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Masti Bhare Geet

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Total Vote(s) : 12
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Comments on song "Bedardi Raja Zara Paas To Aaja"
Priyanka Patil on January 31, 2012
<3 bedardi raja.. ;)
garima tomar on February 14, 2012
phool chhadi :)
Tongan Dox Tonga on February 23, 2012
love this!! specially the beats!!!
susantam25 on February 24, 2012
haha... aita hauchhi oriya paribartana !!
shaistaf72 on March 18, 2012
good song to hang out with
jakhtar30 on April 23, 2012
yeeaaahhh...she is beautiful..
rahul raj on May 01, 2012
she is one of the most underated singer.
rahul raj on May 01, 2012
really man.i was also thinking that she resembles someone but i could't think of robin.
chidimaar83 on May 01, 2012
Check her out in The Avengers.She plays Agent Maria Hill.
tarnicles on May 09, 2012
wowie...the mridanga player at the back is FINE! Great,lean physique.
tarnicles on May 09, 2012
phool jhadi ( hence the 'maachis') :-)
gaurav ghai on May 16, 2012
where was the guitar used?
Olaf Kahler on May 20, 2012
This song is very cool.
Vikas Agrawal on June 06, 2012
wat a wording
Vikas Agrawal on June 06, 2012
like .kachchi mai kali hu use pura khila ja...
Saten dubey on June 24, 2012
Anand Nair on June 26, 2012
imagine sonia gandhi singin dis songggggg..wid manmohan,chidambaram,antony and pranab playing d instruements..!!!!!!...:P
whocares on June 28, 2012
beautiful singer
George Angelo on July 17, 2012
i like her outfit!!!
angelleev on September 06, 2012
It's a bass guitar, and she does seem to be playing it during the chorus.
gaurav ghai on September 10, 2012
ure right. my bad.
Anant Bhat on November 28, 2012
Robin Scherbatsky!
kirsten2728 on December 08, 2012
kya gaya h be. har kuch <3
Heramb Barve on January 08, 2013
its called a bass...she isn't playing it much.but then again the way she
is playing it you couldn't really hear it...very slight bass notes during
the chorus i think
Pinak Lonkar on January 15, 2013
Kajra Mohobbatwala - the sequel.
aarthi baalu on March 17, 2013
The song is set to Brindavan Saranga - a Carnatic Raga ..Beautiful
composition ...
xeshtaed on April 21, 2013
A Gibson Thunderbird bass.
Gauri Pravishi on June 01, 2013
But there isn't any male version :/
Pratikshya Gautam on June 23, 2013
u r too good sona
myungskywalker on July 10, 2013
thank u for this very useful piece of information!
aarthi baalu on July 24, 2013
My Pleasure
luckyazian13 on August 10, 2013
Why do you say that? Was this song used in HIMYM?
Anant Bhat on September 03, 2013
LOL man No! This is Sona Mohapatra. They both lookalike that's it.
Anant Bhat on September 03, 2013
hehe.. no man.. the singer is Robin's lookalike that's what i meant
luckyazian13 on September 09, 2013
Got it. I realized it after I had replied. Good catch.
1983simi on December 21, 2013
I don't quite understand why she is holding a guitar, but i ADORE her
voice! :)
madhumita pandey on December 29, 2013
very diff song, i like it
Saber Alam on January 09, 2014
very masti wala song
Vinayak Krishnan on April 07, 2014
Cobie SMulders from HIMYM
shaan roy on August 28, 2014
Awsme song.. Huge fan of sona mohapatra
shaan roy on August 28, 2014
Awsme song.. Huge fan of sona mohapatra
kunal jadhav on November 12, 2014
U r so cute baby! 
Ravin Sharma on August 28, 2015
lutta diya dil madam
Hrudananda Samantaray on September 06, 2015
Excellent ! Sung in a voice that is in harmony with the spirit of the song
Priyansh Shrivastava on October 07, 2015
GB road ki randi...
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