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Comments on song "Aawaj Deke Hame Tum Bulao"
munfaridh on January 24, 2010
One of the best of lata rafi duets.Beautiful lyrics,attractive composition
and beautiful rendition by two of the very best playback singers the world
has seen and will perhaps never see. Lot of feeling in the song too. Thnx 4
imran19632 on February 22, 2010
what a heart-touching song;)
atulmina on March 06, 2010
Excellent song sung by Rafi-Lata and great music by SJ. Superb acting by Shammi-Kalpana.
Jagmohan Singh on March 18, 2010
Superhit duet by the super music maestro Mohammed rafi and Lata
mangeshkar.Best and unforgetable music by Shankar Jaikishan.This is an
everlasting heart touching composition.
vepa ramachandra rao on May 20, 2010
melodious song from the voices of rafi&lataji such a melody songs are rarely found in these days.neatly acted the scene by shammiji.wonderfull composition by shankar jaikishan.
vegetarulesover on August 05, 2010
@aleemmubashir thts my uncle who commented!!!!!
moonlight78981 on September 19, 2010
Excellent song. Remembers me the days of 1989 when I listened it first time. Cant explain the feelings.
Rewati Raman Pandey on September 25, 2010
one of my fev song..
Mehrul on October 31, 2010
Electrical and never dying voice of lata jee,which sends sensations through your body.
Egill Bragason on November 10, 2010
Very good song, thank you for posting.
Anu Vydehi on November 18, 2010
Its not Lata Mangeshkar's voice! Listen to the original...I saw one on
youtube itself. Good imitation though : ).
TheKalimata on December 06, 2010
@anuvydehi ahh sorry dont wanna be rude but are you out of your mind? thsi
is the real Lataji's far no one has able to copy her voice..yes
a lot of singers tried but 0 so far..if you are an oldy fan you know right what a song..Latji and Rfai saab deadly combination..will never
be able to re create this immortal songs..RAFI SAAB rip..
byardley0 on December 16, 2010
kitne surela ganne banaye the shanker-Jaikishen ne!
Melancong481 on March 18, 2011
This film n song brings back memories of childhood days...I was so fascinated by Mohd Rafi song and not forgetting the marvellous acting of Shammi n Kalpana..anyway thanks for the uploading..
Udisubh on April 26, 2011
This is one iof the best duets, scored by SJ. Lata & mohd. Rafi had given their hearts in singing this memorable song. I listen to this song day in day out. Of couse Hasrat Jaipuri's lyric is at the best too.
macmu881 on May 15, 2011
I have been listening to this lovely song from my age 11, even today it is as evergreen as it was 50 years back. While listening to it, I just sit down, listen again and again, and think about my sweet childhood memories.
macmu881 on May 15, 2011
Please don't translate Hindi songs into English, it is embarrassing to read the wrongly translated versions of these beautiful Hindi songs.
rojishotra on June 08, 2011
na honge agar hum to rote rahoge,,,, sada dil ka daaman bhigote rahoge,, jo tum pr mita ho na usko mitaao , muhobbat me itna na hum ko sataao,,, waaaah great lyrics, great voice nd great music,,,,,,,,,,,,,
dramjadparvez on July 18, 2011
Very melodious song; fresh as ever after five decades.
oberoi bhupinder singh on July 21, 2011
they are really immortal
oberoi bhupinder singh on July 21, 2011
they are really immortal , i don`t think we will ever get to see the
dedication put in by music composer and singer in this century
jagmohans on August 14, 2011
It surprises me most the poor acting and artificial expression of actors in those time comparing with the present level of natural acting.
jagmohans on August 14, 2011
It surprises me most the poor acting and artificial expression of actors in those time comparing with the present level of natural acting.why people just admire everything old as gold ?
jagmohans on August 14, 2011
It surprises me most the poor acting and artificial expression of actors in those time comparing with the present level of natural acting.why people just admire everything old as gold ?
cinnamonianpalona on August 17, 2011
what is natural about having 100 back up dancers?? Item numbers? You actually find actors emoting in songs right up to the 90s. Now they can't even be bothered to lipsynch. Take Salman!
vishnukant on August 19, 2011
This song is not for you. Why should you waste your time.
umeshsharma1956 on August 24, 2011
jagmohan, you are saying the opposite, these days actors are expressionless wonders, old actors were better, do you think any modern day actor can hold a candle to dilip kumar, rajendra kumar, dev anand,balraj sahni, ashok kumar, kishore kumar, shammi, raj, shashi, prithviraj kapoors, today actor opens his shirt only to show his abs thats all, ,no music no lyrics singiers less said the better, the golden period of cinema , if you cannot appreciate it why listen at all?
parikmadan on August 28, 2011
umeshji, u r absolutely right. even though i am from the age group of 30-40's still I love the pold songs as they have melody and the lyrics were heart touching. The songs are made by lyrics and not noisy music. Nowadays, lyrics are less, noisy music is more.
sensationmumbai on September 19, 2011
@ jagmohans.first time i heard someone sayin like dat...i dont know and try to know about present actors (obviously after watchin them ) but...oldies rock.they are truly gold
Udisubh on October 21, 2011
This is one of the heart touching duets from SJ - Lata /Rafi songs. Lyrics Hasrat Jaipuri has given such a wonderful words, I don't have any words of appreciation. He is amongst the very good lyrics writers in my list. Some time I just think of puting equal to Shailendra or next to Shailendra. Anyway This one is really memorable song penned by Hasrat Jaipuri for this movie. I am cherishing this duet all the time.
tushar tere on April 16, 2012
jo tum par mitaa ho, usee na mitaaao ! waahhhhh... :)
Tanumay Brahma on April 29, 2012
immortal voice of is mysterious and deeply heart touching.
abid malik on May 04, 2012
Sholay48 on May 06, 2012
Nothing is certain in life. If there is one thing which is certain, time
gone never comes back again. Its amazing how people used to refer to Rafi
saab as Brother Rafi. Then it was Chacha Rafi. Now it is Dada Rafi. But the
song is the same. Beautiful. Cannot be recreated. Lata, Rafi, SJ all greats.
dekaenator on May 22, 2012
Great lyrics, soulful tune and wonderful voice of Rafi and Lata. One of the greatest romantic duet of the duo.
Faizan Farid on June 15, 2012
The best duet song of Rafi Sahab & Lataji
sjmahal5 on June 25, 2012
Well said..Aajkal ka music kano ke liye kam pairo ke liye jiada hai.
arun tamhankar on June 28, 2012
Shaukat Jamil on June 30, 2012
Who is the poet of this song?
TheMRSOUL78 on July 06, 2012
The sheer quality of the singing is amazing. deep and touching, beautifully done and not an ounce of vulgarity. This was definitely an era of dignified stars who were always well dressed and classy.
BoratBrother on July 26, 2012
This particular song lyrics by Hasrat jaipuri
1225jameel on July 28, 2012
Sanjeev Bali on August 12, 2012
it is quite disheartening that beautiful songs like this are no more composed by the present-day musicians
Rajesh Jain on September 08, 2012
Beautiful nostalgic.can't beat the songs of 1960s ...Rajesh
Faisal Gulzar on September 17, 2012
Best Song... un-matched Poetry
Prabhdeep on December 19, 2012
if there is voice of god on earth then its probably voice of rafi sahab..
satvinder singh on March 08, 2013
this song made me remember someone
ricky mall on May 02, 2013
nice song...
Kaushal Kumar on May 31, 2013
sneha this song is only for you ,i miss you so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Tariq Mughal on July 20, 2013
very nice song
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