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Comments on song "Bachapan Ki Mohabbat Ko Dil Se Na Judaa Karanaa"
Alaknanda2007 on December 12, 2007
one of Naushad's best...
nasratkha on December 14, 2007
I love this song since I was 6. Fabulous
mohanthakoor on December 30, 2007
my favorite one of the song
xx22az on January 20, 2008
one of the best song made ever.
akarshik on March 08, 2008
another great malody by lata jee. whenevr you listen to her old songs, one
feels at rest and remembers all the nice times spent long ago in life. Lata
jee i always pray to God to bless you more long life so that we have the
opportunity to listen to you till universe exists.
akarshik on March 08, 2008
i really miss a legend & great Music director " nausha Ali " who made such
a fantastic malodious tune. God bless you naushad sahib in heaven. we
really miss you because we do not find such malody now.
Princessjasmineariel on May 25, 2008
i love lata jee...great song..and meena kumari is one o my faves too
TalatFifties on June 02, 2008
Another good quality upload from deepu. Thanks
prbhaskar on July 31, 2008
To my late mom on her 10th death anniversary! she sang this when iwas a
kid... PR
VeerZara1 on September 06, 2008
Naushad, Lata & Indian classical raga. Alas, we will never see this again.
God bless you Naushad. May god grant you place in heaven.
vinodsbaghel on November 10, 2008
lovely song. baar-baar sunne ko dil karta hai
kassykassim1 on December 16, 2008
My late father sang always bachpan ki mohabbat for my mother. They were in love since they were kids only. My parents love story was a histry that time. I love this song and makes me happy to listen to it.
It Brings memories back.
cobacana on February 10, 2009
no melodies like this exist anymore . I think of my childhood , a good memory ...
Small Wonda on March 06, 2009
Thank you deepuval for posting such a beautiful, lyrical clip - these stars
and Times may be relegated to History, but thru' You Tube & dedicated fans
like yourself, they can live on for ever and be shared by more people
worldwide than their creators could have ever envisaged... Many thanks :)
savitri rambeharry on April 29, 2009
my dad pass away 2 yrs ago and these were the music he loved i listen to
these songs now to the memory of my fatherthank you very much you tube
Sohail Ali on May 30, 2009
thanks for the song dear, u took me to childhood
htgajjar on June 15, 2009
Old is Gold Gem by Lata. I used to hear this if I can remember when my
father use to turn on All India Radio morning broadcast to East Africa when
I was about 10 years old in Nairobi Kenya. Sad we never hear such great
songs anymore.
Mausiqar on July 20, 2009
such an enchanting melody of the great composer naushad and of course
lata's wonderful voice.
Ketan Dhadphale on November 03, 2009
maand raag- stunning song, stunning meena kumari
Vasuki Nagabhushan on November 08, 2009
Do not forget the love of childhood When you remember me, try to meet me
May someone put complete translation
ccrich100 on November 14, 2009
she is still unmarried to this day? May I ask how old is she? :)
frommchicago on November 19, 2009
the love we shared through the years. let it not part from your heart ,
when you yearn for me in your thoughts ..pray that we may soon be
together again
frommchicago on November 19, 2009
The abode of my aspirations,crumbles as you are being led away .. The
world of my dreams,plunders as you are being led away... The pain that
pierces through my heart, if only one could take it away
frommchicago on November 19, 2009
I wish I could sing like those melodious birds in the beautiful spring..
to put forth before you the ballad of our love . As my song would tread
along and reach you. it would sooth you and comfort you (that I yearn
for you too)
MyVerbena on November 26, 2009
This song brings back memories of over 50 years ago. Wonderful !!!!!!!!!
nicam007 on December 21, 2009
This song is for the very first girl I ever loved. The love of innocence.
She was very beautiful without equal.
Saurabh Pathak on March 11, 2010
i salute to guy which add this song for everybody..ek sher aap ke
lalita526ggs on March 13, 2010
kya feeling dil ke ghare par padte hai
ultracutee on March 21, 2010
both the songs "door koi gaye" & "bacchapan ki muhabaat" form baiju bawara r my most fav.songs
Dilip Mirani on March 27, 2010
Thanks for sharing such a lovely evergreen melody.
junaidalio on April 10, 2010
this is the song i like most
maheshwariavdhesh on April 16, 2010
i love this song. avdhesh
sachin saini on May 05, 2010
Oh my my god this song i was searching like a mad i never found this
original video thanks a million to that guy who uploaded this video when i
was 10 years my mom used to listen this song and i loved this song from
childhood and Always listen it till the day..Today I am 29 years old But
this song like remember those days of my life when i was like a naughty boy
neeraj12462 on May 19, 2010
byword for love
omarhussain11 on June 09, 2010
i hat this song
chwaqas on June 16, 2010
super hit song, top class performance
KhalidAsgharRadioPak on June 17, 2010
Superb melody and rendition. Khalid Asghar (18 June 2010)
VeeJay on June 25, 2010
Deepuvel, Thank you for the upload. What's the use of complaining? As they
say here in USA , count your blessings. I try to learn the philosophy and
thank for the You Tube and people like you who took time to upload such
ever green ageless melodies. Think- what was the life like before I found
this wealth of oldies!!! Was tired of listening to the music of today that
keeps coming on the Indian TV screen. Now, I don't even realize how fast
the day goes by. Again, thanks a million.
chwaqas on August 06, 2010
super hit song, top class performance swad aa geya ji . boht wahdiya
Ollie Raza on September 18, 2010
@htgajjar : I had the same experience when my father tuned to Radio Ceylon
in the morning...we lived in Lyallpur back then
BOB IYER on September 28, 2010
Yaad reh jaati hai aur waqt guzar jata hai, phool khilten bhi hain aur
khilke bikhar jaaten hain,sab chaley jaatey hain ek dard-e-jigar reh jaata
hai. Zindagi mein bus sirf yaad he tho reh jaati hai umr bhar thadpane ke
liye! Aur oos par bachpan ki mohabbat ,o pehla pehla nadan sa pyar,ganga
key tarha pavitra lekin ooss se bhi oochchrinkal aur chanchal jo hridya
mein ek darar si bana jaati hai ,oos bachpan key mohabbat ko bhala koi
bhulaye bhool sakta hai?
lemonverbena1 on October 03, 2010
my first memories of old songs start with this wonderful song and I think it is more than 57 years since I heard it for the first time on the radio.
Wonderful, wonderful, song.
Thanks for uploading
lemonverbena1 on October 03, 2010
My first memories of such beautiful old songs start with this song. It is more than 57 since I heard this song on the Radio. Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful song.
Thanks for uploading
Mohan Agadkar on October 06, 2010
Heart twisting song
kkjb586 on October 10, 2010
I love this song-------Duringmy younger days I used to play this song on
flute and everybody used to appreciate it.Perhaps that appreciation was
because of wonderful lyrics and melodious tune.
Lina Wang on October 15, 2010
I love it so much, even though I'm a Chinese girl. :) Does any one have the
English transcript of this songs lyrics? Or even Hindi works. It's so
beautiful that I want to know what's the meaning of the song. I only feel
that it must be a very sad song.
Madhuka Wickramarachchi on October 15, 2010
the two lovers are seperating..It roughly says" do not forget the love we
cherished from our childhood.. when you are thinking of me pray that we'll
meet once again" second verse says" you are leaving me alone and alone with
my you are taking (stealing) the hope of love we shared.. oh
what a sorrow you are giving me" Third verse "when it rains and the bird
are singing I will remember you.I'll sing the song of seperation,when I
sing you'll feel your heart strings being touched
Lina Wang on October 15, 2010
@madhukaw Thank you thank you so much Madhu! This is such a nice song. I
will also ask around about the Hindi transcript (will has to be written in
English, lol). Made a sound resolution that I want to learn this song! :)
Thanks a lot!
babasliina on October 15, 2010
Thank you thank you so much Madhu!

This is such a nice song. I will also ask around about the Hindi transcript (will has to be written in English, lol). Made a sound resolution that I want to learn this song! :) Thanks a lot!
Lina Wang on October 15, 2010
Thank you thank you so much Madhu!

This is such a nice song. I will also ask around about the Hindi transcript (will has to be written in English, lol). Made a sound resolution that I want to learn this song! :) Thanks a lot!
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