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Comments on song "Aap Ke Haseen Rukh Pe Aaj Naya Noor Hai"
shirishkalia on February 09, 2009
beautiful song by rafi sahib. nice voice modulation. thanks
loveabhi10 on October 13, 2010
saw the first on vinod dua live on ndtv.liked it soo much that I am
writin a comment . What a song!...and downloaded it.
shahbaaz3876 on January 17, 2011
truly master piece of all time...
kaunbanegag on January 22, 2011
Tanuja is looking stunning!!
Satish Thawani on July 31, 2011
Salutes to Rafi saab today on 31st july, on his 31st death anniversary.
15may1986 on September 24, 2011
golden voice with more power and tooo romantic...piercing in to the
Dinesh Ganti on March 02, 2012
Superb lyrics.. excellent interleave of piano and flute... and rafi saab's
stamp performance... Waah waah... all time favourites...
Vinay Kumar on March 16, 2012
Voice of God !
Moazzam Jah on April 03, 2012
The song sooths the soul. Thanx for loading such a lovely song.
vaadaenmacchi on April 10, 2012
well said but do give credit to op nayyar too! also i think rafi always
saved his best for dharam because he was his fav actor.
mukul pandit on April 27, 2012
o.p saahab and mohd. rafisaab, uff kya combination?lyrics and screening of
the lightning beauty of tanuja and the screen queen malasinha?add Dharam
and this is a perfect audiovisual scenario!!
oak santos on July 22, 2012
It is too good.All the guys here have uploaded these classics from OP which
is a timeless, invaluable treasure.God bless you all for bringing it here/
oak santos on July 22, 2012
This is a black and white movie still tanuja and mala sinha look TOO GOOD,
and their beauty is enhanced by superb camera work.Excellent--no may be one
of the best picturised song ever.
paresh soneta on August 09, 2012
ab kya misaal doon ?
ronit raj on August 26, 2012
very beautiful songs my hard is this song i love Muhammad Rafi sahab
Nkk003 on September 03, 2012
Sahir Saab. Aap ki tareef mein kush likhna chahta hoon par likh ni
pata.. Sorry sirji
kakkay1 on September 05, 2012
He will live forever in his music and in the hearts of millions of fans!!!!
kakkay1 on September 05, 2012
I love this song, Raji was a talent, a jewel unlike any other! Darmendra is
absolutely gorgeous while he serenades the sensual and seductive Tanuja and
Mena Kumari!
Nripinder Aulakh on September 08, 2012
The ladies in the video are Mala Sinha and Tanuja
Fuad Khwaja on December 07, 2012
excellent song!
MyKaempfer on January 08, 2013
No, this song was not written by Sahir saab; the lyricist was Anjaan.
Nkk003 on January 08, 2013
Sorry sir.., I think we both wrong
Nkk003 on January 08, 2013
Sheven Rizvi, Aziz Kashmiri
Sacchidanand Pant on January 20, 2013
God might have disliked it 2 times, even he was jealous of Rafi Sahab's
voice (one of his own creations).
ramesh pr on February 23, 2013
ramesh p r bangalore::simply adorable.
Sharath Adapa on March 09, 2013
only time anjaan and op nayyar worked together and created this gem
Jayesh Sanghani on March 13, 2013
Well said, Sir. Everything about this song is perfect.
Narender Soni on April 15, 2013
Baharen Phir Bhi Aayengi was produced by Guru Dutt Saab and directed by
Shaheed Latif. The film is still remembered for its music is by O.P. Nayyar
and lyrics by Sheven Rizvi & Aziz Kashmiri.
swasti rao on May 07, 2013
oh god.. such a beautiful song..
lakhvinder singh Rai on May 25, 2013
my fav song...
lakhvinder singh Rai on May 25, 2013
ur right swati rao
Chaitanya Sharma on June 01, 2013
Speechless... Superb act by Dharmendra and undoubtedly superb sung by Mohd.
kishore pandey on June 22, 2013
One of the best.
Deepak kumar jaiswal on August 14, 2013
what a beutiful song sang by rafi sahab,it is touching to our filing for
love,with lyrics its become very fantastic.Now a day you will not find suvh
a song.
Hima S on September 23, 2013
They dont make such songs anymore :(
Rajeev Joshi on December 21, 2013
A golden oldie. Both in the words of the song(O.P. Nayyar) and how it is
sung(Rafi). Tanuja and Mala Sinha are of course dressed and made up as best
as they can be, and there is chikna Dharmendra to accompany them.
ANDDDD... even after the song ends, the two ladies do not know about whom
Dharmendra is speaking. (NOTE: Mala Sinha is present again in a super-hit
Jagjit Singh Ishar on December 31, 2013
The golden melodious voice of rafi sahib & a resplendent sublime
composition of O P Nayyar sahib.
sajid hussain on January 19, 2014
hy koi rafi jesa?
Ghazala Khatri on January 22, 2014
One of my all time favs. Such a romantic song!
abdella siddiqui on March 15, 2014
ever green song... we all miss rafi sahab
Pinki Modgil on March 17, 2014
Dusi shivram on June 20, 2014
so true !! what an imagination !!
VINOD REDDY on September 22, 2014
heroine at 041 mnts is gorgeous and i m telling u , no kareena , katrina or
anushka are eligible to even clean her house as a maid. Such decent
costumes n wonderful a days heroines are not wearing
anything more than 2 pieces of ribbons
Ameet Kumar on January 20, 2015
Amazing composition by OP Nayyar, Excellently sung by Mohd. Rafi and
beautifully acted by Handsome Dharmedra and Beautiful actress Tanuja and
Mala Sinha. What else to say - No Words (Beautiful shayar - Not sure who
the shayar is)
UDAYAN JOSHI on January 31, 2015
Shayar is 'ANJAAN', father of lyricist 'Sameer'. This was his first song.
abhay joshi on February 15, 2015
One of my favourites of the great Mohd. Rafi and O.P Nayyar combine.
ANU VIKSHAT on June 01, 2015
lovely s0ng
SHAHLLA ST CYR on June 18, 2015
Magnificent and my favourite song
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