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Lyrics of Sundari Komola
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Comments on song "Sundari Komola"
Rafique Ethics on Monday, January 19, 2015
the song is brilliantly done with the most horrible combination possible.
a song is not only for the rhythm, tune and harmony... the lyrics play a
vital role, specially when it comes to a bengali song.
the combined english lyrics are absolutely off track and off topic with the
bengali song. this fusion though performed beautifully by the individual
artists was not done with compatible tunes and songs
sad to burst a few other's bubbles, but its the truth... this is a very old
bengali folk song from before bangladesh how ever its origin is well with
in the current bangladesh boundary and the dialect is bangladeshi bengali
as well.
Ashfaq Shahriar on Friday, September 20, 2013
Here is the Indian love for Bangladeshis. this is how they treat us.BSF
kill 1 Bangladeshi on average 4 days. recently BSF got released in
accusation of killing and raping a innocent Bangladeshi girl. they tortured
and hang her mutilated body on the border fence. d Indian court didn't find
anyone guilty or even involved.. what a mockery!! BSF killing has become a
regular news on our news medias. althou our proclaimed Indian government
remain silent on this issues. google this if you dont blv me.
Dibyadyuti Basu on Monday, August 26, 2013
How come this suddenly became an Assamese song? This is an extremely
popular traditional Bengali folk song sung by many luminaries and folk
artists for decades. Not a single word in this song is Ahomiya (Assamese)
in accent but from Syllet Coomilah region of erstwhile undivided Bengal
(now this area is in Bangaldesh). Stop taking credit for something that
never belonged to Assam. And at the end of the day, this is an INDIAN folk
song!!! God, when will we get out of regionalism. Enjoy the song!
Dibyadyuti Basu on Monday, August 26, 2013
Translation of the Bengali part: "Play your 'Dotara' (a musical instrument)
with more energy, (can't u see) a beautiful lady is dancing to it? The
lovely lady's ghungru is also creating such a nice tune. Her saree is
glowing in the sun light, Her nosering is swinging in the air.. While going
from one house to the next, We met with rain, My clothes and shoes got
drenched and the lady's saree got wet..." These songs are supposed to have
a deeper dual meaning which I don't know here.
Gul Zaman on Thursday, September 19, 2013
Music has been tradition of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan family for over 600
years. Nusrat further carried his family tradition in this world. Sufi,Folk
and Qawwali music is heavily influenced by PERISAN/Urdu/Arabic while indian
classical is total Sanskrit, so forget it. ok, did you know you indian are
descendants of Africa? what is ur history? what is ur culture? don't come
running to Pakland claiming ancient Indus Valley as ur history or Taxila
university the oldest school in india. Lol
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