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Comments on song "Baghon Mein Bahar Hai"
alemoh on March 08, 2008
Farida was so beautiful. She still is too.
TrulyUnforgettable on May 03, 2008
good movie, nice song.
oldsongs1 on May 04, 2008
I am unable to viewing this there a particular format that I need
to use!
Calhyde a on June 11, 2008
Lata & Rafi were such a beautiful combination,
Shahid Khan on June 14, 2008
you have droped this nice memorial n romantic video i.e baghon main bahaar
hae it should be immediatly reproduced i dont know why you remove good
inclouds786 on June 27, 2008
OMG! Thats Farida Jalal..she looks so nice she plays the role of
the mother/grandmother..hehe
Shahid Khan on June 28, 2008
Khan Do you collect this information just for your activity or you act upon
your members wishes. If you realy consider your members than why dont you
re proviod this song which is verry much wanted by your members.I hope that
you will do some thing positively.
mtmraj on July 07, 2008
please bring out the video. Its a great song and pictuarization. Every girl becomes a mother and eventually a grand mother.
nagdaking on October 02, 2008
Wah Rafi are great.what a dount you are a one can touch are guru..trmandous..mind blowing..
colsonslanty on October 27, 2008
very nice song.nice picturization and nice movie too. thanx
Neal240 on November 02, 2008
gr8 song n I love singing it for most of my shows on request.
venky0425 on November 15, 2008
Anyone know who wrote the lyrics on this one? Also when was it released?
surataminchacha on November 15, 2008
lyrics by bill goldberg when he was defeated by Kevin Nash?
Hina Kanwal on November 23, 2008
I luv this song ;) my mom sings this song whenever she is happy
Hina Kanwal on November 23, 2008
Thanks for sharing.. I luv this song :)
Palitha Batu on November 29, 2008
Lyrics by Ananad Bakshi, released on end of 60's Music S D Burman
GossipGirlxoox on November 30, 2008
That's so sweet hah my mom sings old indian songs when she's happy too lol
desigurl1008 on January 06, 2009
godd. I love this song. and rajesh khanna. :)
Sakhacares on January 10, 2009
WOW... whole set up the lead to the song, the build up the lyrics,,

Its true they dont make them like this


desigurl1008 on January 10, 2009
Yea..movies today are a disappointment. I'm watching all the older movies and when I finish watching them all I don't know what I'll do.
bollynerd on January 11, 2009
it would be perfect if she was a size 0 blonde
desigurl1008 on January 17, 2009
lol yea that's what I'm going to have to do. :D
HUMAID KHALIFA Bin on January 24, 2009
thx dear ..^)^
KiranGopalAshtekar on February 06, 2009
I had listened to and loved this song, only now I got to see the video!
Very pleasantly surprised to find it very matching the song!! Both Rajesh
Khanna and Mumtaz look positively at their romantic best. Thanks.
KiranGopalAshtekar on February 06, 2009
Sorry Farida not Mumtaz
Abieha Khawaja on March 01, 2009
fareeda looks cute in this song. good upload
majama07 on March 10, 2009
She is beautiful then and now...!!!
masood bin daood masood on March 16, 2009
very very sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet song.i love Fareeda &this song very much
masood bin daood masood on March 16, 2009
Kiran G yeh Mumtaz nahi FARIDA JALAL hai.,.,.,
sha83in on March 20, 2009
na na na na na na na! sounds good
DreaMgaL21 on April 03, 2009
xiscoming i think this movie called
''Aradhana ''good luck
winnyrana1987 on April 11, 2009
movie name is - ARADHANA..
Dippydi Dipp on April 29, 2009
now I understand why she didn't. i noticed that she lacks that ada, that
nazakatt that pure sharmana etc. It is very subtle but she lacks that
-atleast in this song.
Deepak Kapoor on May 04, 2009
I've always loved this song. Farida looks great with RK.
qiron on May 23, 2009
OMG cho chweet, baby face Farida Jalal. Rafi saab is amazing...
Sandy Persaud on May 30, 2009
thats not mumtaz love...that fareeda jalal
garima Mishra on June 17, 2009
the lyrics are so entertainin
maha0221 on July 20, 2009
Such me Old is Always Gold
seema faulkner on August 24, 2009
Apna time bit gaya, unka time bit gaya, phir bhi, i think, you can't
compair this deep feelings and perfection of all mix with today's
Bollywood, today's generation will never miss anything much from
latest/new/2009 bollywood, it's sad, hamara bhi zamana tha
Desi4evah on September 10, 2009
i agree... moreover, she was given roles that fit in the sister, ladylove, love interest categories... it was hard for the audience to perceive her as a mainstream actress.
Ravi Rathore on November 11, 2009
faroda zalal in romantic song... first time seeing. otherwise she is
permanent bahen of all actors
TheNs420 on December 09, 2009
Hey i dont agree vid Seemafa...´.These r imortal songs and even todays youth singing them, in my family anyway. My 7 years old greek son singing now "likhe jo khat tujhe).
DivyaPreity4ever on December 13, 2009
Farida looks so hot in this song
121fobabcd on January 30, 2010
lol (atleast in this song), Farida Jalal sweats like a pig! It's really disgusting! She's 1/2 english and back then, she couldn't get deodorant?
Gaby Poulain on February 25, 2010
With or without deodorant, people still sweat...if we do not sweat, then we
are abnormal! Loony...
121fobabcd on February 28, 2010
I can say whatever I wanna say. You don't need to comment on anyone's comment if you don't have anything nice to say about that person's comment.
mychoiceism on March 03, 2010
well said !
Maitreyi D on March 28, 2010
i luv this song but...she has HUGE sweat stains under her arms lol
tahmina16 on April 10, 2010
luv this song, rajesh looks hot and farida jahal is beautiful
charulata4 on April 27, 2010

" Sweat Stains under her arms !!"
Thats a good observation about the heroine in the song picturisation. Both Rajesh Khanna & Farida Jalal must have been made to do tens of "repeats" until the film director thought that he has got the song picturisation right ! They must have spend hours to get that 3 minute "perfect" picturisation.

People love to watch these songs but dont understand the efforts that go into making them !
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