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Comments on song "Aaye Ho Meri Zindagi Me"
aapkikhushi on May 20, 2007
Can u upload the female version..the song that plays during their marriage
in this movie PLZZZZZZZ
rajibnsw on May 22, 2007
i love this song because xtina2442 loves it. i love you xtina.
crazyandntnormal on May 30, 2007
i havnt herd this song in ages its so sweet luv it thanx has any1 got the
film its so gd if so let me know thanx
yawafgh on June 10, 2007
beautiful song i love that kind of songgsssss
Amber Zaman on June 12, 2007
I second that!!
uabuab on June 16, 2007
i love these songs MUCH more than A R Rehmans songs. His songs are too pop
sounding. This is pure indian. LOVE Most early Amir songs. Andaz apna apna
is best movie ever. Love its songs too
alina342 on June 17, 2007
hmmmm i love this song too!!!
everrosegirl on June 18, 2007
so do i. i love this song when i first heard it i was abt to cry caz it reminded me of someone who i love so much
madzz88 on June 22, 2007
i loveeeeeee this song!!!!
Nikesh Kumar on June 23, 2007
can you please put the female version of this song..
Nikesh Kumar on June 23, 2007
please post its female version also...this is my ever favourite...nothing
can come on top of this
cyal8er on July 01, 2007
i luvvvvvvvvvvvvvv dis song ='( it reminds me of some1 i luved a lot and is
now gone from this world ='(
LvDaMuzic on July 09, 2007
we'r like soap bubbles :) we dream but still our live goes with the wind :)
and it bursts at some point without even asking us:) and that is the end of
that bubble :) and new bubbles come around :) it is a cycle
saintess20080 on August 01, 2007
is good at the begining...then it drags on and on and on and on.
hip2thabone on August 08, 2007
Beautiful song/movie,what a great pair these 2 make.
shahzadqaisar89 on August 16, 2007
nice song.aamir khan is the bestttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
ayesha644 on September 17, 2007
lovelly song love the songa in this movie and karishma and amir
Arun Dixit on October 13, 2007
This song is attributed to the Almighty. He is the GREAT!!!!
aashymtl02 on October 28, 2007
mannnnn, the old memmories, wow yaadein aati hai
etminanhashemi on November 08, 2007
A great song--A great choreographic presentation--A great vocal--A great lyric--A great presentation by all-time realist Aamir Khan by combining his steps--A great child actor who synchronizes his clapping so well---Ibrahim C
Faran Qaiser on November 10, 2007
Amazing song, My most fav one
420brar on December 11, 2007
man i used 2 sing dis song i think i was seven or eight when dis movie came thanx lot 4 sharing dis wid us man i wish i could go back in past
rohanb2 on December 25, 2007
one of the best udit narayan songs ever
jak0122 on December 29, 2007
Something in life we may not like to remember because it gives us pain, But something we might like even thought it pains, this songs brings a lot memories which pains but happiness is nothing without pain
Incy Wincy on January 23, 2008
i luv this movie n the songs. man amazin lyrics n music... they luk
gue 2getr lik a couple. man... tooooooooooo many memories linked i luv
manzurkhan76 on January 31, 2008
nadeem-shravan smakked it up wid dis song... brilliant
fez30756750 on February 05, 2008
aw this song reminds me of my trip to india in 7th grade
ShairKhan76 on February 08, 2008
Thank U so so much u have no idea i have a girl back home waiting for me for the past 7yrs it brought tears to my eyes i think of her all the time cause this was playing at a wedding where we met the first time Thank U so much
fez30756750 on February 09, 2008
why dont you go see her?!!!
qamaroramir on February 21, 2008
go see her or u will regret it love is crazy u dont kno wat might happen
KZMOM on February 22, 2008
7 years what are you waiting for go man before..
lonelyandproud on February 23, 2008
go see her
u will regret it if u dont.
kajipandey on February 27, 2008
my good songs
Ghazal91 on March 01, 2008
AMAZINGGGGG. wonderful song! 5*
anipbetty on March 07, 2008
been watching dis movie many times!!!
really luv dis song so memory for me
Sivakumar Rajagopalan on March 14, 2008
My close friend was in love and it didnt click and all these happened
during this time. It bring backs the old memory. Whenever he listens to
this song, tears runs down from his eyes. And my heart goes out for them.
sweetG89 on March 20, 2008
do u wear glasses or u straight blind cuz u dont seem to see rite sayin he is ugly
mahtaab on March 24, 2008
i love this one its veryy melodious one when i remember old times i want cryy ah
Robina789 on March 27, 2008
one of the good movies , every song is A+
asianlick1 on March 29, 2008
vishu1119 on March 30, 2008
gr8888 song.I love this song!!
Kowneyn on April 02, 2008
lool@ the little kid! this movie bring good ol memories!
Navidra Hardin on April 06, 2008
any one who knows a lot about indian songs PLEASE send me your e-mail
address. there is a song that i have but i dont know the movie name..I
Navidra Hardin on April 09, 2008
send me ur email address please
afgstyle01 on April 11, 2008
I love this song omg i feel like cryin evertime i listen it the song of the film are so great
ASVOBODA08 on April 20, 2008
love the song
and the movie
Aamir Khan is such a good singer
sumanbir on April 26, 2008
Aamir can never sing like this. Its UDIT NARAYAN who sang the song
naughty1200 on May 26, 2008
i bet u dnt no nofinn
coz at dis times dey made da best filmz
coz nowadays
bollwood tries 2 copy hollywoodd
even da clothes dey wear
zeetvfanno1 on May 27, 2008
omg this little boy is kunal kemu
sonampoor on May 28, 2008
i want to dedicate this song to a special someone who is very near and dear to my heart.this one's for u. for some reason i alwayss remember that person when i am listening to this song.
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