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Comments on song "Aankhon Mein Hai Kya Tasveer Teri"
Jabina C on July 05, 2007
i lovee this sng..tnk u!
irfan786in on July 07, 2007
thanks a lot
GBPChicks on July 11, 2007
nice song but sar samundar is better from vishwatma
thekrew09 on July 11, 2007
I love this song more!!! You see, people are different - I like this one
more than saat samundar.
GBPChicks on July 11, 2007
you are right, but it`s also nice
saleem mohammed on July 17, 2007
ur Right! Even i Lov This Song Vry Much!! cud u Plz Post
saleem mohammed on July 17, 2007
cud u Plz Post "Dil Legayi Teri Bindiya"? or d Whole Movie? I LOVE DIS
MOVIE also.
thekrew09 on July 17, 2007
Yes, I will definitely fulfil your request!
saleem mohammed on July 17, 2007
thank u vry Much.. cud i hv ur E-Mail ID? bcoz this my bro account nt
mine.Plz dont reply 2 saleemings.. post ur reply Here Only.. Thank u Again!
AJBluesman on August 05, 2007
Yet another fab# from the Viju Shah Stable !! Bring back memories while i
was in college !! Boy did those days shine so bright ! Thnx for uploadin
this one !
legendofmir2 on September 02, 2007
podgybear on October 15, 2007
sunny deol is lookin like a
bluestoryteller on November 04, 2007
I Love this film!! one of my all time favs!! I really wanted to watch this film. And my sweet bro got this for my birthday!!

Totally All ths songs are fab..can sing to them and even watch the vids time after time and never get bored like todays music.

Must say Chunky looked good in those days ;)
uprisingent on December 12, 2007
yes i agree the krew 09 this song was very famous back in the days around 1991-1992 and another famous song is saat samundar from vishwatma... they bring back memories of back in the days in guyana.
sleeptite69 on December 26, 2007
Is he wearing Hotpants?? What can i say.. late 80s'- early 90's you cold
get away with anything! :-)
raghubhai77 on February 03, 2008
i love this song
shazadikuri on February 13, 2008
nice dancin
Tiny Popy on April 30, 2008
i really like this songggg very much..
Gul7577 on May 06, 2008
Brilliant song and movie..! Still love till this day !
mahwishfaisal on May 11, 2008
yes chunk is looking gr8 in dis movie.. i really like dis movie.i was just 6 years old whn dis movie realised.
mahwishfaisal on May 11, 2008
nice song yar..very nice music...i love dis song too...thanks for uploading dis,,,
preetishk on June 18, 2008
love this song .recalls my school days whn i was in KG-1 really love all
those casts n location ...
preetishk on June 18, 2008
plzz someone tell me about Sonam..where she is ..why did she quit movies?
she's really very pretty
a4axn on July 22, 2008
sonam got married to Rajiv Rai
a4axn on July 22, 2008
Viju Shah is the music director
a4axn on July 22, 2008
the song sounds modern.Viju Shah is underrated music director...
Aadit Kapadia on July 30, 2008
very true man..he hasn't got the credit which he should've got..
guruohio on August 08, 2008
lol, the dance is kind of freakish...esp the moves of sunny paaji LOL :))
ahmedzahir12345 on August 09, 2008
the girl with sunny davil has been dead :S she was felt down from top she
is no more
thekrew09 on August 11, 2008
Yes, it was in 1993.
Gul7577 on August 27, 2008
It's Sunny Deol, the girl with him is divya bharti, who died as a result of fallng from a high building.I hope that makes sense to others now.
sobysober on September 05, 2008
haha sunny dancing is a torture the song is good though
ksrocks on October 01, 2008
where is sonam in this song? :s
Aadit Kapadia on November 03, 2008
viju shah.. son of kalyanji from kalyanji anandji..
Kaz Kaur on November 23, 2008
chunky looks handsome in dis movie
halocombat489 on December 09, 2008
RIP Divya :S
Almosa01 on February 06, 2009
Nice song.

Anko mein haiin kia?
Tasvere tere,,
Ami Joshi on March 01, 2009
lovely song with nice tune hmmm
Ami Joshi on March 01, 2009
sonam must be romancing her hubby who is this film director hehe
r86ali on March 13, 2009
nice song - divya look well pretty in the blue. She looks chbby in the
asian clothes esp the orange and red clothes
litz001 on March 28, 2009
thanks for this!!!! memories :)
sweetypie1000 on April 03, 2009
kenya is the best! my parents met most of the actors when the film was
being shot, as we lived in kenya then, this movie gives me good memories,
all of a sudden i want to go to mombasa!
priyauk1 on July 03, 2009
love the music more than song.
sobysober on July 30, 2009
look at chunkey's shorts, sonam's skirt is longer than his shorts
sobysober on July 30, 2009
they tried to show every all animals during chunkey pandey's lines and end
up showing a chimpanzee , which resembles chunkey the most
barti123 on August 30, 2009
Thank you so much! I love this song, love viju shah and alka, udit, mohd
aziz, sadhna sargam.
1heblackmamba on September 02, 2009
doesnt matter chunkey was still a decent actor better then most of the
shiity actors today
Aziee4u on September 10, 2009
Great song with nice picturization. thekrew09 should have added the most
important name THE MUHAMMAD AZIZ in the information.
candyperfumeboy2 on September 25, 2009
you're right about the shorts. the woman is not sonam, it's jyotsna.
Anita Toronto on September 30, 2009
lol another cheesy song i like lol
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