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Lyrics of Yad Aave Vrindavan Ki Mangal Leela - याद आवे याद आवे
yaad aave yaad aave
yaad aave yaad aave
vrindavan ki mangal leela
yaad aave yaad aave
krishna kanhaiya chail chabila
yaad aave yaad aave
sakhiyan ke sang ghat pe jana
nirmal jamuna neer nahana
sab milkar lalan gun gana
kabhi kabhi val dars na pana
yaad aave yaad aave

kanan mei ban ful ka khilna
nabh pe taro ka jhil milna
murli dhun sun dil khil milna
murli dhun sun dil khil milna
murli dhun sun dil khil milna
kunjan kunjan mohan milna
yaad aave yaad aave

chandi madhu chandi raat me raas rachana
rup mantar se prem jagana
krishan rup me kridyan gana
krishan rup me kridyan gana
prabhu ko mil jana yaad aave yaad aave

koi kahe yeh mitha sapna
koi kahe yeh mitha sapna
koi kahe yeh mitha sapna
koi kahe yeh mitha sapna
krishan kahani kavi man rachna
mohe nahi kachu kahna sunna
mohe nahi kachu kahna sunna
mohe to brij lalan lalna
yaad aave yaad aave
lyrics of song Yad Aave Vrindavan Ki Mangal Leela
Comments on song "Yad Aave Vrindavan Ki Mangal Leela"
samaganam on Monday, November 14, 2011
That clapping,so regular in every of her performances.So natural.Sweet
lady!Hey,who said she passed away?She is in every one of these wonderful
songs,drenching everyone in her wonderful bhakti.And how talented is that
little radha?Like a lion cub that plays with the mommy lion,this child did
a cute role in the movie.I never thought in my entire life,that I will
listen to Amma at all.And when I did,I cannot stop myself from listening,at
Basudevaya on Friday, November 18, 2011
याद आवे, ब्रिन्दाबन कि मंगल लीला याद आवे, कृष्ण कन्हैया, छैल छबिला सखियनके
सँग घाट पे जाना, निर्मल यमुना, निर नहाना सब मिलकर, लालन गुन गाना, कभी, कभी
वल्लभ दर्शन पाना कानन में बन फुल का खिलना, नभ में तारों का झिल मिलना मुरली
धुन सुन, झिल, झिल मिलना, कुन्जन, कुन्जन मोहन मिलना चांदनी मधु, चांदनी रातमे
रास रचाना, रुप मन्त्र से प्रेम जगाना कृष्ण रंग में हृदय रंगाना, आपा को
प्रभु से मिल जाना कोही कहे यह मिठा सपना, कृष्ण काहानी कवी मल रचना मोरे नहीं
कज कहेना सुनना, मोहे तो ब्रिज लालन ललना
Lavanya Shah on Tuesday, April 02, 2013
Lyrics: traditional (Meerabai) and adapted by Pt. Narendra Sharma.( Papa )
Parthasarathi Mukherjee on Saturday, January 08, 2011
want to get entire composition line by line
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