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Comments on song "Aate Jate, Hanste Gate"
me on February 23, 2009
Excellent song, great Indian version of this classic! When I was a kid and
saw this for the first time I couldn't tell if it was Salman and
Bhaghyashree or some other couple dancing, lol.
diveshmai on February 28, 2009
dude i can lister to the song
but thnx anyways
diveshmai on February 28, 2009
coppied( I just called to say I love you - Stevie Wonder)
cheak it out
like Himesh Reshammiya coppies all types of song "|SORRY Himesh Reshammiya UNCLE I SAW U R N SALMAN BHAI"S SA RA GA MA PA EPISODE)
dilenadaan on March 09, 2009
Bechain Hai Mari Nazar Hai Pyar Ka Kesa Asar Na Chup Raho, Itna Kaho Hum
Aapke, Aapke Hain Koun? Khud Ko Sanam, Roka Bara Aakhir Mujhe Kehna Parha
Khuabow Mai Tum, Aatay Hai Kiu Hum Aapke, Aapke Hain Koun?
rohitvideostore on March 09, 2009
this is nice and beautiful song mr. aman listen always.
sak85shaz on March 21, 2009
the most beautifully romantic movie of all time.hard to find such movie these days
krazzy4lolo on April 09, 2009
i wish nowaday movies were like this !!!!! *sigh*
biswa on April 15, 2009
don't call it 'copied',u can say this song is inspired by steve wonders 'i
just called to say.i love u'.the lyrics of 'aate jaate' is soul
touching.i like the song more than 'i just called..'.
BeliveInTruth on April 23, 2009
love it. what a nice song? Rukae chalna, chalke rukna, na jana tumha kiska
rajaramraok on April 23, 2009
Superb singing by S.P.Balasubramanyam. Classic and nostalgic !
massiveattack786 on April 26, 2009
my childhoood dayss plz come backkk :(
Gayani Kanchana on May 01, 2009
copied one but really nice
shundori000 on May 03, 2009
oh my god AMAZING
lostsoul836 on May 06, 2009
This is such a beautiful song. It take me to a whole new world. I love this
imranBUK on May 18, 2009
This is my favourite song from MPK. Coincidentally the tune was taken from I just called to I love you. Did anyone also notice that the music to Mere Rangne was taken from The Final Countdown.
sinplicity0 on May 26, 2009
I think they are too obvious not to notice. :)
ramrokta on May 26, 2009
copy cats from stevie wonder, i just called to say to i love you
jantrammantram on May 27, 2009
this song remomeries of my first love.
lostsoul836 on June 08, 2009
k we all know that. would ppl pls stop saying that. The lyrics are
different rite. This song is gr8.
poojagulati9 on June 09, 2009
gr8. i dont hav words to express how beautiful it is. I simply love it.
ramrokta on June 10, 2009
Oh ya, the lyrics are different. The full length of the music is stolen, ya
but the lyrics are different. I acknowledge your tribute to innovation. Get
a life.
sidkings on June 17, 2009
remaking classic songs is not unusual in the pop world... they do it all
the time... I personally think this version is much better than stevie
wonders original..
Rehan Mirza on June 20, 2009
ramrokta ... sometimes it even needs brains to even copy Quality ... if u
had some, u wudnt be whinning here !!
sivaprasad48 on June 20, 2009
balu' s voice is more vibrant. elvis type
ramrokta on June 22, 2009
guys.. whining...?? its a copy and someone says well its not unusual.. they
do it all the time.. takes brain to copy...well it certainly
takes brain.. but this song is a copy-paste. Here is a discussion not about
how to copy or the "quality" needed to copy..i am talking about the ethics
and using someone else's song and then putting own lyrics...and at the end
being credited for a song which the composer did not create..
ramrokta on June 22, 2009
and ya..speaking about quality I would rather be criticised for what i am
than complimented on what i am not..
tzzar L on July 07, 2009
wots da original song?? if anyone knows plzz tell:)))))))))))
wonderkid55 on July 07, 2009
You mean the English song that's the original? "I Just Called to Say I love You" by Stevie Wonder.
Birmingham Perry Barr on July 16, 2009
yeAH! copycat! it's okay.
Doorless Desert on July 21, 2009
dunno the singers name but the song is i just called to say i love
you...hope it helps
wizshelifa on July 22, 2009
omg luv luv luv this song
Subham Roy on August 02, 2009
salman and bhagyasree
saurabhzeus12 on August 03, 2009
i love what a compostion it touchs everyones heart.
poozhikunnathkothan on August 05, 2009
S P Balasubramanium and lata, stunning voice and a lovely song...
Astharix on August 10, 2009
i read somewhere that the male dancer is arshad warsi!!
angila20 on September 01, 2009
This song is copy of Stevie Wonder's song "I just called to say I love you"
which released in 1984. anyways but I love both songs but I want to know
that did they permited to use/copy the tune???
angila20 on September 01, 2009
This song is copy of Stevie Wonder's song "I just called to say I love you" which released in 1984. anyways but I love both songs but I want to know that did they permited to use/copy the tune???
star4galaxy on September 14, 2009
lolzz... can't stop laughin.. seriously? did you really think so? he's not
arshad or ashrad or whatever warsi.. lol :P
angila20 on September 21, 2009
Yeah you're right
IgnoranceIzzBliss on September 21, 2009
i love this song more n more as i listen to it!!!
utarian7 on September 28, 2009
Okay unfortunately they straight up copied the beat from Stevie... which is
sad but not surprising consdering how much bolly copies holly... but this
is one of the RARE FEW bollywood musical clips that I actually like...
most are simply lame or worse. Loved this song since I was a kid... big up
utarian7 on September 28, 2009
dude... this wasn't a remake of a classic They did it without permission
and made money off someone else's hard work. It's immorral
sidkings on September 28, 2009
Lol.. You know what mate?? You are so right. :-) I think "ARTISTIC
INSPIRATION" was lost in translation to "BLATANTLY COPY" . Oh well..
chaunanand on October 04, 2009
Nice song..first heard it when i was 9 yrs old n it was happened 2 b the first music cassettes purchased by me.
ragesh29 on October 23, 2009
or may be compliment him for making his average song sound better !!!
bengaliguy26 on November 20, 2009
Better than the original by a mile. Lyric are just amazing.
fida80 on November 28, 2009
You are saying better than orginal as you are indian, If you are not indian
you may not feel passion
vikramtheone on December 08, 2009
Steve Wonder should only wonder how his song is NOT as good as this
one. any day any time.. Aate Jaate.. SPB rocks.. Best voice
for Salman ever
star4galaxy on December 11, 2009
i like salmaan in this movie! used to dream about him.. lolzzz agree w/
vikramtheone.. best voice for salmaan! such a magnificent song! although
it's copied from stevie wonder's "I just called to say i love you", I still
have strong feelings for this song.. cause I heard this one first when i
was a kid! :P
vrajesh on January 05, 2010
Till date i have not seen such an psychologically mind pulling movie in my life. Yet Hindi is not my native language.

This song has never tired me.

whenever, i listen to it, it seems new to me.

That is India.
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