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Comments on song "Allah Duhaai Hai"
smg242 on January 06, 2013
Ajay Vijay on January 06, 2013
Deepika poor perfomance!
emz k on January 06, 2013
John and Jacquline makes the perfect jodi
smg242 on January 06, 2013
84 people have no brains, and only understand masala movies. RACE 2 WILL
pawan kumar on January 06, 2013
amezing dance saif and john ???
Aman Khetarpal on January 06, 2013
extremely cliche, boring, seen-there-done-that video, crappy lag
gayi song-video much better. expect much more. disappoint.
FilmColumnist on January 06, 2013
Abbas Mustan movies always have repeat value if they're good. So if the
content is there I'm sure this will earn 150 crores domestically.
zaynab dabest on January 06, 2013
wat the hel u cant even tell who is with who
पीयूष मौर्या on January 06, 2013
Jacqueline looking crap.
Remy Sandhu on January 06, 2013
Like it.. But still think race saason ki is better
amrit rajesh on January 06, 2013
classyy mix ..
Nadir Shah on January 06, 2013
atif rockssssssssssssssssss,,,,,,,,,,,,atif sound is great
kaykay on January 06, 2013
Nice but the first race title track is better.
2020goro on January 06, 2013
After reading youtube comments it always reminds of how pervert minded we
Indians are! :D
Maya Rai on January 06, 2013
would've preferred the return of kat rather than jacqueline
rakshat1995 on January 06, 2013
deepika wow yaar !!
Gaurav Dharmani on January 06, 2013
/watch?v=kY6vhSJOE1Q "Respect Our Women" by Hex ft. Blacheartt Z (Eminem –
When I’m Gone Instrumental) In a land where rap is looked down upon, I
(Hex) am trying to change mindsets of people. Add the link after the and please let me know how you find this home recording effort
for the cause of women in India. Any support, share, comment, mentions will
be most welcome for the message it has. Thanks. Thumb up this comment if
you think it’s worth a shot.
Ronak Rk on January 06, 2013
Deepika - Deepika and Deepika <3<3
alexandra12345ism on January 06, 2013
Omg i really dont know what you guys like so much..Race 1 was definitely
better.and the original track Allah Dua Hai(Race is one my mind)from 1 was
100%better than this.i have to say Deepika looks amazing but Bipasha was
bettet in 1.
STEVE Norris on January 06, 2013
HLRKingScorp on January 06, 2013
Personally, I like this Allah Duhai more than the one from Race 1; cause
it's more rock-based along with Vishal-Atif vocals. However, all other Race
1 songs are better than Race 2 album. Both Deepika-Bips are stunners but I
must say, Deepika-Saif chemistry is much hotter. So, advantage to Deepika
on that part too.
harsh choudhary on January 06, 2013
nic song...
Faiza Idrees on January 06, 2013
woow... i wish atif could sing more in this song.. love his voice
niggaplsssss on January 06, 2013
Rajni Sir MADER CHO**
Lily on January 06, 2013
woow Deepika looks breathtakingly beautiful at 0:19 !! <3<3
Sonu Dubay on January 06, 2013
to the people who saying nasty stuff about Jacqueline. please stop. if you
don't like her.. then do not watch Race 2 cuz she has a huge role in it!
... and she looks beautiful.
zoya khan on January 06, 2013
saif ali khan you're an illuminati
Reya Kabir on January 06, 2013
okay on a srs note, Ameesha really looks like she is having some mental
deficiency! I mean she was a great actor in the past but now her outfits
and expressions are like so creepy and disturbing for some reason!
something about her isnt normal anymore.
Asad Mirza on January 06, 2013
Saif Ali khan your Fab
Terminator on January 07, 2013
Ik baar nahi yeh dil sau baar hai toota Par shauq mohabbat ka ab tak na
chhoota Ik baar nahi yeh dil sau baar hai toota Par shauq mohabbat ka ab
tak na chhoota
agnuk lesol on January 07, 2013
john abraham rocksssss
iamsameer1 on January 07, 2013
Atif killed the song.
MultiJack1313 on January 07, 2013
john is back. No one in the race with you john yo will win this.
minadult on January 07, 2013
yes i am. lol
harsh choudhary on January 07, 2013
amazing song in race 2 songs
Aman Khetarpal on January 07, 2013
i would beg to differ; i feel, jacqueline has done an exceptional
performance; the hook step is hot; agree, saif ali looks a bit jaded; but
fernandez rocks it. dippy padukone has, rather, a certain stiffness, i
believe; anyway, to each is own.
Martina Gibbs on January 07, 2013 on my mind //she looked cute
reeya acharya on January 07, 2013
its because she is supporting..didn't u remember race there was
zara zara touch me, khwaab dekhe, for katrina and peheli nazar mein for
bipasha and rock the dance floor showed kat and bips but not sameera, she
was only in race is in my mind so here also amisha is like sameera and may
be jacqline like kat and deepika like bipasha but it is that ameesha is a
succesful actress yar than sameera and she is so beautiful why not for her
reeya acharya on January 07, 2013
i like this song very much yar atif's voice is him
DEEPAK SAHU on January 07, 2013
it is a nice video
DEEPAK SAHU on January 07, 2013
happy new year
Lakshya Gupta on January 07, 2013
the song is gud no doubt bt d real question is... WHY AMISHA PATEL? KOI AUR
ashima narula on January 07, 2013
1:30 and 1:39 ..what are those ppl doing in the background ?? lmao XD
Arvind Yadav on January 07, 2013
kya ye" John " ne kaise baal kta rakhe hai.
Apuroopa Chowdary on January 07, 2013
john abrahm will rock man
Suman Sura on January 07, 2013
jaqualin suprbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb.
Beea1Darshi on January 07, 2013
love this song
mrgameoz on January 07, 2013
first one was much better.amisha looks like joke in this song..hope they
dont spoil my expectations
zaynab dabest on January 07, 2013
how do u know its not even released????????
S2001Sara on January 07, 2013
Jacqueline looks scary
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