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Comments on song "Singh Is King (Title)"
vishjustrox on July 20, 2008
he he he really !! singh is king
laksh20 on July 26, 2008
he looks cool on any role and makeup. he is a real king.
cpktnwtp on July 29, 2008
fabulous ,fantastic,mind blowing,superb,fantabulous.
BollydreamZ on July 31, 2008
o loove this song. s sing it all the time even at work xD
harman chhina on August 06, 2008
whose king khan?
junaid113 on August 09, 2008
how can a girl be king bro
i agree shes hot but yeah
she cant be a 'singh is kinng' lol
shes just the queen of sxiness :P
rosemackranger on August 09, 2008
akshay is my favourite hero and katrina is my favourite heroine their jodi
rocks guys i love this song and after this film i love both of them much
rosemackranger on August 09, 2008
akshay is king
Hindimoviez on August 09, 2008
good movie!! i have see it
Gotz2Bril on August 10, 2008
dhoomachaleyaar on August 10, 2008
d more bollywood shows punjab n punjabi boli, it made me crazy.i love
punjab althou i jst get a chance to visit once. but watch out i myt cum
this year and im in love wiv punjab and punjabi people
dhoomachaleyaar on August 10, 2008
indeed mate, singh is kinng.singh is kinng
guneetsaini36 on August 12, 2008
singh is king
jitty1969 on August 13, 2008
wataynoo on August 14, 2008
I love this song, and the movie was just plain awesome! :)
brentwhitehead on August 14, 2008
no no no singh is king
greentwister1 on August 14, 2008
This is the best song and film in the world!!!!!!
chinkerbells07 on August 14, 2008
emR992 keep your opinions about akshay kumar to urself
hes a million times better than srk and aamir and to correct you akshay is the king of bollywood at the moment not the 2 that u mentioned
whiskers12356 on August 14, 2008
i watched this film in cinema it is really good
spicenclique on August 14, 2008
movie is gr8
but title is bit rude to people who have different last names or religion!!
Desiskillz21 on August 15, 2008
teri ma nu saliya, SINGH IS KING , fck srk hes nothin buh shyt thas been
overrated by phudus like u
cookmouse on August 16, 2008
thanks for this video
i like it
harvinderslim1 on August 16, 2008
akshay kumar is the best indian actor shah ruk khan is ii
atharva5 on August 17, 2008
akshay is real!! king and singh he real name is rageev batia
Monica Sharma on August 17, 2008
i jus watched this movie today on theaters its awesome i love this song its
cutiegirl101pies on August 18, 2008
OMG i went to the theaters too. do u know me did i see u
Monica Sharma on August 18, 2008
do u live in canada...ontario? if u did which theaters did u go to
nbl007 on August 18, 2008
Akshay is just another actor who's doin good for a while, thats all he is, SRK has earned his "king" title over a period of time, just one overrated hit doesn't matter to the actual king
nbl007 on August 18, 2008
o plz, he's better? myass. just cuz he had 4 hits in which he wasn't even a solo actor doesn't make him the so called king...he has a long way to go before being the actual king, which is SRK..only person who cna be said to be equal to SRK would be aamir...Akshay is just a lil kid in front of thsoe 2
singhatar0912 on August 19, 2008
i love singh is king its the best
abacas45 on August 19, 2008
snoopy doggy is luky 2 singh in singh is kinng. aki rocks . i will hear tis song many times . i hav also kept it in favs
abacas45 on August 19, 2008
you betr put yr fist up now
fiddyrupees on August 20, 2008
akshay is a badass comedian, Ninja, and actor
kingjatt3 on August 21, 2008
Luv the song watched the vid in theatres too!
Disha Bhakta on August 21, 2008
It broke the record of Jab WE Met
spicenclique on August 21, 2008
just shut up
better 4 u!!!!
nd btw katrina kaif or akshay kumar r not singhs in real life!!!!
so... better shut ur mouth!!
socom908 on August 21, 2008
yea put ur fists up lolz
kingjatt3 on August 21, 2008
I luved the movie i dunt kno bout u all h8ers, if u think dis movie rocked
reply to ma comment ! There is only one king and dat is Singh! BRUAAAH
Chakde Fateh!
ripndeep50 on August 21, 2008
spicenclique akshay kumar is a singh and im punjabi too loved the movie and
songs (but i think it didnt have a story line but it waz god)
mahua57 on August 22, 2008
Akshay is handsome,strong,tall(like others)never seek cheap publicity,role model for youth and kids-don't smoke and drink,always punctual,warm hearted(though a successful star)look so natural people love to watch love,comedy and action(black belt,so daring- does himself his action and stunt scenes,he gave 8 in row hits to struggling industry,so humble saying king is Amitabh Bachhan.Others can learn and improve,great artist and person- TRUE ARTIST belong to all humankind, Win a heart, love-peace
harvinderslim1 on August 22, 2008
hell yea he his and there is more to that
Rajey on August 24, 2008
lol add me dude i am punjabi too!! singh is kinng!!!
mahua57 on August 24, 2008
SINGH IS THE KING_Writing on the wall- read it-Believe your eyes- Believe your ears- OH YEAH-SINGH IS KING_SINGH IS KING_SINGH IS KING-You know what i mean-SINGH IS THE KING-
Maria M on August 25, 2008
luvin da tune man
playa36er on August 25, 2008
singh is forever da king man..
playa36er on August 25, 2008
proud 2 b a singh.
Muqqii23 on August 25, 2008
AWSOME Movie N Song<33 i Luv It!! I Luv akshay Kumars acting itz da BEST... in da movie he actually seriously looked like a tru punjabi YA:P LUV IT<33
kulk4471 on August 26, 2008
dont get me wrong katrina iz supa fit but she cant speak hindi she sounds so out of place in da movie
k1ngs1mmy on August 26, 2008
i love this song good track 1 of my favourites
Poojauppal on August 27, 2008
shes learning i think her hindi was pretty good in the movie she spoke it
herself cuz when she came to india she didnt not one word of hindi and she
learnt it pretty well cuz studies show it very hard to learn a new language
when ur over 12
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