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Comments on song "Aiven Duniya Deve Duhayi, Teki Main Jhuth Bolaya, Koi Na"
Darshan Arora on July 25, 2010
very beautiful and very true,should learn from this and correct the
iseeking on July 25, 2010
Is this a traditional punjabi song or written for this movie? For a Bengali Salil Choudhury did a great job of composing the music.
suresh verma on July 25, 2010
Raj Kapoor's probably the best film, though not directed by him. He himself
gave a scintillating performance. Apart form this song, other two songs
stood out, Lata's 'Jaago Mohan Pyare Jaago' and Mukesh's 'Zindagi khwab
hai'. Motilal was excellent, as usual, in a cameo.
Karim Karimov on February 15, 2011
I like this song
gugs76 on August 05, 2011
That is authentic, raw bhangra right there.
Gasper Agacy on September 13, 2011
@gugs76 This style of bhangra is called "Jhumar" which till few days back
was almost dead. but than to an old dancer of this style and Ludhiana
Police who took bhangra as physical work out this style is alive and
growing fast. and the dancer is the other singer of this song Balbir, he
later married another dancer with Helen, Madhumati. he was a great dancer
of bhangra, waltz, twist and Flamenco and with that was a good singer too
and sang some great songs
Gasper Agacy on September 13, 2011
@iseeking yes it is indeed a traditional punjabi songs
GUNIDAS on September 14, 2011
This song was the only pure Punjabi song that lyricist Prem Dhawan wrote
for a Hindi film. And it has become immortal! Rafi and Balbir sang it with
full Punjabi gusto. Credit must be given to the Bengali compose Salil
Cahudhary for composing this 100% pure Punjabi music. The traditional
Bhangra dance by Manohar Deepak and his party is also superb.
reverseswing on October 15, 2011
What a superb composition based on Punjabi music by a Bengali Music
Director Salil Chaudhry. That is Salil Chaudhry's versatality. He composed
the (masterpiece) song "Jagomohan pyare" in classical raag, "Haryala saajan
dhol bajata aaya (Do bigha zameen) in folk music, and "Jungle me mor
naacha" in Western style. Great artist with amazing talent.In addition to
this he was an intellectual and literary figure of Bengali language.
Archana Sharma on November 07, 2011
nice song salil ji we miss u
Nusrat5791 on January 13, 2012
@ilyasahmetoglu the song addresses indian societies' hypocrisy - talks
about preachers pocketing donations, honest men going to the gallows while
the crooked get away etc, etc. song was relevant for india, and the world,
then, sadly it's more relevant for india, and the world, now.
kushsad on January 27, 2012
I fully agree with Nusrat. Probably, it reflected the pathos those days ( As I was not born then), and fully reflects the present day reality.
saurabh rana on June 11, 2012
Simple Lyrics- The world is accusing one as theif without reason, Ask your
heart who is not a thief? Have l told you a lie -No, No No Have l mixed
poison -No, No No,No The people are becoming richer by taking rights of
others l am calling it theft but people call it your good fortune l have
seen many scholars and wise who taking God's name & give alms But in real
life they enjoy the public money l have seen the honest ones getting hanged
And the guilty are enjoying freely
Indrajeet Mukhopadhyay on July 13, 2013
Both Rafi Sahab and S.Balbir sang it excellent.
sjmahal5 on July 14, 2013
Sache phansi charde vekhe "Kehar Singh" Indra case..Great Bhangra
song ever !
indianyogi4u on August 24, 2013
viresh_ roy on August 25, 2013
A fantastic punjabi song with legend maestro salil
anil taneja on October 29, 2013
great seen great salil choudhuri
Gurtej Kang on March 01, 2014
Great Punjabi composition from Bengali music Director
Tanaji More on March 07, 2014
The lyrics are like a mirror, reflecting the reality. 
surjeet singh on April 02, 2014
purane punjabi gania da koi jawab nhi.
Harry Attri on June 01, 2014
Excellent Video.Would like to download and save for viewing again and again
Harry Attri on June 01, 2014
The main Bhangra person is my old collegue MANOHAR DEEPAK. Sitara
introduced him to Raj Kapoor. Excellent Bhangra. 
viresh_ roy on August 30, 2014
"Oye haq dooje da maar maar ke ban de log ameer, main ayenu chori kainda
duniya kaindi taqdeer,. O... O... Sachche phansi chadhte vekhe jhoota
mauj manaye, Loki kainde rab di maya main kainda anyay..Te ki main
jhooth boleya koi na, te ki main kufr toleya koi na te main ki zahar
gholeya koi na bhai koi na" .what superb lyrics by Prem Dhawan Ji, as
true as real as ever!

An amazing punjabi song composed by Salil Chowdhuri, a Bengali himself
including his team of musicians, filmed by the eminent bengali theatre
personality Shomu Mitra who used his theatre techniques to good effect
(film: Jaagte Raho -1956) topped by the superb music by Salil Chowdhury,
which is as melancholic as ever.

His vibrant Punjabi number 'Teki Main Jhoonth Boleya Koi Na Bhai Koi Na”
underlines his amazingly wide range. Its recording on the vocals of Mohd.
Rafi and S. Balbir took Salil Chowdhuri to get his team of musicians
trained perfectly over twelve bhangra numbers, before finalising this

This film (Jaagte Raho -1956) based on a Bengali play “Aikdin Ratrey” (One
Night) produced by IPTA, was not a commercial success but it did win
critical acclaim and a shorter version of the film went on to win the
prestigious Grand Prix at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in
erstwhile Czechoslovakia.

Thanks for uploading Sir. 
Kb Mehta on September 09, 2014
Singers: Rafi & S.Balbir

Aiven Duniya Deve Duhaai, Jhootha Paanvadi Shor
Apane Dil Te Poochh Ke Dekho, Kaun Nahin Hai Chor
Te Ki Main Jhooth Bolayaa, Koi Na
Te Ki Main Kufar Toliyaa, Koi Na
Te Ki Main Zahar Gholiyaa, Koi Na, Bhai Koi Na, Bhai Koi Na

Haq Dooje Daa Maar-Maar Ke Banade Log Amir
Main Ainun Kahendaa Chori, Duniya Kahandi Taqdeer,
Te Ki Main Jhooth Bolayaa.

O Hat Ke, Bhraa Ji Bach Ke

Vekhe Pandit Gyaani Dhyaani Dayaa-Dharm De Bande
Raam Naam Japade, Khaande Gaushaala De Chande
Te Ki Main Jhooth Bolayaa...

Sachche Phaansi Chadhade, Vekhe Jhoothaa Mauj Udaae
Loki Kaihande Rab Di Maaya, Main Kahandaa Anyaay
Te Ki Main Jhooth Bolayaa..
O Bale Bale Bale Bale
Aahun Aahun..Nn.. Aahun.. Aahun...
gopal sinha on September 16, 2014
अनोखा और खूबसूरत !
Hasmukh Jhaveri on April 25, 2015
Schha fansi chadte dekha zootha mauj udaye.
Arif Akhtar on July 03, 2015
Is geet ko koi doosra singer gaane ki soch bhi nahin sakta
Mohit Chauhan on July 17, 2015
Such purity such truthfulnes rafi saheb in mood

Amazing short of words
Those who can enjoy rafi saheb are fortunate choosen ones
Those who cant.. pity them they are disabled

Rafi songs are like listening to almighty directly
Sunil Vohra on August 21, 2015
hearing it takes u to the world of golden period of hindi cinema...a
Golden song which will never fade away..
Rafeeq Ahmed on September 29, 2015
definitely one of the best and pure real song ever heard
Akshay Kumar on December 05, 2015
ऐवें दुनिया देवे दुहाई झूठा पांवदी शोर
अपने दिल ते पूछ के देखो कौन नहीं है चोर
ते कि मैं झूठ बोलया कोई न
ते कि मैं कुफ़र तोलिया कोई ना

ते कि मैं ज़हर घोलिया कोई ना भई कोई ना भई कोई ना

हक़ दूजे दा मार-मार के बणदे लोग अमीर
मैं ऐनूं कहेंदा चोरी दुनिया कहंदी तक़दीर
ते कि मैं झूठ बोलया ...

ओ हट के भ्रा जी बच के
वेखे पंडित ज्ञानी ध्यानी दया-धर्म दे बन्दे
राम नाम जपदे खान्दे गौशाला दे चन्दे
ते कि मैं झूठ बोलया ...

सच्चे फाँसी चढ़दे वेखे झूठा मौज उड़ाए
लोकी कैहंदे रब दी माया मैं कहंदा अन्याय
ते कि मैं झूठ बोलया ...
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