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Comments on song "Ae Mere Humsafar Ae Meri Janejaan"
ikwad85 on September 07, 2008
nice video forever
justafan0 on September 28, 2008
this is best movie by the way all his movie is great but this his first movie go go srk by aak
i this he and kajol would of made a good couple
Jj Jah on February 28, 2009
i love this song, it brings back a lot of wonderful memories : ) thanks for
the post greatlly appreciate it
saurabh kurichh on June 01, 2009
nice song...
forb_rox on June 22, 2009
What a beautiful compositions ...even brings remininsces of my childhood.
attackonheart on July 01, 2009
it's actually very 0ld tune.original song was sung by kish0re kumar.
the song name is " khoobsoorat haseena, jaan-e-jaan,
jaan-e-munn.check it out.
Truffles08 on July 04, 2009
I like this song too and the rare jodi of SRK and Shilpa Shetty too :)
ABDUL MATEEN on July 12, 2009
attackonheart you are right this is very old tune and you know the habit of
annu malik he will never quits his habit of copying of old tunes.
lpfan247 on July 15, 2009
brings back so many memories
nehajohar on July 29, 2009
the wistle music is also been used in movie dat song ishq hua
.bt still dis is a wonderful song:)
nehajohar on July 29, 2009
it does nt really matter cos they r not doing any crime n b4 dey do anyfin
lke dat they do take permission so dat thr won't b any
still its ol about hw gud da song is yh sum tym it makes da audience angry
so fair enough...:)
ABDUL MATEEN on August 04, 2009
my dear neha i din't say he committed the crime i pointed his at habit
only. i too like this song but you have to mean it old is gold( naya nau
din purana sau din)
Michael Jackson. on August 07, 2009
shitman217 on August 12, 2009
i miss vinod rathod voice a lot..he has a unigue voice
vvnindia on August 21, 2009
whenever I hear this song...The only face that comes before me is that of my first love..true love..Vrinda :)
nehajohar on August 22, 2009
ya true 90's songs were da bst:)
RaviKings on November 01, 2009
vindod did loads of srk songs at begining, yh he was real good, not sure bouts where he went after
Sudhanshu Rai on November 02, 2009
de starting note of the song sounds like. Sawaariya;s music... den it
becomes ishq hua. den aey mere humsafar... welll folks it sounds like
ishq hua coz de notes have been lifted from same place by anu malik de
rehman12356 on December 29, 2009
Hot Song...
Ricardo Persaud on December 31, 2009
Such a live song.
vicku001 on January 06, 2010
SRK was such an intense and amazing actor in these movies of those times..
Now he is just a celebrity! I miss the SRK of the yore!!
skp2006 on January 21, 2010
90's were the best ..totally magica
anksmals on January 22, 2010
Alka Yagnik is a real gem to Bollywood
jacksabe1 on January 29, 2010
this movie is all time my favorite movie i like all songs
khush491987 on February 02, 2010
Since age 4 .. I love this movie
AawarA on March 09, 2010
yes that was the real SRK, even now I like him but I have not watched his
any film after Veer Zara. I feel that he is not natural anymore just a
celebrity. Wish he could read these comments about him and we can see the
real SRK in action once again.
kashifsheraz on March 14, 2010
damn this takes me back in the days!!
Vegita541 on March 15, 2010
listen to the 1st song on my channel
That one is the MOST ROMANTIC SONG.
MrStalin7777 on April 05, 2010
@mezanur786 my all time favorite song .and what about you
MrStalin7777 on April 05, 2010
@sudhanshu266 aall time best song in india isnt it? sharukh is just
rocking.unbelievable song
KhoodHafiz on April 21, 2010
aww i love them so much =D first of all my cute srk .. and shilpa is gr8 too
zubair159 on April 24, 2010
srk is the best n always has been.ppl jst dnt call him king khan.
fostersuny on May 15, 2010
propaaaa love this song :DD
Love srk :)) (L)
Amina Huzaifa on June 13, 2010
i love this song meri rooh ko chota hai aur mari rooh mera humsafar hai
mare umer
DERVAISH420 on July 14, 2010
one of the best ever anu malik finest composition
ilovefahdkhan on July 14, 2010
alka yagnik has done an awesome job.she sings with lot of feeling and emotion.
21loveislife on July 17, 2010
its an awesome song...which gets back the old days memories
amberohail on July 21, 2010
luv the muzik n srk
ateeqkhaan on August 15, 2010
one of my favrite song,,, like it most,,,,every thing is
awsm,,,lyrics,, of shilpa,,,and on top khan the gr8...ateeq
khan alig,,,
ANSWERR127 on August 27, 2010
what a great melodious song by anu malik & extraordinary singing by vinod rathod sir !!!
desijungleboy on September 08, 2010
fabuolous songs zbrdst song for ever my god
max hill on November 06, 2010
1st music same like ISHQ movie ..when SRK is whistle
Sudhanshu Rai on November 12, 2010
@jadeajay be polite yaar... read again wat i have commented before.. it
doesnt matters if de song came later or before as far as de source is de
same :D haha any ways seems u have not have listened anything apart from
bollywood.. no worries,, u must try listening to original compositions some
time... n yeah it requires a good pair of ears to identify similar notes in
a two diff songs...
Sudhanshu Rai on November 12, 2010
fake plastic smile @ 0.19 hahahahahahaaa
2112onlyme on November 27, 2010
I think everyone already knows that the initial stanza is a copy of "Khoobsoorat Hasina" from the movie "Mr X in Bombay". On overall assessment, in my opinion, the oldie is better than This Annu Malik "Original".
Sudhanshu Rai on December 02, 2010
@johnmaxvan ya its true... n not only him... youtube is full of there
copied work revelations... even an old music director copied mozart
symphony no 40 in the song " itna na kar tu pyaar mujhe"
suvon1 on January 16, 2011
This song is filled with soo many memories.
linda khan on January 19, 2011
lovely song
navsikand on January 25, 2011
wow shilpa shetty in her firt film. she was much prettier here before she
had all that plastic sugery and became the indian cher!
Deenade on February 05, 2011
i started loving SRK and Kaj since this movie and i have never said
otherwise after so many yrs - they have lived up to my expectations..
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