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Comments on song "Bahut Pyar Karte Hai, Tumko Sanam (Female Version)"
kenyanprince007 on February 12, 2009
This one of my best song ...thanks
purespirit9 on March 16, 2009
Wonderful song! 5/5
Yog Hmoob on June 09, 2009
we all have problem skins once before
RaisahE1 on July 15, 2009
well spotted!!! hahahhaa
Maria Triningsih Tarjan on July 29, 2009
i love that songs even i dont understand
triningsih on July 29, 2009
i love thats song even i dont understand :)
lover3780 on August 01, 2009
its a like slow song lol but even though very powerful word n the meaning are very powerful
mbilalbhatti on August 08, 2009
It was the first Indian film i watched in my childhood. Simply awesome.
arifchangazi on August 16, 2009
aw wat a luvly song luv it god bless her whoeve she is the one who sang the
rama murthy on August 20, 2009
Nice song,Really Enjoyed alot
MyStarsYourNight on August 24, 2009
the actress is madhuri dixit the singer am not too sure...
Sunny Bhakar on August 25, 2009
singer is latha
hrushid on August 30, 2009
the singer is sadhana sargam not lata or alka yagnik
Megz P on September 01, 2009
this song brings back memories
Lucky Nijjare on September 12, 2009
sanjay was looking amazing bak then
minirahim2009 on September 14, 2009
Nice Song! Really Enjoyed This Song!!!
munief2008 on September 23, 2009
hadakey sanam wow remind me with those songs relay tears olmost felt from my eyes
Rik1231 on October 04, 2009
yeah,,,,,really good song...reminds me ma childhood days.simply jst lub
it...hafin' tears in ma eyes too:) love you all ma frnx hu are comenting
ahmadzai6 on October 09, 2009
i love you shabooooooooo,
90pallavi on October 31, 2009
heart touching song...
sah3rr on November 08, 2009
i wish i can find the Guy's part as well.
When he sings for her
HINA SHAH on November 17, 2009
mdhuri so pretty
BabyAaliyah92 on November 21, 2009
I Love This Song, It Makes Me Get Very Emotional Every Time I Hear It.
Beautiful Lyrics And Voice.
coolsonglover on November 22, 2009
yes,,,it is heart touching song...very nice lyrics
abdul rawof on November 28, 2009
best of the best i love it i hope u like it too
SweetSohailaAfghan on November 30, 2009
Thanks for sending.I really love this song.
kashmirforever on December 29, 2009
bhot payar kerty hain tum ko sanam nice song
bonuka777 on January 30, 2010
copy from pakisthani songs ...
brahmbhattk on February 04, 2010
i support u buddy... ur absolutely ri8 man... luv u.. all betyard peple..
brahmbhattk on February 04, 2010
hey u knoe what tumhe nah sachai kadvi lagi he,, is liye bacchu.
brahmbhattk on February 04, 2010
but c none of the songs r hit n no one knoes... wen sung in India.. it
makes popular & hit...
brahmbhattk on February 04, 2010
oh noman259 let me remind u lata n rafi r also 4m India... oh i 4got abt A.
R. Rehman... recent oscar winer,,, any winers 4m our side inspite of so
many gud songs,,, huhh... :D
flamingangel123 on February 07, 2010
such a beautiful song! nothing else to say...
zebraorchid99 on February 13, 2010
I'm Indian and no offence, really, but I know that at least in some cases
the Indian music directors buy the rights to those songs. Like for example,
Nusrat Fateh Ali sold the rights of the song "Tu Cheez Badi..".
arun mohindra on February 18, 2010
amazing lyrics music composition and on top of it pictured on Madhuri
Dixit.A perfect combination.
QiratKiNana on March 13, 2010
Bohat Pyar Karte Hain tum ko sanam Kasam chehe le lo Khuda ki kasam :"> lovelyy songooo misshhing u .
Simrit Bajwa on March 25, 2010
luv this song
6to12inchman on March 28, 2010
This son is a TIMELESS CLASSIC..(Which has become synonymous with ANYTHING
by Madhuri!)
BadBoyKilla1234 on April 04, 2010
spady1968 on April 10, 2010
After all this year and even i did not understand the words the song sill in my mind and by accident i found it today ,
salman00773 on May 27, 2010
amazin and simple lyrics...super song
nasim09021975 on July 03, 2010
oh my god ! i loooooooove this song so much !! :'(
ADITYA- Verma on July 22, 2010
this song has something special.. i love it. madhuri look so
beautiful...her smile is so lovely and the song.
hinamateen1 on August 02, 2010
@ThinkingGuy100 aur jealous apne braber k logon se hua jata n u people are not of our status.darpook buzdil awam.pichey se war kartey ho samney aa k takar loo phir tum ko batain k hum kia hain
nooredunya1 on August 18, 2010
@ThinkingGuy100 hah atleast we dont even look at pOrk so hw can u say porkistan haha. u guys r made of the pork...em not talking about white em talking abt u sick minded person
nooredunya1 on August 18, 2010
@ThinkingGuy100 nd dont say My Allah name on ur dirty tongue okay u sick person
U dont knw wot U saying
nooredunya1 on August 18, 2010
@ThinkingGuy100 U dont knw the history of those ppl okay so dont b too much happy nd according to u ppl u guys r evolved from monkeys nd gorillas hahaha
Beauty78j on August 20, 2010
07hoor on September 07, 2010
gr8 movie of my childhood :)
hharish21 on September 21, 2010
Nice song but copied from Bahut khoob surat hai mera sanam movie Aabshar
(1987) , sung by Mehdi Hassan saheb. This is not even closer to it.
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