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Comments on song "Aaya Mausam Dosti Ka"
Asad Habib on February 06, 2008
Salman bhai is a legend i have all of his movies and this one too and wat a
movie this is an idol of mines deserved his debut male award for this movie
, does not get anymore awards now coz dat SRK one dimensional get it with
his boring romantic movies! which he is addicted to lol salman bhai rulez!
Famaay on February 25, 2008
I am whit you I am a big fan of Salman 2 and I dont understand hindi but
Love Love Salman
01141988 on March 08, 2008
he got the debuntant award for this because this was his firs film in lead
role. supporting roles are not considered as debuts
Haji Rohimin Syafiie on March 13, 2008
Nice for SP Balasubramaniam and Lata Mangeshkar. All song in this film very
lightning222nv on March 13, 2008
i love this film! watched it ages bk
Shazu Hasnani on March 23, 2008
reminds of my child hooooooooooooooood
Phaythful on March 26, 2008
What is the name of this movie anyways? Brings back memories...this is a classic!
humesh317 on April 01, 2008
Maine Pyar Kiya
krissteen on April 07, 2008
omg i love this movie and the songs too!!
aqsa23 on April 09, 2008
its this movie, maine pyar kiya... if ur talking abt the song "aaja shaam ho ne aayi, mausam ne li angraai, to kis baat ki hai ladaiye.. tu chal, main aayi"
dhiraj12378 on May 04, 2008
its so sad that he died the guy beside salman khan
Asad Habib on May 12, 2008
Salman bhai simply rulez just been under estimated alot through out his
career but if you look at it he started the trend of Love with this movie
everything in this movie was brilliantly timed emotions , comedy you don't
get this anymore these days 90's were 90's!!
gallicricket on May 18, 2008
Awesome voice of SPB
bollygirl2 on May 27, 2008
Def. right...He hasn't gotten many awards for his acting, but he deserves
many many of them...nontheless, he has the biggest fan following!
bollygirl2 on May 27, 2008
Love and his body! he's the trend settler of bollywood!
viraj01 on June 03, 2008
good old young salman khan way better than today's salman
Asad Habib on June 05, 2008
even todays salman is great a true human being this guy is i remember dis
movie so much was just a kid been his fan since i was like 5! proud to be
love salman bhai for life hope allah gives him many more happiness!
Kaash Saraiya on June 11, 2008
A very trendsetting movie in Bollywood. I remember after this movie, the
"Friends" hat became ever so popular.
MizzAmerica913 on June 18, 2008
still my all time favourite movie!!
qarazif on July 18, 2008
LOL. Hahahahha. You made me laugh really loud!
Aditi Bopshetty on July 20, 2008
The male singer for Salman Khan is SP Balasubramaniam the other male singer
is Shailendra Singh
missy2045 on August 24, 2008
Salman is looking so cute and hansdome.)
Gayani Kanchana on September 15, 2008
suman is so beautyful and innocent I like her very much
BilliKhanum on October 05, 2008
Salman looks soo old now. Lol his sidekick is so funny used to show up in
all the movies back then
Aman Dayani on October 06, 2008
this actress looks so preety and charming in this great video. thanks janab
for posting this great video, this is aman dayani from toronto canada.
first1blood on October 14, 2008
do people know that Bhagyashree is the Princess of, seriously,
you can look it up.
1951swt on December 19, 2008
i happen to love beef,he is still hot to me
millionstylez1 on January 19, 2009
one of my fav film i still watch it they can never have movies like this
and salman was so skinny he is still cute at 43 but he is to chunky
shalusharlene on January 28, 2009
movie name plzz???
Vikram Manniesingh on February 04, 2009
Movie name is Maine pyar kiya
jayesh choudhari on February 16, 2009
ladka aur ladki kabhi dost nahi ho sakte
yu215479 on February 19, 2009
what if they're both gay?
jayesh choudhari on February 20, 2009
I was just kidding dude:-)
yu215479 on February 21, 2009
I hear you, but it was a good point.
Vikram Manniesingh on February 21, 2009
I seen this movie on zee cinema. Mabye you can download it or rent
it..???? Good luck.
Lidia kace on February 21, 2009
my gosh luk how skinny salman was ! :P
dilbara18 on February 26, 2009
salman looked so HOT!
pacslady on March 03, 2009
what a beautiful song!
Vanditta Diwakar on March 10, 2009
my favorite movie of all time, the first movie I ever watched in my life, I
was in grade 2, fell in love with Salman ever since ^-^ They don't make
movies like this any more:(
jaiPawanPutraHanuman on March 20, 2009
lol I watched this movie around that time too. I used to sing the song
'Aaja Shyam Hone Aayi' from my roof top and hear it echo from the
surrounding buildings. LOL
Vanditta Diwakar on March 20, 2009 I am in LOVE with this movie...I used to sing Kabootar Ja
Ja Ja all the time.
rajaramraok on April 01, 2009
The uploader of this song is the producer of this movie " Maine pyar kiya".
The web site is given in the info.
ssssdd123 on April 06, 2009
SPB.lovely voice...where is he missing nowdays?
lovelove262 on April 13, 2009
mine too. i just love all the songs in this film. i have seen it and i just
love the movie.
rogoobeer on April 14, 2009
love tis mlovie
sohaibmansoor on April 20, 2009
honestly this movie is western too, u know why , because west was not that
adavance at that time, but u can salman's costumes, bikes, or couple of
english words in aaj sham honey walee.. and today although it seems movies
are western but still they'r not exactly that advance.. west still today
cant be excatly put into movies.. bollywood has always maintained the same
ratio of accepting western manners in their movies including inflation of
sohaibmansoor on April 20, 2009
thanks for correction!
jayesh choudhari on April 25, 2009
hmmm lets ask suraj barjatiya :P I was just kidding cos this song just
reminds me of the dialogue from this film & this songs talks about
Imrankniazi on April 26, 2009
Ok.. you ask Suraj Barjatya and I'll ask Kunal Kohli because he reiterates
the same point in HumTum :-)
chushmush on May 11, 2009
omg i totaly agree i miss these sort of movies
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