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Comments on song "Aap Mujhe Achche Lagne Lage"
hottiedesi18 on April 11, 2007
okay it was okay jus d silly cheek stroking dance move looked horible
amanda607 on May 13, 2007
nice beautiful and sensual music
rimi2shahid on May 15, 2007
nice song!!
the movie is also nice 2 me!!
amanda607 on June 17, 2007
beautiful song strong lyrics
barbiegirl789 on June 21, 2007
omg they match!
aminie18 on June 25, 2007
the dance was choreographed by a mime
amanda607 on June 30, 2007
no this dance isnt chereograpghed actually have your watched other indian films
Patel2008 on July 01, 2007
hrithik is just too SUPER. LOVE HIM TO BITS
kellllllllyyyyssss on July 02, 2007
the girl is so sweet and cute
lily20098 on July 06, 2007
they make great couple togheter;)
lily20098 on July 06, 2007
they make gr8 couple togheter;)
coolsushant21 on July 26, 2007
its really a heart throbing song
prinseven on November 21, 2007
Hrithik is the best I love him so much. He's a wonderful actor and the best
Bollywood dancer.
Ps3pwner1 on November 23, 2007
this film is the best ever made!!!!!!!!!!!!
bUtTeR3fLy on November 29, 2007
nice song, but this film is defo not the best ever made! man, its soo dumb
at times, can enjoy it as a light hearted thing but thats it really.
jevina24 on December 05, 2007
I love this movie and this song.
kissmiss8 on December 09, 2007
dance steps r rele nice n da song too
peppermintbunny6 on December 10, 2007
nice song i really love the moves and dances
cruizer83 on January 05, 2008
I don't like Amisha myself... i am not a very big fan of her, but at the same time i know that she has a great potential... she is said to be kareena's rival in the industry, but I don't understand how this is possible. Anyways, I wish you all the best, Amisha and I know someday you will be a big star where you will be known by yourself and not by the director or the movie... Good luck!
nuaisha on January 29, 2008
i like dance and song
Ushwarya on January 30, 2008
cutest couple!!!!
myamoreza on January 30, 2008
nice song..and also clothes...
afghanlover143 on February 24, 2008
Love this song.get get sick of it..
dawalhamo111 on March 03, 2008
wow she looks very small in front of him
saintkarin on March 09, 2008
good song, didn't like the movie much!
ZAZOU08 on April 06, 2008
cool video and nice song!!!!zey make a cutecoupl.i like there 1st film(kaho naa pyaar hai)it was really nice n thnxx for posting!!!!i love it.amallalso is beatiful film...
mbrocs13 on April 28, 2008
i dont think she is that cute and she overacts like when she breathes its
so hilarious! but this was a good movie and they do make a good
couple..somewhat lol.
reemzy2 on May 05, 2008
its cz shes meant 2 have asthma in the film. but i agree..theyre cute on
screen couple :-)
mbrocs13 on May 06, 2008
oh really, wow i didnt know she had asthma in the movie, lol that makes
more sense now :D
reemzy2 on May 06, 2008
they showed it in the original version of the film, but then it was edited
out for sum reason :-s it wud make more sense if they kept it in.
rasika12 on May 18, 2008
Very nice song..and great couple!
rodika39 on June 01, 2008
cool video nice song!!!!!
miakara on June 08, 2008
really love amisha's costumes in this vid
Missy9200 on June 10, 2008
cute and Beautiful couple=)
Tiah2323 on July 08, 2008
Cute couple!love you Amisha Patel
purpledancegoddess on July 24, 2008
One of my guy friends and I tried to do that whole thing where she spins on
the ground and then hrithik pulls her up completely. Trust me, it's really
difficult!!! I applaud Hrithik for his awesome arm strength!
binobad on August 02, 2008
amisha with hrithik are so cute
mariamqwert on August 21, 2008
love the song!
Jj Jah on August 23, 2008
movie was a flop but the song is great! thanks for the upload
inteltavangar on August 27, 2008
Amisha Patel's father and Rhithik Roshan's father--Rakesh Roshan-- are the
best buddies. This pair pretty-much grew-up can just imagine
the chemistry between them.
Sudeshna Hamal on September 03, 2008
Ya, they were rocking in this movie n kaho na pyaar hai..i wish to see them
again together!!!love you amisha n duggu
haldirhaldir on September 13, 2008
SKA336 on September 28, 2008
lol they copy that BSB video with the remote!!
rihena2 on October 15, 2008
i think she cant do those step with hileshoes that why she has to change
zoya jaan on October 18, 2008
Dont have any other words to say ,,, just love it
mbrocs13 on December 04, 2008
lol i dont blame her, dancing in heals is so hard! lol :D
Breio2008 on December 09, 2008
Amisha is so gorgeous, and hritic has three thumbs, two on his left i
think. lol
pinkangel014 on December 14, 2008
this song is better than the whole movie. lol
androunique05 on December 17, 2008
Lol, actually is on his right, but he's still cute! lol
ddatul on January 07, 2009
they looked just nice together..
fantastic song!!!!
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