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Comments on song "Aaye Ho Meri Zindagi Me"
afg4over on October 07, 2008
nice sinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
Asad Rahmani on October 07, 2008
Thats the gold. the new songs do not means anything, i relly love the old
songs i love this song every time im in love i listen 2 this song. <33
Asad Rahmani on October 07, 2008
And the kid in this songs i Kunal Kemuh. He have his own movie, names
Superstar Awesome Movie.
shafi chowdhury on October 10, 2008
oh my god!!! this song brings back memories!!! the last time I heard this
song was when I was 6 years old!!! This song is so beautiful!!!
alfretonboy on October 12, 2008
my husband wanted to marry karisma but got me instead
hearthacker15 on October 12, 2008
i love the song, but i have no idea what they r saying!!! can any1 translate.
rommeohartz on October 13, 2008
oh my god..dis brings bak memoriesssssss..its one dows songs dat mks u smile nd feel sad at sme time..mks u long 4 dows days wat a tune..defo my al time fav tune
xxnrulzxx on October 15, 2008
yeh man i luv dis too! but i cnt say its my fav tune.gosh i say dat bout so many indian songs, den each 1 stays my favorite 4 like 2/3 weeks den i move on to another 1 lol. but i gotta say i dnt fink ill ever get enough of dis song, amazing cast 2. yep makes me smile n puts tear in my eye at da same time. gd times. u tc yeh. x
xxnrulzxx on October 15, 2008
how old r u now? lol jus x
xxnrulzxx on October 17, 2008
well da title basically means u have come into my life looking so lovely..its so sweet. and it emphasises how much she means to him ever since she has walked into his life. hope dat helps.
xxnrulzxx on October 17, 2008
lol dnt blame him but i bet ur worth a million of her! lol jus enjoy dis song wiv him!
feastfortheeyes on October 21, 2008
Isn't that little boy sitting next to Aamir,clapping his heart out, Kunal Khemu? Cutie:)
Mandeep Singh on October 25, 2008
i juzzz luv this songgggggg, udit narayan at his best, one of the most
melodious tunes of the 90's :P
pu123456789 on October 25, 2008
tum karisma say zada achie laghti hoo abb usko em dead sure
mrsing2 on November 02, 2008
wat the english translate for this song any 1
AksheeShadow on November 04, 2008
Chorus -U have come in my life like spring, Always be in my heart like
love. You are in my eyes like a thousand dreams, Always be in my heart like
love. 1- Every bud was hidden in veil and wasnt colored yet. the winds were
not breezy and there was no fragrance. But this time the weather is like
intoxicating.Always be in my heart like love. 2-my heart was empty and dry.
Festivals like holi and diwali were without happyness and lonely. You have
entered like rain on dry fields.Always be in...
AksheeShadow on November 05, 2008
I also like the female version of this song :)
ubah46 on November 07, 2008
whats this movie called???
ubah46 on November 11, 2008
really dang how could i not rememeber cuz i use to watch that movie alot
Soonanda Ramgoolam on November 18, 2008
Great Movie.. Aamir is so good in z movie.
fokusdeutsch on November 22, 2008
aamir khan achchaa hai. :-)
Almosa01 on November 22, 2008
Amirrrrr khan sweet hai ;)!

* Aaye ho meri Zendagi mein tum Bahar banke *
garowe22 on November 27, 2008
this movie is filty and da songs in it big shout out to da director
Arslan Khan on November 27, 2008
this is just more then a song
pinkp1994 on November 29, 2008
oh so sweet!:)
sulemanhothis4f on November 29, 2008
i love this song, and love aamir bhai he is great
ALIYA32 on December 04, 2008
es super guapisimo ME ENCANTA AMIRKHAN... tengo que ir a conocer la
INdia,,, tiene muchos encantos:SHARUKHAN, AMIR ,,,y unos mas.
adorablesanzz on December 06, 2008
luv da song
so sweeeeeeeet
pinkp1994 on December 07, 2008
omg this song brings back such old memories i just love it!
Rabibi22 on December 09, 2008
oh god.. this song always gets me.
bengaligl on December 11, 2008
one of the best bollywood songs eva made in history, it will never grow old
allenmeenu on December 13, 2008
mere saathi meri saajan----woh what a great lyrics..
xylokid4 on December 14, 2008
k i adore sharukh, and the fact that I think him and Aamir are equally good is really saying something.
Aamir has a charm no other actor can pull off. He is someone I'd watch to learn real acting
monsterdoood on December 18, 2008
shahrukh has the tendency to overact many times, amir is THE perfect actor
junaad on December 21, 2008
i love this
786kuriyeh on December 25, 2008
haaaa anooo mahn ...hz got ants in hz pants...cnt sit stil lolz
mer267y on December 26, 2008
omdzzzz da lil kid is so gayyy.. knt keep still.. jokaaaa..
fez30756750 on December 26, 2008
omg he is so cute
d351d1v491 on December 29, 2008
do you know who that little kid is now??? It's Kunal Khemu the one from Kalyug, Traffic Signal and Superstar... he was a child star in the movie and many others
sarath chandran on December 30, 2008
Beautiful song by Nadeem-shravan.
3nibabygirl on December 31, 2008
this is such a beautiful song makes me want to cry
gtsailor219 on January 11, 2009
i love this song. i was to dedicate this song to my love. i want to say
that no matter what love will get us through anything.
MansoorBhai32 on January 11, 2009
i have always been a Salman Khan fan .. since i was child he was my favourite ..
afg4over on January 14, 2009
nice and the best song the world
MansoorBhai32 on January 15, 2009
i know that this is Aamir Khan.. im just saying im a Salman Khan fan since i was a little kid ..
MansoorBhai32 on January 18, 2009
just wanted to make sure that you guys havent forgot, that Salman Khan is a big star, and bigger then Aamir Khan, thats why..
Charles Grady on January 18, 2009
i like amir khan better than salman khan
MansoorBhai32 on January 18, 2009
i agree with u salman khan had flops, but Salman Khan was the best in the 90's. The Famous Khan's in bollywood is Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan.. Aamir Khan is also one of the famous khan's he is good to, but only makes 1 film a year. Salman Khan is just amazing good, bollywoods best ever..
Farhad Music on January 18, 2009
Dude.. i read ur comment.. but u didnt read mine ahaha.
MansoorBhai32 on January 18, 2009
haha Salman Khan was the best in the 90's, he made the best movie in the 90's, hum aapke hain koun.. everyone watches salman khan's films, thats why he is the most famous actor in bollywood .. Salman Khan has made some flops, but who cares, he is a superstar ..
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