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Comments on song "Aaj Kal Men Dhal Gayaa, Din Huaa Tamaam"
Rajan Chaudhuri on April 10, 2008
Fantastatic song from Rafi
mohammed jawwad on April 25, 2008
nice song mate.thanx
sapphirenp on June 12, 2008
Extraordinary Lullaby (Lori). This is THE favourite lullaby ever sung.
Ofcourse there are other good ones but this one touches your heart in way
if he is singing for you. You can not get a better master piece than a song
like this. Magnificent voice, stunning poetry backed by heart warming
music, acted by most handsome actor. I thank you for posting this song.
bawlachintu on August 23, 2008
Film: Beti Bete
mughaleazaam on September 09, 2008
Thank you for posting this haunting melody..
Rajan Chaudhuri on September 30, 2008
The best ever. Thank u Rafi
Romesh Khardori on November 01, 2008
If this song doesn't touch your chords god onlu knows what will. Rafi sahab
has woven magic and Latta casts her own spell.
Sufia Talat on November 06, 2008
Rafi sahab duniya ki puri abadi ye gana ga le lekin ye feel paida nahi kar
sakta..App ajuba the janab...kitni sadgi Rafi sahab...kash main aap se mila
lahore2vancouver on November 22, 2008
Wah Rafi & lata kiya baat hay iss ghanay ki ,essay ghana ab kayun nahin
bantay RASMALAI say ziyada mitha ghana hay ,ihave no words 4 this kind of
siegfried1970 on November 26, 2008
one of my favourite song.
I love this song..
Ghazanfar Mahmood on December 11, 2008
Kya qatil naghma hai
1MoreTime1 on December 20, 2008
this songs gives me goosebumps. words are not enough to describe the lyrics
and the voices. these guys were not just masters in their art but were
actual geniuses. absolutely awesome
kuldeep rao on December 25, 2008
there are songs when rafi saab made the listeners tear their sheds
kuldeep rao on December 25, 2008
Really, Rafi Saab had in his voice the power to make the listeners shed
their tears
Force2c on January 15, 2009
This film is so sentimental and touching; a brilliant story line and focus on the bonds of what a family really means..
anwar123453 on February 02, 2009
no body better than md rafi and there will never be another rafi
manoo1960 on February 04, 2009
theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee best song of hindi music
manoo1960 on February 07, 2009
aaj kal mein dhal gaya din hua tamam that what is happening in this world
Rajan Chaudhuri on February 08, 2009
Both Rafi & Lata r brilliant but Rafi is clearly exceptional
shaqqalaqa on March 26, 2009
voice of an angel will live for ever
u15m02d47 on March 26, 2009
Lata is a legend but this song is Rafi who is par ecellence than anyone.
May Allah blessed his soul in an eternal paradise,aameen
gautam sharma on March 27, 2009
i hve this song in solo rafi voice . but its audio only .
i dont know hw to upload it
gautam sharma on April 21, 2009
i have uploaded the solo version of Rafi for this song !!!!
Romesh Khardori on May 29, 2009
Rafi Sahab was the incarnation of god. He touched everyone. I find solace
in his voice
anilrafi on June 05, 2009
really good. beyond words to appreciate
tony frank De' S on June 30, 2009
OMG..such a lovely song pictured on Sunil Dutt and Jamuna. This movie was
remade in tamil but with different actors
thecrucifer on July 03, 2009
No one comes close to Rafi. But I do not think the female singer here is Lata. I believe it is Suman Kalyanpur.
vijay keswani on July 16, 2009
cant compete its lyric/voice/picturization.ooof 2 good
to say good only
yellayi rajesh on July 18, 2009
Yes there were many more Talented singers like AashaLata and Suman
KalyanPuri, quite successful too, But, Havent been Acknowledged
yellayi rajesh on July 18, 2009
The Original Version was in Telugu "Santaanam" meaning Children
yellayi rajesh on July 18, 2009
My favourite Part "Hai Bujha Bujha sa Dil, Bhoj Saans Saans Par, Jee Rahe
Hain Phir Bhi Hum, Sirf Kal Ki Aas Par" Wow!!!!! Brings Tears into my Eyes
narinder kahlon on July 19, 2009
wahoo ...what a song when i can't sleep i take help of this song and
it works.words and Rafi Sahib on top is just beyond explanation.
Punjabilad60 on July 23, 2009
I was born listening to Mohd Rafi, he is my Hero. Even I do not have the words that can describe this wonderful man.
Now, Rafi is not amongst us, but that divine voice and soul will never fade from this earth. He was, and remains, a major force in film music, the music of love, despair, hope, humoretc. Rafis voice had the healing capability. His music is as calm, as raging, as deep, as beautiful. It is the manifestation of the goodness and the divine. God Bless Him for ever. Ameen.
Inatsikap on August 04, 2009
music directors: shanker Jaikishan singers: King and queen of hindi music
Rafi saab & Lata ji
Prabhakar Kamath on August 05, 2009
Hai Bujha Bujha sa Dil, Bhoj Saans Saans Par, Jee Rahe Hain Phir Bhi Hum,
Sirf Kal Ki Aas Par".Great Words.same here, like it a lot!!!
heartsnl on August 10, 2009
zabardast song hai, dil ko lagne wala ur great Lata jee
rup2424 on August 22, 2009
thanx 4 dis video...very nice...
surgefast on September 02, 2009
What has gone so horribly wrong with bollywood that we can not get these
kind of GEMS no more. A great SHAME. The musical instruments are still
there and the recording technology is far superior but not the lyrics. Well
those were the GOLDEN DAYS.
david17240213 on September 12, 2009
Bollywood songs and music have been terribly McDonalized. Bollywood has lost its real identity; it's treding a fatal path.
bishiraj on September 12, 2009
hi i like this song too much lou it
raqib56 on September 15, 2009
agreed, ! these gems, we ought to keep
intact, its subconti's treasure. Today when I listen to the lyrics, I wonder why
a Kumhyar is cruel to his donkey !!
raqib56 on September 15, 2009

its a dreadfull reality, thanks heaven we
have youtube and rajshris to SOS.
aceji on September 15, 2009
Calhyde a on October 09, 2009
surgefast,david, raqib - today's India has lost family values, the moral
standards are aped from, drama & hipocracy are the
norms...thought process has degraded to the levels that we hear & see
today...guys lets cherish the golden age of Indian cinema...atleast there
are persons like you guys who still adore & pride in that India..Sare Jahan
sey achha..
Shi Ree on October 19, 2009
oh m craying while listinning this songs.. very well sung by lata jee
MrKlm2008 on October 22, 2009
what is the actress name, damm she is gorgeous and look the expressions its terrific and what a great voice of RAFI sahab its a great treat..
Inatsikap on November 08, 2009
This is Rafi Saab and LATA Ji not Suman. Suman was good and sang "Agar tera
Jalwa" with Rafi Saab in this movie, but she was no where near LATA. Rafi
Saab and LATA ji the dynamite combination
durlabh kolhe on November 13, 2009
sunil dutta and jamuna as brother and sister seen in the clip from gemini
film BETI BETE starring with jayant baby farida mehmood, b.sarojadevi etc.
music scored by s.j.
durlabh kolhe on November 13, 2009
sorry it is not gemini film but it is prasad production madras.
mohammad anwar Darvesh on November 18, 2009
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