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Comments on song "Bakhuda Tumhi Ho Har Jagah Tumhi Ho"
azngirlrox on June 18, 2008
i love this song please feel free to comment, rate and favorite. shahid
looks amazing!
Stardazzzle on June 19, 2008
Ah another amazing song =]
Stardazzzle on June 19, 2008
Although I gotta say, its grows on you...I didnt think much of it when I
first heard it
fizzywizzy on June 20, 2008
awesome awesome awesome
ShishirBhanot on June 20, 2008
Atif, ur god
Anse1231 on June 21, 2008
Actually iam beeing honest, so i would say Atif cant sing, but i dont know
why i like his songs . :D This one is also good. But this song is like JAB
WE MET - TUM SE HI , isn't
KamiDude on June 21, 2008
its GOOD not god*
1extras on June 21, 2008
whose the singer, sounds slightly like atif aslam
ShishirBhanot on June 22, 2008
I meant GOD nd not good. Atif is GOD
piperakshay on June 23, 2008
this song rox shahids lukng awsme
shahidafridi12 on June 23, 2008
hit after hit..Atif Aslam is back and he is the best.this is gonna be the best song of the year...telling u all...rite now..luv ya atif.keep rokin..=D
shahidafridi12 on June 23, 2008
ur soooooooooooooooo rite.atif is GOD
KamiDude on June 24, 2008
Don't ever say dat...
Diya Merza on June 24, 2008
wow, this song is definitely this year's Mitwa- great song sung by Atif
redshoes555 on June 24, 2008
I reckon is she dropped the weight she would looook FANTASTIC!!
jannat7 on June 26, 2008
wht a awesome song.just luv it..
HAMZA200789 on June 26, 2008
he is just a simple human being
DilMilGayye on June 27, 2008
ATIF IS AWESOME =] this year has been really wonderful for him with his
album(meri kahani), pehli nazar mai(from race), his tour to USA and now
this song!! but can someone pleaseee tell me what BAKHUDA means??????
ORMSa on June 27, 2008
again a super music by one & only pritam
hapshi007 on June 27, 2008
shahid is looking awesome yar,he is 22222.cuteee and the song is fantastic except vidhya in it whi does'n match wid shahid.
vinitlovu on July 04, 2008
love this songg
specialyy shahid !!
lov u shahid<3
s23950 on July 06, 2008
i am addicted to dis song atif'z voice and shahid kapoor go perfect 2gether...shahid and vidya look blechh 2gether
hhhischamp on July 06, 2008
ya but a super simple human being
Tani912 on July 06, 2008
OMG THIS SONG rocks...Shahid looks hotter than ever..Vidya looks stunning
and Atif RULES.
s23950 on July 08, 2008
i noe dey look so horrible 2gether opinion he goes really nice with amrita rao
Eliza Suppal on July 08, 2008
shahis so hott. love his style in this movie. the tie, vest, and collar
shirts so go with him. except vidhya. amrita is a better actor and is a
better heroine for shahid. plus i love atif asalm.
Mintee Raizada on July 09, 2008
Vidya luking cute but lil moti [:P] shahhid hamesha ki taraaahhh cute :D
culadeel on July 12, 2008
Love this song. Dedicated to someone special by meee. luv herrr aloot
coolgal717 on July 12, 2008
love this song..and nice to see Toronto's street , TTC and Niagra Falls =D
frndshelp on July 13, 2008
its just awsum!! ATIF RULES!!
sidharththakur27 on July 14, 2008
vidya balan needs to learn to ride cycle
afg1prince on July 14, 2008
I saw them :) and yeaa vidya is a great person in real
afg1prince on July 14, 2008
They were in water front restaurant
munn11a on July 15, 2008
atif new voice for all time good songs
m khalid on July 16, 2008
wow.who's the singer
m khalid on July 16, 2008
no but still the song's good!!!
m khalid on July 17, 2008
k i kno... gud if its ur opinion!!
m khalid on July 17, 2008
why r u being so bossy around with ppl!!
saba s on July 18, 2008
atif fav :)
shweetlyksugar on July 19, 2008
mmm lovin this track!!!!
roopamkamboj93 on July 19, 2008
TTC looks cool for the first tym xD n m so sad dat i missed d shooting :((
TejnoorAnime on July 19, 2008
OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! I wanna see the movie!
pk1lebgirl87 on July 21, 2008
i love this song
indianrebel on July 25, 2008
Canada looks so beautiful!
zainabbbb on July 26, 2008
i didnt lyk dis movie! jane tu ya jane na is so much betta in my opinion
cheenamalai on July 26, 2008
atif aslam rockssssssssssssss
mona1fr007 on July 27, 2008
woah...atif rockz!!!!!!!!!!!!
rock on ..
ellenruppart on July 27, 2008
ae were those the bluffs in my toronto! dazed!
toxic0teen on July 29, 2008
awesome !!! i love atif's voice!!! he is the best!!!!!!
crazyrani555 on July 29, 2008
i luv this song!!!!!! the remixed is better though! =)
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