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Comments on song "Aaja Re Aa Zara, Lahra Ke Aa Zara"
vigrot on March 20, 2008
JOY mukherji is from my home town in JHANSI India ,I have loved all the songs from his movies.
suzusatin on May 03, 2008
A lovely romantic soulful ever green song for true lovers.
I cherish and adore just about everything, my great regards and respect
ilakumi on May 24, 2008
Oh ! I was looking for this exotic song! What a romantic spectacle. I love the sari style! Persuasive moves by that dude!
Haseena07 on May 27, 2008
OMG! I listen to this song every time i'm in my dad's car. joy mukherjee is so cute.
Parmsingh1234 on June 22, 2008
One of the most romantic songs i have heard
rohitlele456 on July 10, 2008
A wow song.Very well enacted by Asha Parekh and Joy Mukherjee.Hats off to Rafi and Shankar Jaikishen
tomsharma on July 11, 2008
This is sensuality sans vulgarity at its best!
Haseena07 on July 13, 2008
so sensual. so romantic. so amazing
alemoh on July 20, 2008
Asha Parekh looked stunning in this, as usual. She is a true Icon of the indian film world. The most versatile actress that bollywood ever produced.
alemoh on August 04, 2008
Asha Parekh was by far one of the most talented indian actress.
Inatsikap on August 06, 2008
Rafi Saab at his versatile supreme!! See how he makes his voice quiver on the verses in between. Excellent unmatched to this date.
malkyg on August 11, 2008
Romantic classy and talented ..
Not often repeated, Great aesthetics
RovingEye55 on August 12, 2008
He looks a bit like Mohnish Behl...
alemoh on September 03, 2008
I totally love Asha Parekh. She was to me a legend. As her acting was amazing and she is a versatile actress. Love her dancing to all types of music. She really lent herself well to traditional roles as well as contemporary stylish characters. All was believable.
guroeskrima on September 16, 2008
The 60's, when Films were made by Hand.
Sheer talent. No need for Special FX or
plastic surgery. Natural beauty.
guroeskrima on September 16, 2008
If I was a Mongol emperor again, I would
attack India and conquer you all, just so
I could come close to kiss you. India: my
imaginary second country.
collections1994 on September 20, 2008
OMG I'm in love with this song <3
zaranine on September 20, 2008
the most beautiful indian song OLD IS GOLD
Parmsingh1234 on September 22, 2008
One of my all time favourites.
usraygun on September 24, 2008
Yeh zindagi ki mehfil
Mehfil main Hum Akelay
DAMuNN ko koi ChuMay
ZuLFoN say koi KheLay..

this song is almost triple-x.
AnInfant on September 30, 2008
This song is so soothingly catchy that even today's young listeners would be able to appreciate.
oldisbest on October 20, 2008
sweet as honey was the voice of Rafi saab, no one comes within million miles of him!!
ravindragokhale on October 24, 2008
ShankarJaikishan and Rafi at their very best. Joy M and Asha P play it well.Many thanks.
nonseriously on October 26, 2008
History is proof, India is not a conquest, India is where one submits to the higher in themselves. Be it Alexander the Great; be it the Mongols; be it the British. Hey! but well said, cuz it's a compliment to all Indians. However, India is not what what you see, India is essentially what you cannot see with the eye. It is a different type of charm.
hellohemantkumar on October 27, 2008
Joy Mukherji indeed is from Jhansi in India.I cant forget his friend Denis Williams from the same place.The song is beautifully sung and intwined in the fabrics spunned by Shankerjishan.
hellohemantkumar on October 27, 2008
Joy Mukherji indeed is from Jhansi in India.Icant forget his friend Denis WILLIAMS FROM THE SAME PLACE.THE SONG IS BEAUTIFULLY SUNG AND INTERTWINED IN THE FABRICS SPUNNED BY Shankerjikishan.
hellohemantkumar on October 27, 2008
Zaranine I agree with you 100 percent.
hellohemantkumar on November 24, 2008
Guroeskrima,Ihave liked your comment, the best in the Indian perspective.Yes the beauty of the song is beyond comprehension.
bollygal on November 25, 2008
what's the meaning of this song?
2spyc4u on December 05, 2008
is joy mukherjee related to rani mukherjee?
devender68 on December 08, 2008
The song picturised on Joy Mukherjee and Asha Parikh from movie Love in Tokyo. Music by Shankar Jaikishan. The movie directed by Pramod Chakraborty. Each and every person involved in making of this song has done jusitice to their work. It was one of the hit movies in the short carrier of Joy Mukherjee besides Love in Shimla, Ek Hasina Ek Musafir, Shagird, Ziddi and Door Ki Awaz.
princesskaur4eva on December 17, 2008
lol classic romance the actress looks like kareena if she was to do that style i think she will look like her?!
ashokdevjigadher on December 20, 2008
if this song was food i would eat all day every day wah rafi
norina66 on December 23, 2008
i think rani is joy's brother's daughter
Sholay48 on December 27, 2008
I pay full compliment to your comment. I know exactly what you mean. With your permission, may I add, who needs food when there are songs like these around? This song is so digestible in itself. Long live the sixties and long live these songs.
byoh11 on January 03, 2009
wow this songs will be the greatest hit of all time.

wow wow wow!!!!!!
sanjayd411 on January 04, 2009
The immortal Mohd. Rafi. Simply brilliant.
wazifjaved on January 04, 2009
What a singing, what a modulation, everything like he was in to this affair... rock Rafi.
KiranGopalAshtekar on January 19, 2009
Beautiful song and equally beautiful actors and period. Thank you. Lovely treat.
buttegowda on January 22, 2009
This is one of the best romantic songs of any era. Great Composition by Shankar - Jaikishan and great singing by Rafi and superb looking Asha Parekh .. very intoxicating song.
buttegowda on January 22, 2009
Forgot to add ... superb lyrics by Hasrat Jaipuri.
wtc175 on January 23, 2009
3 weeks without food and I'm sure you'll be dying to tuck into a nice tikka masala!! :-)
Sholay48 on January 24, 2009
How about tucking into a nice tikka massala and at the same time listening to this song? Heaven! :-)
wtc175 on January 24, 2009
heh heh! but with a naan and ras malai to follow!
wtc175 on January 24, 2009
Aah - its nice to know that SJ is appreciated by others - I find it sad that usually, only singers are given praise and glory whilst the magicc of the compostion is not even mentioned! SJ together with the other greats Lax.Pyr., Kal. Anand. , Ravi etc etc - were so incredibly talented its breathtaking!
Menghanimp on February 17, 2009
Excellent Joy Mukerjee & Asha Parekh
grygss on March 07, 2009
If A.R.Rehman is great composer of to-day, then what were Shanker Jaikishan, Naushad, S.D.Burman.
Rafisaabsfan on March 09, 2009
im afraid ur wrong again bro, most ppl like to think tht he fell out with masses , this is copletely false as it was Rafi sab who chose to stop singing , he wanted to concentrate on deen , he performed hajj etc and even decided never to sing again but it was naushad and many many others , who actually begged him to return because ppl were fed up of the songs and singers, they missed Rafi saab , he then returned with 'kya hua tera vaada', the rest is history!
Rafisaabsfan on March 09, 2009
btw its ridiculous to compare mukesh's handful of hits and even worse to compare some one like shailendra , who was a 1 film hit singer to Rafisaabs 10000's of hit upon hit, however, yes lata is brilliant and she actually is the one who said 'meri khush kismeti hai , ke maine Rafi saab ke saath sab se zyaada gaaney gaaye' tht was from a tribute she paid to the legend!
kk was an 'ok' singer, good for fast jolly songs but can u imagine him singing songs for baiju bawra or kohinoor or barsaat??
SABYASACHYY on March 12, 2009
Despite not being perfect, KK was a tremendous singer. Some of his songs have great depth.
But Md was unltimate. It might not be possible by any 2nd human being to attain same standard as Md.
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