taking flight at the
clap of a hand. I laid A bed of love In the moonlight. My body-sheet was
stained The instant he laid his foot on my bed.
Calm Water on Sunday, October 05, 2008
The corners of my eyes,Hurt. A flood of tears engulfed me. All night long I
tried to fathom How he did this to me. I was enamored! Early in the morning
I scrubbed and bathed my body With vatana, But embers kept bursting out,
And my hands flagged. I was enamored!
Bharat Naruka on Wednesday, October 12, 2011
@ZooniIndian With all due respect to your sentiments towards Jagajit Singh
ji, he was born and brought up in a Sikh family in Sri Ganganagar in
Rajasthan. All that apart, he was a philanthropic son of India, not just
Punjab or Rajasthan. God bless his soul.
Calm Water on Sunday, October 05, 2008
His eyes, Were an evening in springtime. His hair, a dark cloud. His lips,
A rising autumn dawn. His breath Was filled with flowers, As though it were
a garden of sandalwood. Spring danced thru his body So bathed was it in
Movie Film Cast Singer Lyricist Composer Director Producer
Birhaa Da Sultan (Non-Film) (1978)
Jagjit SinghShiv Kumar batalviJagjit Singh, Chitra Singh

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