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Comments on song "Ajib Dastan Hai Ye Kaha Shuru Kaha Khatam"
neugen13 on August 03, 2008
why don't we get these type of melodies anymore? These songs clearly speak out that we do not need hi-fi musical instruments to create beautiful music.
safwanamna on August 05, 2008
looooove this osng
safwanamna on August 05, 2008
farhan and owies love it tooooo
BollydreamZ on August 06, 2008
Dil Apna Aur Preet Parayi
karunaks27 on August 08, 2008
Sheer thrill to hear such great music. Meena Kumari adds an edge to this
jaiPawanPutraHanuman on August 13, 2008
The most beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Mina Kumari!
mainak2202 on August 28, 2008
gud song.awesome man.
ashie775 on September 23, 2008
Great song by lata mangeshkar-wish she sounded like this today too!!
Parmsingh1234 on September 23, 2008
Meena Kumari was light years ahead of her contemporaries and present day actresses
sumitkumkum4ever on September 29, 2008
this song is so beautiful and the lyrics are so deep and touching
pakzalmay on October 15, 2008
kisi ka pyar le ke tum naya jahan basao gay,ye shaam jab bhi ayegi tum hum ko yaad aaogay..waah lata ji kia awaaz hai.sun ke bohot maza aya.
mentallycrazy on October 20, 2008
it's ashaji
sagarak999 on October 26, 2008
Someone tell me the name of the movie pleaseeeeeee!!
Ratnabhsl on October 29, 2008
i think its Dil Apna preet Parayee
brahmbhattk on October 30, 2008
very calm n soothing song,,make me remember ma past,,,,love it,,,
SABPK1 on October 31, 2008
Very Nice and lovly - Make you to think olden days
sunz07 on November 03, 2008
great song just love it thanks for uploading
giggscholes on November 09, 2008
mAhh favOuriTe.siMplY suPerb.
boningsaring on November 18, 2008
yes true...Dil apna our preet parayee.!! Our happiness also linked to fondness shown by our surroudings..Hence lyric shows his depth 0f genius in this lovely song.
infinitdesire on November 28, 2008
pure classic!!
bobbyfaith on December 05, 2008
really a classic.. true classic...
Meena Kumari looks beautiful in this song... look at that bindi, so high and so big :-)
JoeGoaUk on December 10, 2008
very nice I like it People still sing in Goa
coralmac on December 10, 2008
I remember this song although I do not know the words.
ash123431 on December 13, 2008
Asolutely brilliant, Lataji at her best
anandv1981utube on December 13, 2008 also not suited
ismanaseer on January 14, 2009
meena kumari.. u r amazin n fantastic... god bless u.. n lata.. u r one of the my best.
davidnagaram on January 22, 2009
Meena's got such an amazin presence on screen!! N Lata Rocks!!
agentr777 on January 27, 2009
Mubarake ke tumhe tum...
riazud on February 14, 2009
best ever lata and best meena kumari and best of poetry and music... salute
to all ,,,great job.. not enough words
dreamydeb on February 16, 2009
Amazing song. And Meenakumari has the most expressive eyes : )
Asif410 on March 14, 2009
very harsh reply you can disagree with someone but keep it civil
btw you got it wrong mate this song is in urdu not hindi
vaseemym on March 16, 2009
old is gold.still so soothing
Magilan Wardak on March 31, 2009
lovely, wundefull, very nice, wah wah i love you LATA !
akarshik on April 03, 2009
One of the Sensational song of that time. Thanks for wonderful upload my friend.
Roman Arora on April 07, 2009
Aah - one of all time favorites! Such a great song! Music is so beautiful.
I remember when I used to go to weddings (friends/extended family, etc) -
they would always play the instrumental version of this song many times.
Very nice - thanks a lot for uploading!
mentallycrazy on April 26, 2009
Just for correction It's ashaji's voice.
mentallycrazy on April 26, 2009
Or maybe I'm wrong, sorry! Both the sisters have such a beautiful voice
it's hard to tell!
Imdudehead21 on April 27, 2009
sweet song!
princ3phileppe on April 27, 2009
this is a fierce song. love it *
monty1511james on April 28, 2009
Look all I meant was these Pakis have no history of cinema or film music not that I or the world know of neways & here they r on this beautiful song passing unnecessary & adverse comments,yes we have poverty crime whatever as u put it in India BUT we d'ont run around cutting off people's heads & shooting them in full public view like what ur Taliban did in Pak last week!!!
romapisces on May 08, 2009
wht a nice song..i love this song
I really love this song. Can someone please be so kind to explain the
meaning. I am half Indian. Thanks
zarah83 on May 11, 2009
Ajeeb daastaan hai yeh
Strange story it is
Kahan shuru kahan khatam
Where it started and where it ended
Yeh manzile hai kaunsi
What kind of destiny is this
Na voh samajh sake na hum) 2
Neither he understood nor me
(Yeh roshni ke saath kyoon
Why did the smoke raise
MrKovit on May 12, 2009
Thanks a lot , i appreciated it.
riazud on May 13, 2009
i dont know who to love more. lata or Meena...they are both out of this words are enough.. just love them both
maryam ahmadi on May 20, 2009
can someone plss tell me from which film this is??
zarah83 on May 21, 2009
its so true song!
Mubaarakein tumhe ke tum
Congratulations to u
Kisi ke noor ho gaye
That u became someone's love
Kisi ke itne paas ho
U are so close to me yet
Ke sab se door ho gaye
u became distanced from all
dhruvpatel0909 on May 31, 2009
Which movie is this ?
zenrainman on June 04, 2009
dil apna aur preet parayee is the movie
JayaSini on June 04, 2009
Melodious song and very true.Dil apna aur preet parayee.
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