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Comments on song "Aate Jate, Hanste Gate"
hemaloz on January 15, 2010
evergreen song
Ravi Shah on February 10, 2010
that is called a true romantic song...
Ravi Shah on February 10, 2010
but who are these people in the song? i m sure its not salman and
XSherryBabieX on February 17, 2010
Wow, I love this song so much. I can listen to it over & over & over again
bongboy6969 on February 28, 2010
the one time a cover pisses on the original love the song love the film
bongboy6969 on February 28, 2010
@ravicshah7 it's definatly salmon coz the guy looks pretty beefy lol
Shadealade on February 28, 2010
i duno abt the girl, but im sure the guys salman.maybe its cuz of the
girl that they dunt show the faces here
Vaibik on February 28, 2010
"Rajshri" used to picturise the title tracks so beautifully, that I don't
see these days anymore. They had a unique style. I was in 5th class, when
we went to see this movie in cinema. I think I missed the tile track then..
;) lol.
bongboy6969 on March 02, 2010
this video was uploaded on valentines day...perfect
Dippydi Dipp on March 02, 2010
No. even the guy is not Salman. look carefully at 2:55-2:56. neither his
face nor his physique
Shadealade on March 04, 2010
i dunt noe if its only my computer, but the last bits all dark, well the
whole video is, u cant see their faces, SPECIALLY not at that part u
Rahul Nigam on March 04, 2010
actually, we usually celebrate valentine's day on feb 14...
Dippydi Dipp on March 06, 2010
That is how the whole song has been picturized to make only their
sillouettes visible. Black is the theme. However, at 2:55 is the only time
that you could see slightly the front face of the actor and that is
obviously not Salman neither is the woman Bhagyashree.
Dippydi Dipp on March 06, 2010
wasagoo, sorry I do not know how to insert the time. But you could manually
move the slider to 2:55 to see.
lalitkumarish on March 07, 2010
Girl in the video is farah khan...
Zman2013 on March 09, 2010
With this movie, I feel like I have been cheated. All the songs have been
shamelessly copied (borrowed) from western music. At the, I thought this is
one if the best original music.
82shahin on March 10, 2010
brother dont be fooled even this one has been copied from Stevie Wonder song'' i just called to say i love U'' yes thats right but even though it has been borrowed but still it is a enjoyable even after 20 years
82shahin on March 10, 2010
but nowadays this type of song is all most unheard of in the Bollywood cinema today coz now its all about over hyped stories to over gloumarised settings and its all about dancing in the clubs and getting your kit off thats what Bollywood has come down to today what a sad condition they have to come to PITY
82shahin on March 10, 2010
what pisses me off is that they borrow from the WEST so much its hard to tell if U are watching a cheap remake of a Hollywood film thats how BAD it has become mabe they should learn from the past and stick to their own souces instead of trying to follow the west and SHOW something ORIGINAL for once
sweetstranger1 on March 12, 2010
@zman2008icon they did a gud job ok plus i still listen to AND PREFER these
versions :D x
sweetstranger1 on March 12, 2010
@lalitkumarish how do u know?
goldenultra on April 09, 2010
I believe that this song is amazing. Lifts the whole day, you can into the
toshreyans on May 09, 2010
@royaltetley : The movie duly acknowledged that couple of songs are remake
of the songs mentioned.
Archana Rao on May 20, 2010
lovely song
shahf16 on June 23, 2010
So soft song of old moments.. Great

Vaibik on July 23, 2010
Still the girl in this song is a mystery. Anybody found out who she is?
Vaibik on July 23, 2010
@boysgotolder LOL
montukarnawat on August 15, 2010
best love song for lovers I luv
BNAR08 on August 19, 2010
love the film :) begining till end

SDPaldora1 on August 23, 2010
Enough of the debates man, bother versions were good. Stevie Wonder is just a legend and this version is just as nice. End Of Story! Please lol.
deepak bansal on September 11, 2010
@Vaibik She is Bhagyashree,acted in 3-4 hindi films with her husband after
sucess of this movie but fails,more search Google for her.
kArEeNa889 on September 26, 2010
can someone tell me the name of stevies version? Stevie is a genius but
English the language itself aint that deep so the hindi version just thugs
on every string there is
kArEeNa889 on September 26, 2010
oh ok, just got that i just called to say i love you is the original
version, stevie's version is equally beautiful but hindi is just hindi love
both balubars... and stevie
kArEeNa889 on October 17, 2010
@Co0O0oL11 i just called to say I love you
tadebiyi on October 26, 2010
i just called to say i love you is stevies version and i so love the originality but i love this as well.Sometimes one persons version would sound better than another
punit rathor on November 03, 2010
awasome, heart touching. love u swtheart
ritzy786 on November 03, 2010
I ain't Indian I'm paki so it's common for us to follow these movies more
than Indian do because they are made in our languages. I think Indian
versions always turn out better the tune goes with the words rathe than
original English words where words are not making the tune flow smoothly.
ritzy786 on November 03, 2010
I'd rather not listen to the English versions at all becaus the words don't
flow smoothly and I don't find them sweet at all because of that. It feels
like the English ones are copied lol but hats off to the original for the
music and tune and to Indian composers for making it even better.
tatyo100 on November 11, 2010
wow lovely
tatyo100 on November 22, 2010
who is the singer?
punit rathor on December 08, 2010
I love this song!!
addieroxrev09 on December 10, 2010
u know what, i dont care if songs are copied... it doesnt matter. a good
tune can be repackaged in many ways to reach a target audience.. its just
music at the end of the day and a good melody. thats all i care..
sangini11 on January 01, 2011
I love this song and the singers have done perfectly great job.For me this song would always belong to the singers Lata Mangeshkar; S. P. Balasubrahmanyam and to steve wonder.I am totally in love with this song and the choreography.lata ji and s.p. balasubramaniam ROCKS.THEY SANG IT FAR BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL.But the music is also awesome[for which all credit goes to ''STEVE WONDER'''
maheen889 on January 31, 2011
Ramananda Kumar Janamanchi on February 13, 2011
SP Balasubramanyam became immortal in Hindi film music with this song. The
tune has a charm whether it is steve wonder or this version. I like both
Kris Allam on March 13, 2011
This probably only one movie that has all the copied songs in entire movie,
and still sounds amazingly melodious.
toshreyans on March 24, 2011
@sdcorpse Do anybody know who are the dancers?
faree17 on April 09, 2011
Reminds me of being a kid and watching this avidly..kabootar ja ja ja...
IsaiNeha on April 13, 2011
Love this song... and superb lyrics!
Kruti Shah on April 14, 2011
such a beautiful and soulful song.touches my heart everytime i listen to
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