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Comments on song "Aaj Rapat Jaaye Toh Hame Naa Uthaiyyo"
maaya71 on March 06, 2009
my all time of the best songs ever heard...
yourcharlie on April 16, 2009
Oh my days i was searching for this tune.. did not remember film nor the
title, just remember used to listen to it when i was a kid and did a search
on AB tunes, just watched out for the singing in the rain..took me 25mins!!
worthwhile it, happy days - thanks for posting.. aaj rapat jaye toh..
prasanthkumar81 on April 21, 2009
Great Song. the Audio Quality a bit on the lower side though nevertheless a
great song. Thanks for posting.
Vegita541 on September 29, 2009
For me, the most romantic rain song in Hindi Cinema!!!!!!!!!! Ever
kargosh81 on January 08, 2010
i love this song... jodi bohot achi he smita and amitabh
19ibrahim77 on January 08, 2010
best rainy song
MrSamKool on January 28, 2010
I really like this song. Nice simple dance by Amitabh. The lyrics is good too.
Pragnesh Tewar on February 28, 2010
all time great.. when it comes to holi songs and rain songs.. theres nobody
to match the big b
jonysohel on June 11, 2010
Dude really it's a very melodious song. in my child hoot i listen this song. now i m big enough & enjoying the rainy song. Ha ha hahahaha
M. Aghara on July 23, 2010
The Romance in Movies from the Acting and not from revealing body parts
This is best song
Vandena on September 27, 2010
bahut bheegi sa romantic gana hai
khyberkarn on November 21, 2010
Absolutely my fave...amitabh and smita look like they are having a blast!
So simple and sensual...gorgeous picturisation too.
vikas on July 25, 2011
smita patil.prateik babbars mom.
soumyaranjan04 on December 24, 2011
i loveeeeeee this song.

Manish Chauhan on January 02, 2012
kishore daa Aap bahut jyada great the sir..Ultimate lagend that is Kishore
daa... no comparison till date.. no voice can beat kishore's voice... Dada
u r simply superb... awsome magician... RIP.
Luis Peren on January 14, 2012
Only Amitabh Bachchan can delight us like this.. One of the best classics
Luis Peren on January 14, 2012
some one can post the translation of this song plis. Thanks in advance I
will realy appreciate to have this lyric translation
thampyshany on January 18, 2012
..still buzzing in my ears amitab & smith played well..looks real pair
kashishrose on January 19, 2012
love this song amitabh/smita/kishore and asha love the whole combination and the song itself ...then why the dislikes ? its the best ever never gets old...such a romantic :)
The Channel on April 20, 2012
Timeless. Can't touch this. One of my all time favs. ..the lyrics
just blow me away.I'd love to do a modern day cover with a beautiful
woman to this song...Zzzzzzzzzzz dreamzzzzzzzz
The Channel on April 20, 2012
thujeh tho aya maza, thujeh tho suje hasi. meri tho jaan challi rayyyyy!!!
i'm totally touched by this track. What a moment Smita and Amitabh shared
so harmoniously.
krishnan on May 09, 2012
bappida's contribution of an evergreen rain song to hindi cinema
Shikha Sharma on June 11, 2012
love this song.. : )
Muntasir Saniat on July 21, 2012
6 ppl don't have any life :D
maha khan on September 02, 2012
like it.
Ishtar Saiyady on September 04, 2012
Anyone have an English translation for this beautiful song? Thanks!
f ISL on December 14, 2012
One of the best song in rain
don hm on January 12, 2013
wow , cool thats amithab ,, nice
don hm on January 12, 2013
just seen 2 of his film wow , powefull ,got to say the best
Nashim Ahmad on January 14, 2013
very nice song
coolrockstar999 on January 19, 2013
love the song
deon p on February 10, 2013
what the heck happened to bollywood?
007raad on February 13, 2013
Dont think people realise how big Amitabh Bachan was all over Asia Africa
and the Middle East. Him and Jackie Chan my fave actors of all time.
vijaya bhaskar chengalpattu on February 24, 2013
The song i liked since my teen age and still love the song . MOST ROMANTIC
patidar rakesh on February 25, 2013
thanks your choice is great
patidar rakesh on February 25, 2013
ab ke sajan sawan me song dekho wo bhi bahut accha song hai
Prince Charm on April 04, 2013
Thanks for song! one of the best rain song, cant believe Bappi gave the
music, once his life time even a crappy music director give some good
music. Also noted that Smita Patel didn't wants to do the rain song, but
after lots of convincing she agreed, she was basically very shy and serious
actress, she never did any vulgarity in her career, she told in one
interview that she was ashamed of this song, it was evident from her
shyness in this song.
janealam khan on April 23, 2013
janealamkhan nice song
Madasseri Balachandran on May 03, 2013
smitha jiki romance bahooth pyara lagthahai..wobhi bighi bighi ..
Asutosh Sood on May 17, 2013
One of the most melodious songs.
janak raj on May 26, 2013
amitabh is one come close
cool fire on June 07, 2013
sumita patel..versatile actress .youth of ameet ji.both rock
ashok padase on July 14, 2013
very nice song.
thampyshany on October 21, 2013
A Born Actor ... Amitab...And a good pair... Smitha Patel
cherry williams gweb on December 12, 2013
meri toh jaan phati re.
Shashi Kanth on February 20, 2015
good good.
balyo100 on December 08, 2015
Why oh why don't make songs like this any more even after 32yrs they good
to listen n see
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