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Comments on song "Anadekhi Anajaani Si, Jaane Vo Kaisi Hogi Re"
divakhan on October 16, 2008
Great movie,songs are all awesome!I think HRITHRIK is so handsome hunk!
PrincessAnuska on November 16, 2008
i once met hrithik once in rel lif
PrincessAnuska on November 16, 2008
i luv the rythem
XBENGIX on December 29, 2008
even if dis film iz like sooo old...
i can neva geh tierd ov dis song!!!!!
lurve it man ..its ma frst indian favourite song!!!
sweebian on January 13, 2009
aaaiiiii i lovee this sonnggg i lovee this movieeee
Nupur on January 22, 2009
i like the very beginning of this song
prettydiva31 on January 28, 2009
love this movie !!!!!!!!!! very nice
karun20000 on January 31, 2009
i like this song very much. marvelleous song from my side.
Marbin Kumar on February 06, 2009
i can't stop listing to this song :)
lenaxiong on February 07, 2009
IS this movie have Eng sub title ?
MadinaLovesAli on February 13, 2009
do you guys see at 0:32 in his right hand he have 6 fingers????
Polka Dot on February 25, 2009
rani looks so short
kajol80kajol on February 26, 2009
this song is very good i love this song
SusiSommer1985 on March 06, 2009
Jetzt wird es warm tolles Lied
naleevang30 on March 08, 2009
do you have the video at home
john cena on March 09, 2009
really rocking
lifelove090 on March 20, 2009
beautiful movie. kareena and hrithk rocks!
scir 91 on March 28, 2009
that is his style. it is good to have variety in the arts instead of
dancing clones.
candyallover111 on March 29, 2009
i used 2 sing di song when i wz nearlyy 2 yrz old gsh wt a long ttme agooo..:p
zm4evr on April 12, 2009
da song is beautiful!now i wanna watch da movie!
Nupur on April 20, 2009
love the beginning
dawlish12345 on April 28, 2009
I love Hrithik. Best man in Bollywood.
arunnangsa on May 11, 2009
i like kareena she so cute
thewilhelm on May 12, 2009
This movie brings back memories.
Diedra Ackles on May 21, 2009
crazy1chik2akila3 on May 26, 2009
oh my gosh jus luv dis sonnnnng so much
carinarina123 on June 02, 2009
rani and kareena and hitrick their the best rani and hitrick make a good
queenzadula on June 02, 2009
love and love and love RANI...
punnu09 on June 06, 2009
he is such a good actor, he can do any kind of acting
cr74lyf1985 on June 06, 2009
you no where hrithik is at 0:59, where is that in london
darkwars141 on June 10, 2009
luuv tha flute in tha beginning...
Lailaah974 on June 13, 2009
loveee hritik style dance nd dis song is awesome!
zoha1992 on June 16, 2009
I love kareena kapoor
Turkish Turkish on June 20, 2009
i love this kareena kapoor
Turkish Turkish on June 21, 2009
i love kareena kapoor.
duuu100 on June 25, 2009
sikkk trakkkk.. luvin it..
wza8523 on June 28, 2009
hey i love dis movie n dis song
rafia zaman on July 15, 2009
how old are you now?
SunshineEmoTears on July 15, 2009
i love rani mukherjee ! <3
rajanpillai1 on July 16, 2009
can anybody tell me where can i find this movie
shinningrockstar123 on July 20, 2009
i love this so song
brarkiran on July 27, 2009
i h8 kareena what i love rani
brarkiran on August 01, 2009
i love u rani ur to gd i dony like kareena
Sciencenerd on August 09, 2009
Its been like.years I've heard this song...Thankx sooomuch...Love
This song soooo MUCH!!
jullyia D on August 16, 2009
i love this song and this movie! does anyone know where i can watch this
movie online?
Lovegood44 on August 18, 2009
kareena kapoor > katrina kaif
9088Nadia on September 08, 2009
I love This Moviee Can You Please Download The Movieee!
Diedra Ackles on September 09, 2009
Haz Far on September 11, 2009
most song in this film is best to hear!
metrolady72 on September 24, 2009
nice song bad video
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