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Comments on song "Aankhon Mein Teri Ajab Si Ajab Si Adaayein Hai"
shakzzzz on September 01, 2007
Looks great, I want to watch it soooooooo much! November 6th-ahhh can't
wait! Shahrukh looks absolutly fabulous I just can't wait to watch the song
where he's going to go topless and get his 6 pack out, wooo!!!! Go Shahrukh!
xXSugarOo on September 01, 2007
wooooow thats sooo . wooooow!!! MORE MORE!!
sashkaramaju on September 04, 2007
She was a Superstar of the 70's. He was her biggest fan. She was his biggest inspiration. He was madly in love. She was waiting for love. He wanted to be a 'superstar'. She wanted to be a 'girl next door'. He was ready to give all his dreams for love. She was ready to give up everything she had for love. He felt betrayed in life. She felt betrayed in love.
liverach on September 05, 2007
this song sounds so sweet :D andI can't wait to see this movie. SRK,
Shreyas ( :D :D :D) are awesome
shuman131 on September 05, 2007
this is the bigest ever blockbuster in the bollywood
shuman131 on September 05, 2007
baap of blockbuster movie
cant wait to watch it
srk rocksssssssss
maseehu987 on September 05, 2007
hi m from maldives and we all love shahrukh.
ubaxeey on September 08, 2007
Wonderful song. i Can´t wait to see OSO.srk & deepika
are sooooooo sweet. oso is bige blockbuste in 07.. love you srk & deepika.pizz
Beakka19 on September 19, 2007
Om Shanti Om will be a blockbuster.
likemelicious on September 20, 2007
i love this song soooooooooooo sweet..

cant leave it alone
handlewithcare1982 on October 17, 2007
well. amanat sings ten times better then who ever this guy is.
zouzourox on November 11, 2007
I watched the movie! It was so good! this song is so good. beautiful! this is gonna be a super smash hit! I PROMISE YOU,EROS
busterbomb on November 13, 2007
I saw this movie too! I agree with everything you see. It was a different
but wonderful movie. I will for sure buy it on dvd and the audio cd. My
fav. song is dhoom taana.
vivekmohan83 on November 14, 2007
Hey this song is almost a direct lift from Damini starring Rishi Kapoor. "Jab se Tumko dekha hai sanam". It's been killing me for days, I can sleep easy now
malankan on November 21, 2007
r u kidding me? srk is by far the most coveted actor in all bollywood.

it's probz farah n karan that would be out of work...
isl94 on November 22, 2007
da best sonG ever!!!!!!!!!!:)
nareskumar on November 22, 2007
hai i am naresh i too love this song for ever can u tell me how to download this song plz
meenu92 on November 25, 2007
just loveee dis song!!

i didnt like d movie much though!
Nazlim84 on November 27, 2007
shahrukh you are the best, he looks very hot in this movie the songs are great
freakyprinces on November 29, 2007
:I The girl is sooo pretty ! everyone said soo
tokkinoona on November 29, 2007
i love this movie soo much!!! this is one of my fav partz of the movie he
isss cute and she is so pwetty!
BrownEyedMariya on December 02, 2007
shanti is well beautifull
she got a wiked image and figure and pose
lolz im jealouse
jatinder100 on December 03, 2007
movie was awesome, only some parts made it look dumb. overall it was
nainahgfan on December 08, 2007
i loved deepika and shahrukh both
totallytash5 on December 11, 2007
I know!He is my fav. like Hrithik Roshan!
totallytash5 on December 11, 2007
I say tat when i am happy!
totallytash5 on December 11, 2007
I ay that when i am happy!
Nazlim84 on December 11, 2007
hahhaha kiss my arse. u are just a child so go play with ure pipi
dont send my comments i dont talk to losers
totallytash5 on December 11, 2007
I said the f word!I will call the police if u mess with me.I am 19 yrs old u 1 yrs old boy
Nazlim84 on December 13, 2007
i was talking in ure language we called ure mini you to childeren pipi. dont talk to me ok and send reactions i dont talk to ugly people hahahahah
Nazlim84 on December 14, 2007
omg so u get so scared of me that u are telling youre whole history of karate hahahah lol. Yes i dont know karate but i can do Taekwando. I dont fight with losers and children i saw ure age and u are way younger then i so bye bye
rosegirlmau on December 15, 2007
really good song..oh my god,,i hvn't words to tell abut this song,,,,cooollllll man cooolll ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
aradhna on December 17, 2007
sticking to the topic, i love the song!!! it is so calm and romantic!!!
deepika is beautiful@@@
music2302ever on December 17, 2007
I ♥ this songgggggg!!!
Vanessahudgensfan92 on December 23, 2007
omg u jst made the movie in basic words ty !
Dancing Devi on December 27, 2007
beautiful song. i love this video, so romantic and Deepika is gorgeous!
gossipangel on December 28, 2007
i love dis song its soo romantic and calm da movie om shanti om is such a
good movie and haz great song
music2302ever on January 05, 2008
Luv dis song
saniaa101 on January 27, 2008
this song is soo cutee:)
loll.shes lke soo much taller than himm.:)
EILEEN on January 27, 2008
Actually Shahrukh is an inch taller than her but of course there's her
shoes and her hair, lol. But he is one or two inches taller than Deepika.
She said so herself.
Smartgirlsona on February 01, 2008
i loveeeee this song =)
strokeplayer on February 03, 2008
SRK should be shot..hung in a square and then shot again for making this crap
Aysin Kilic on February 06, 2008
OMG i love the songs from OSO although i haven´t watched the movie. but
bolly1luver on February 11, 2008
u should watch it!! it sooooo gud!! so sad 2!! u wnt regret watching it!
deepika luks stunning!! i really reccommend u watch it!!
bolly1luver on February 11, 2008
lol except salman khan...SRK is da best my fav!
Aysin Kilic on February 11, 2008
i´d like to watch it, but here in germany it´s still not in the cinemas,
but i´m waiting^^and i´ll watch it^^
MizAmaziing on February 12, 2008
She's 5'9 and SRK is 5'8. she's taller than him.
EILEEN on February 13, 2008
She said HERSELF on an interview that he is an inch taller than her! Don't
argue with me about things that I know for sure please! It came out of her
own mouth, I've watched quite a few Deepika Padukone interviews now I think
I know what I'm talking about.
EILEEN on February 13, 2008
She starred in a film with him didn't she? I think she should know what she
is talking about when she says that he is an inch taller than her.
MizAmaziing on February 13, 2008
LOLL. your acting as though YOU are deepika. as you wish, i have no
interest in arguing with anyone.
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