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Comments on song "Ae Maalik Tere Bande Ham (Version 1)"
Chakdegirl on April 03, 2008
Awesome lyrics and very beautiful prayer. I remember in our school , we
used to sing the same song as our prayers...
nagesh udutha on April 15, 2008
superb song...ultimate song
brathunk on April 17, 2008
wonderful song,, ever green,,
hellzsnake on May 23, 2008
what does dis song mean?
brathunk on May 26, 2008
This song mean.. "Hey great god,, we are your kid,, plz be kind to us and always put us on the right track of kindness, honesty. And we shall always remember you,, so that we can live a happy and meaningful life,, life is tough and it has lots of gloom and darkness,, but i am sure you are with me, and i will never follow the wrong path,, no matter how difficult things become for me,,
mundadesi2004 on May 29, 2008
excellent translation , kudos to u
ABHINAVDESHWAL on May 31, 2008
excellent translation buddy
hrdx9 on July 04, 2008
Awesome Mate. TYvm for uploading and sharing this video in original with us. When ever I've listen it, my eye balls become wet. Meaningful lyrics n Superb sober music in back. TYvm again.
hrdx9 on July 04, 2008
Here goes this awesome song in my favorite list. Soul wakes up while listening. 5 Stars mate.
rockyrocky28 on July 05, 2008
we should make it mandatory for our wealth lusty politicians to hear this song everyday
furty786 on July 16, 2008
love this song!!
furty786 on July 16, 2008
what an excellent idea!
nofear0079 on July 18, 2008
one of the my all time fav numba, soul awakening the whole movie is a
exemplary message of goodness and humanity. gr8 video.
ritukhushi0612 on July 19, 2008
mind blowing & all time motivating song.
all thunbs up
shak1967 on July 30, 2008
The script of this movie was very powerful. In addition, the direction of V.S.ram was superb. Overall, it was excellent movie.
ronniegoogle on July 31, 2008
'Bada kamjor hei aadmi' true.. such meaningful words...thank you for
ultamash on August 02, 2008
Bara Kamzor Hai Adami= Indeed man has been created weak . There is a verse to this effect in the Holy Quran " Khule Kal Insana Zaeefa " . Our Hindoo fellow humans may like to read (english version ) of the Quran.I invite to this .
ultamash on August 03, 2008
what about her Creator ? The enormity of the talent Lata has cannot be quantified . Brs. & sisters turn to the Creator ie Allah subhana ho wa Taala . Read Quran(English version ) You will discover HIS MAJESTY and HIS LIMITLESS GRACE . Seek HIS BLESSINGS .HE is MERCIFUL and EVER FORGIVING .make a move to HIM. You will be embraced by HIM .
ultamash on August 10, 2008
DearBr. I have read Baghvat Gita ( as have i the Bibles/ie there are more than one versions ) . Lata was not the only one i had invited to read Quran . open U R mind as we are all going to face our creator one DAY..
ananya7ananya on August 15, 2008
bmahanta on September 08, 2008
This all time great song is from the movie DO ANKHEN BARAH HAATH BY V SHANTARAM
jaazizaidi on September 09, 2008
One of the Great Song but with mysterious feelings.
vsiahlmalik on September 20, 2008
i only get tears when I hear this...every stanza is golden and pierces your heart!
ronak307 on October 02, 2008
Why have all forgotten to credit Vasant Desai, the composer of this song! A
lifetime composition!
bravouk666 on October 06, 2008
May Allah rest his soul in peace
Gagan Singh on October 20, 2008
waheguru ! I love this ... this really beautiful ! waheguru !
anandtn on October 22, 2008
An all time classic from V Shantaram. Thanks for posting this Hiral.
Daniel David on October 28, 2008
i think its lata mangeskar singing the song i am sure it is the only this
voice as there was never never the voice like lkata mangeskar ever long
live lata mangeskar
guddoo66 on November 01, 2008
lovely song. it tells realvalues of life
maorijam on November 02, 2008
gr8 lyrics !
can't hold my tears.
tnx for posting.
hiralparikh2000 on November 02, 2008
most welcome i loved this song thru out my life
S. Ayaz Gilani on November 02, 2008
Thanks for uploading this songs. My mother likes it a lot and I was
searching for this. Thanks a lot bro.
atreyo1950 on November 06, 2008
melodious and haunting song. makes you forget all worries
nv2nv on November 14, 2008
brother thanks very very much for dat song,,i jus lv dis song,,,cud u
please upload the whole movie??do reply thanks
gamelemar on November 16, 2008
i like this song.. lovely song
kartarsingh1991 on November 16, 2008
i remember singing this song back in my school in india when i was like 5-6
years old. thanks for posting. revived all the memories
nacapula1 on November 17, 2008
This wise remark makes sense .
vaibhav goswami on November 27, 2008
beautiful song .. awesome movie!!
1Achsah on December 05, 2008
I neverr thought i'd say this but i misms singinn thiss at my assemblyy
BeigeBeeuuty on December 06, 2008
ilove this song when i was learning music my teacher taught me
vsengar9 on December 09, 2008
really great song i love this song
boredesiboy d on December 15, 2008
this is what hindi movies have lost. i miss the olden day movies they
had way more story and less lust
susansamuel666 on December 15, 2008
Great song, lyrics is so honest, so truthful. Bring back the old era please.
honeygodoo9 on December 22, 2008
im having tears in my eyes.speechless u father of the universe-god.
mumbaikar91 on December 31, 2008
I have read all comments. No one has said one word about the Lyricist who wrote this song. Long live Bharat Vyas.
Nasar Ali on January 03, 2009
I use to recite this in assembly prayer's...old memories..precious wordings
Prem Manocha on January 25, 2009
really great song i luv this song
wantfewmoments on January 31, 2009
wonderful touching song, I want to thank you as tear rolls down my cheek.
zomdiczapper7 on February 01, 2009
very beautiful SAD song, everyone in the world should see this it will make
them cry like i did . this is the other SERIOUS SIDE OF BOLLYWOOD. THAT CAN
hicksvillelong on February 15, 2009
Thanks Hiral Parikh for posting such nice songs.
your beautiful comment shows how nice heart you have.
I wish every human of this world would have heart like you.
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