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Comments on song "Banjaaraa"
pammi49 on July 07, 2012
Yaar is baar solid hone jaa raha hai
droolsarj on July 07, 2012
thank god no more leslie lewis
mughalgarden on July 07, 2012
the guy spoilt it by not pronouncing 'Khusro' correctly (guttural
'Kh')...that's the problem with non-native native speakers it
soundsj ust like when someone says 'Jindagi' instead of 'zindagi'
attention to your pronunciation man if you really want to use those words.
Anthony Francis on July 07, 2012
#Awe3someness <3
blackwalnut on July 08, 2012
Thank God you guys learned the lesson from last season. Bollywood should be
forbidden from Cokestudio!
Arvinder Singh on July 08, 2012
The intro is nothing less than worthy of WORSHIP! Vijay Prakash is on
another level :-)
aman singhania on July 08, 2012
bravo !! keep up the good work guys.
Arbab Ali on July 08, 2012
I am not complaining, But Please keep our eastern Touch alive, where is
tabla, sitar and other equipments, all i am hearing is western music on
eastern poetry. :(
Waqar Munir on July 08, 2012
Each and every song is produced by a different producer in this season.
This is so weird.
brahmabul on July 08, 2012
This is because our country is filled with talents and Coke Studio gives
them a platform to showcase their talent.
Waqar Munir on July 08, 2012
BUT still, its not good. However you could assign each season to a
different producer. Any way no tall talk, lets see the MAGIC CREATION in
this season.
Waqar Munir on July 08, 2012
Yes brother, India is filled with talent but this is bandwagon effect. One
best producer should have been appointed for CS india. P.S: NOT
brahmabul on July 08, 2012
Different composers mean different variety of songs. And as long as the
fact of having different music composers doesn't hamper the quality of
songs, I don't think there is any reason to complain. The first episode has
been a vast improvement from the previous season. So things are promising.
brahmabul on July 08, 2012
I am so happy to see Vijay Prakash there. He is bundles of talent. Saw him
first in SRGM and look where has he reached now. Fantastic singing. Awesome
job Clinton Cerejo.
Waqar Munir on July 08, 2012
Yes, This season is far better than previous one, no doubt. But I am still
of the opinion that there should be one best producer to produce a sound. I
want AR Rehman to produce CS India. He is the man who can create magic.
Bhargab Kakati on July 09, 2012
Love the song the lyrics...butthere was too much noise in the
background...Low sync...
Trishnanta on July 09, 2012
I could marry Vijay Prakash's voice. Brilliant one!
Kabla21 on July 09, 2012
Please correct me if I am wrong..the guitar riff is more funk i guess,
feels like that .Cool!
swahaya on July 09, 2012
You rocked Vijay Prakash..It's pure magic to the ears. Keep up the good
work. Nandini was good too.
Jamshid Mahmood on July 10, 2012
Is this raag todi?
Viraj Joshi on July 10, 2012
He starts in a very odd fashion, but the end is raag bhimpalas.
Jesse Pinkman on July 10, 2012
brahmabul on July 10, 2012
Very rightly said.
daisysingh09 on July 10, 2012
salute frm india :)
daisysingh09 on July 10, 2012
m glued !! Mind blowing
Nirav Ramaiya on July 11, 2012
awsome song jst and awsomse show
o_w on July 11, 2012
Is it just me or does anyone else feel that Ustaad Rashid Khan is singing
Shamasundar Hallegere on July 11, 2012
Vijay Prakash is setting the stage on fire here with unbelievable vocals!!!
Very ably supported by Nadini! Music is brilliant!! Easily one of the best
songs I have heard!!! I have heard it several times already.
Dhruv H. Panchal on July 12, 2012
music has no language, no boundaries no has the power of
Pramod Pankajakshan on July 18, 2012
Well said bro! i am an indian. i dont like this unnecessary bad words
battle that goes on and on and on!
Pramod Pankajakshan on July 18, 2012
Vijay has done a great work! hope he gets a great break fro this.
Neha Pinto on July 18, 2012
this is brilliant. it's such a beautiful song. I cried hysterically for 30
mins listening to it, repeatedly.
creepymuck on July 19, 2012
peole from other countries;...thats how we do it in India..
Sonal Padhiyar on July 20, 2012
I love the second part of the song by Nandini than the frst half. Frankly
speaking..I dont get much into those harkat of saregamapa...I enjoyed
Bajara Lyrics!
0x0MuGeN0x0 on July 24, 2012
I feel like taking my bike out and randomly riding off listening to this
song on loop!
vikal sharma on July 25, 2012
love this fusion..just owesome..
Shashank Revankar on July 25, 2012
rajupan85 on July 29, 2012
just cant stop listening to addicted to this song..
Aniket Kulkarni on July 31, 2012
how can someone unlike Vijay prakash's singing ?
Arran Rebello on August 07, 2012
Arran Rebello on August 07, 2012
Vijay Beautiful Man!!!! . Hats Off..
Soumya Shetty on August 12, 2012
best lyrics!
Aniket Katdare on August 13, 2012
@ar rehman... u got company( read Clinton)... finally
valent pawar on August 15, 2012
all film producers listen pls pls introduce such compositions in
films.this really gets da taste of indian classic rock all in 1...
guys grt grt work..true color of Indian pop rock.always await to hear
more from u people...Clinton Cerejo God bless u man.!!!!! Man truely
great work.. :-D
Nishkarsh Shrivastava on September 21, 2012
very well sung by Vijay Prakash and Nandini gives him a great support in
this song.. Vijay prakash shows his complete talent in this song..
He is such a master in voice.. Great Artiste he is.. Hats off to
Vijay Prakash
rani vishwakarma on September 24, 2012
this song is amazingly composed & sung by the 2 beautiful artists v hv.
vijay prakash ji u r just awesum .wow wow wow wow wow wow
its a treat 2 watch vijay ji & nandini singing
bharath reddy Pareddy on November 01, 2012
He Learnt Music From Suresh Wadkar ( Famous Bollywood, Marathi and Bhajan
singh amardeep on December 07, 2012
listen to saathi salam by him as well purely awesome :)
Moin uddin Mohammed on December 31, 2012
marvelous job, were were you Clinton ! No words to express,,, just feelings
which cannot be expressed. Clinton not less than Rahman,
Moin uddin Mohammed on December 31, 2012
cant stop listening to this composition,,,
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