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Masti Bhare Geet

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Comments on song "Bedardi Raja Zara Paas To Aaja"
Prabhdeep Singh on July 29, 2011
Aaj Ankit aaya hai... 256th View!! Yay!!
MezzwidMe22 on August 04, 2011
@Sadiop315 so your the expert ?:) Its a Bass to start with . The song has the same only in part s & the lady is actually playing the correct note , cus its a single note bass song !! A relief when you compare the fake & ridiculous play that u hear in the regular filmi songs . @Saadrajwadkar2 , looks approximately ? & that statement is so strange or are you uncomfortable with English . Shes an artist & an actual singer , performer . Making silly superficial comparisions of this sort kinda sad ?
warpedsoul on August 05, 2011
lol how you missed full fledged bomb and noticed a guitar!!! its a bass btw for your information. hope you not gay.

soumyaization on August 06, 2011
she is faar better.. at least she got talent
Amol Keer on August 06, 2011
Try listening to the Grind mix its amazing as well...
Roji11 on August 10, 2011
What a wildcard!!! I cant get enuff of this multitalented woman!!!
bitupon saikia on August 10, 2011
Very cool treatment..!!!
asim pathan on August 10, 2011
why is she holding the guitar?
Lisa Francis on August 10, 2011
She isn't, she's holding a Bass.
asim pathan on August 10, 2011
Since when has Bass not become guitar?
imunish on August 10, 2011
what is her name ?
she looks nice
Paromita Pal on August 10, 2011
is she the same person who sang afterglow with INXS?
Paromita Pal on August 10, 2011
OMG i saw poop eeeeeeeeekh
ashamohanty100 on August 10, 2011
that bearded guy was funny, especially when he squeezed the boob, was totally unexpected. The song is so so.
hairyslayer on August 10, 2011
before watching this video i thought this singer would be a fat ugly aunty kinda thing but she is cute..
sai kumar on August 10, 2011
@ashamohanty100 can you not just walk out when you see such scenes if you don't like it why to ask censor if you can't take it you can censor it for yourself
Street Smart HaRsHa on August 10, 2011
Trash those 4 ppl who disliked x-(
Ragini Kaushal on August 14, 2011
sona mohapatra!.its written over there dude!
chidimaar83 on August 18, 2011
Does any one else thinks she looks like Robin from How I met your mother ?
adityamohangupta09 on August 18, 2011
I love the beats and lyrics of this song
shahid k on August 19, 2011
i like the desi touch in the singers voice..
DrNissham on August 20, 2011
Nice Beat N Melody!!!! I Love Dis Track!!!!
gautmi mehra on August 23, 2011
aaha... majja nu aavi gayoooooooo
indranil adhya on August 24, 2011
sona ur voice is 22caret gold, khara sona. i love ur voice,awesome track.
Yezabel74 on August 24, 2011
wooooow, what a beautiful voice! she's great!
Ananya Mitra on August 25, 2011
haha...she does! very much!
Sukanta Maikap on August 26, 2011
does this song have any use of guitar at all ?
Prashant Pathak on August 26, 2011
it is soooo coool bhartiya naari with guitar..unique man
warpedsoul on August 28, 2011
sad its not a guitar its called base . google it you might get an idea sirje and its meant to be played that way .. shes playing how it shud be played.
Vrigu Mohanty on September 05, 2011
Itz a bass guitar. And it is played that way only :)
alexross3977 on September 05, 2011
taritchandra on September 06, 2011
please upload a full hd quality of bedardi raja song>>>
Adnan Khan on September 06, 2011
sonals best move @ 0:33

Ashwani Saini on September 10, 2011
aahahahahaaaa kyaa baat hai.utha dia yaar bedardi raja ne
neelforeverlove on September 16, 2011
nice song ... awesome:-)
swati sharma on September 24, 2011
bedardi raja...hayeeeeeee!!!!fckng seductive nd m speechless!!!my callertune nw;)
Tony9633216758 on September 28, 2011
yes! she does look like robin!
crystalcastles91 on October 06, 2011
what how do 59 people, she does not at all
chidimaar83 on October 07, 2011
I swear by the tail of Hanuman that I dint put those likes myself.that would be uber sad
crystalcastles91 on October 07, 2011
hahaha that made me laugh. Of course you didnt, Im just saying I cant believe how many think she does look like her, I just cannot see it at all... anyway LOVE this song
zafartamim on October 09, 2011
no she dont look like robin
tamim zafar on October 09, 2011
no she dont look like robin
mohit6016 on October 12, 2011
hey did u know in this song the leader of madhvans is there have u noticed that
SuckaFreeSoliloquy on October 14, 2011
She's not even playing that bassline haha

...& it just so happens to be the most simple boring bassline on earth so easy an infant could play, she might as well play it
SuckaFreeSoliloquy on October 14, 2011
...or at least pretend to play it if she's going to hold a freaking bass in the video. come on. even the musicians are acting now?
toufiquethunder on November 08, 2011
yeah but the like ness is slight dont u think?
noxiousnirvana on November 13, 2011
why have i never seen this video
mafasaliya on December 03, 2011
babba kana gaucha ma!!!!!!
asutosh mishra on December 03, 2011
babba kana gaucha ma!!!!!!
sankey220485 on January 29, 2012
kisiko tandoori chicken ka chaska..aur kisiko tandoori chicken ka...
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