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Comments on song "Aap Jaisa Koi Meri Zindagi Mein"
Santoshhh on April 02, 2007
imdaad rahimbaks love s this song
ultimate32123 on August 15, 2007
Nazia Hassan rockssssss
RaviC1980 on August 29, 2007
which female singer sang this song? was it alisha chinai?
prajadhipok on November 06, 2007
nothing beats the original, all these remixes and remakes of this wonderful
song fall flat
lonelyheart4life on November 27, 2007
WoW, isnt Zeenat hot!! Love this song!!!!!! =)
Harjit Lall on December 28, 2007
Zeenat so very very RED hot!!
m4u4life on January 15, 2008
lol am sure der beter gals in dis world dan her
prajadhipok on January 15, 2008
the guitars look like Guitar Hero guitars
Sabrina Jones on January 28, 2008
you should add Nazia Hassan to the tags for this video, she was an amazing
and talented iconic singer
abcd321839955 on January 28, 2008
Think, what if zeenat was singing: "Aap Jaisa Koi Mere Zindegi Mein Aye, To
BAAP ban jaye" :P~ ... it would be funny, isn't it? ;)
MPATRICK310 on February 01, 2008
U5096 on February 26, 2008
this song is amazing! it sounds like an indian version of 'I love to love'
by Tina charles
Dr.Unnikrishnan G on March 18, 2008
Lovely song, girls improperly dressed
msjenniferbear on March 31, 2008
The composer wrote both songs.
Sana Baker on April 10, 2008
my mother love this music sooo much she always think wehn she see this song
she mus think again wehn she wash so young
greaselitnin on April 10, 2008
yehh,mine 2,lolz
Sana Baker on April 11, 2008
:D my mother told me the girl who sing this song came so famous verry
greaselitnin on April 11, 2008 mom like hurr
asim khan on April 28, 2008
yes,this is a disco classic,but the meaning of this song is real,like har
kisiko chahiye tann ka milan ,aapsa kahan hai ? dil aapko hi chahe ,to
baaat ban jaye.
siddhus on May 15, 2008
Aap Jaisa koye mere zindagi me aaye, tho BAAP ban Jaaye.
BurNinGsDeSirEsBD on May 16, 2008
sOOOOoooOOooo Sweet siddhus... wish u best;-)
Sakya Nitin on May 23, 2008
Its not Bappida its Bittu
bhupe on June 10, 2008
har kisiko chaiye..
narendar2005 on June 13, 2008
Bahut aachi awaz hai...GREAT song!
cubpack123 on June 13, 2008
Aap Jaisa koye mere zindagi me aaye, tho BAAP ban Jaaye
Ad Hawk on July 27, 2008
Follow the Us-Canada model.
riteshmaity on August 08, 2008
a great song. :)
Dinyar Jalnawalla on August 27, 2008
I love the words... "aap jaisa koi meri zindagi mein aaye tau Baap Ban jaye"
gloco620 on September 28, 2008
My first Bollywood movie and I've been hooked ever since...thanks for
adi87tya on September 28, 2008
agar aisa sach mein hota, then by the number of times she says in the song
her kids should have like 16 fathers or
darknite24 on October 03, 2008
lol Notice all the Hero of da movies does nothin But smoke and Makes faces
tarun1982 on October 25, 2008
i dont understand why India needs to import NRIs who know very little about
your culture, from the west. enough lovely young girls in our country..
infact the prettiest Indians live right here in their own land.. just want
to attract publicity and create a hype i guess..
prettypak13 on November 01, 2008
thanks 4 the lyrics!!!!!
dlsb13 on November 11, 2008
Zeenat Aman - original bombshell of Bollywood...Feroz Khan looks like a
Caucasian actor...what style and looks yaar !! Thanks a zillion for posting
kandigee22 on December 04, 2008
I love this song so much, classsic Bollydisco
sanjayvacharya on December 06, 2008
This is what I grew up on! Zeenie is the coolest! FK is the original Khan!
Nazia, RIP, is only one whose voice could have worked this well. Thanks.
gyghost on January 17, 2009
best song ever!!!
Mark Dinally-Seepersad on February 23, 2009
wat movie this from?
joe2hott on March 11, 2009
this song is copied from a song called dance little lady dance by Tina
Charles but I still like this song.
luckyabhinav7000 on March 16, 2009
aap jaisa koi meri jindagi mein aaye toh 'BAAP' ban jaye.. =)) =))
sanjayvacharya on March 29, 2009
Fantastic disco song...I grew up on this one. After all these years, still
the coolest song . Zeenat is just simply super! Sad to lose the great
singer Nazia though.
plattform5163 on April 22, 2009
Thank you for sharing a very nice video! 5+
indodesi on April 23, 2009
so true and so well put. Even I remember going to the cinema in 1978 or 79
and watching this movie. In fact, it was a 9-12 show and there was a lunar
eclipse that night. Still remember getting out of my dad's Jeep to walk
into the cinema and everyone pointing out the lunar eclipse that night.
jawadaryan on June 05, 2009
Thanks Alot for Uploadin!
narendar2009 on June 15, 2009
Dinyar Jalnawalla on July 05, 2009
Nice Song... App jaisa koi meri Zindagi mein aayen tau baap ban jaye.
channelms on July 09, 2009
great voice.
deejayMEBBYromeo on July 14, 2009
0:02 hahaha
ajit kumar on July 16, 2009
ur right brother he was a style icon looked fab..
bzhyder on August 25, 2009
obviously this song is sung by Nazia Hassan ... probably her first!
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