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Comments on song "Bekhudi Me Sanam Uth Gaye Jo Kadam"
Biswajay Banerjee on September 13, 2009
superb 5***** Biswa
anitdua on August 06, 2010
One of the best duets ever
Rajendra Oza on September 20, 2010
A beautiful upload Yuan !! Best singing, lyrics and music. Such a
refreshing song. Thanks for uploading a crystal clear video.
Rajendra Oza on September 20, 2010
@yuanyuanyuanyin Why ????!!!!! Yuan ??? :-(
Rajendra Oza on September 20, 2010
Shocking news Yuan!! I hope everything will be set right soon.
Rajendra Oza on September 20, 2010
This is insult to music itself.There is a limit to greed. Vultures indeed!!
I'll pray to God!
Mahagedara2 on September 20, 2010
@rkoza7 - we all know my dear friend, we the individual uploaders [not the companies] do this as an innocent hobby.

We do not get any financial/material benefits except for mental satisfaction, KNOWING that we are keeping MILLIONS of friends happy all over the world.

For an example, when yuanyuanyuanyin suspended today, I had nearly 17 MILLION friendly viewers!
No single friend do not know who I really am. They only know I am a music lover from Sri Lanka!
Cruel thing what Shemaroo did today!
Rajendra Oza on September 20, 2010
@Mahagedara2 I know how you and all music lovers must be feeling, Yuan !!
Its so sad. You were doing a great social job by entertaining millions by
your uploads. The only benefit you got out of this was the satisfaction of
entertaining millions. That's all.
shekarman on September 23, 2010
Yuan, Please keep us posted on the resolution of your "ban." I hate
shemaroo and rajshri -- both are thieves themselves (since they copy from
originals produces long long ago). I know a bit about copyright law (as an
entrepreneur) and they are completely wrong -- you have the right to
excerpt from copyright works particularly for non commercial reasons. Good
shekarman on September 23, 2010
Yuan, One more comment. Google (the owner of YT) publishes entire books and
doesn't seem to care about copyright and it is really surprising that YT is
fighting on behalf of companies like Shemaroo and Rajshri. Shame! Shame!!!
Ramil Sharma on November 26, 2010
@shekarman : I dont think Google publish books without the permission of
owners. I would agree that the music companies shoudl let the vidos
continue here and if they feel thats its a loss of revenue to them, they
can place ads and make it official - Instead of fighting. These beautiful
songs reminds of of past and brings the sweet memories..and these are like
40 yr old so why so much of greed. YT is like another radio but we can
choose what we want to hear
shekarman on January 12, 2011
@ramils Actually, Google's policy (as is YT's) is that they will publish
anything -- it's up to the copyright owners to pose a challenge and then
they will remove it. This issue came to the forefront with photographs
taken by Google maps (that's why some countries -- notably Japan -- wanted
to ban google maps).
Anit Patel on January 23, 2011
What is song!! This movie had great songs. This probably was the begining
of KA and Prakash Mehra association.
Shikha Karamchandani on August 31, 2011
an enchantin number. those were the days. songs were beautiful. tks for the
Chiman Jagani on October 10, 2011
Album: Haseena Maan Jayegi Year: 1968 Track: Bekhudi Mein Sanam Singer:
Rafi Lata Album Star Cast: ShashiKapoor Babita Track Star Cast:
ShashiKapoor Babita
mohd hanaf on October 23, 2011
Can someone telling the meaning of this song
Manaf Abdul on November 18, 2011
Mohammad Raffi + the best composers = Clasics
Ramesh Thakrar on December 13, 2011
Well done Kalyanjibhai, Anandjibhai. Beautiful composition.
billiards on January 01, 2012
Raag Chaurkashi! Subhanallah!
speakerffone on January 26, 2012
Pretty song.. but why is she dressed as a blue santa claus?
Shivanand Kumar on March 18, 2012
subhan allah i watch it 5 times a day but i never got bored
Raj Bhoyedhur on March 29, 2012
Thank u yuan for nice upload.
habib malik on April 01, 2012
it,s very nice.sada bahar song
janak raj on April 05, 2012
both mohd rafi and shashi kapoor , no words to describe them
Prakash D Patel on April 30, 2012
Rafi sahab matalab rafi sahab..
babu rao on May 06, 2012
Thumbs up if u LisTninG Diz sOnG in 2012..<3
59coolangel on May 06, 2012
sada bahar geet
Vijay Abhyankar on May 17, 2012
memorable song of my old and gold memories! The first ever cinema, I have
sajad akbar on May 19, 2012
so nice song i like it
PinkSaira1 on May 22, 2012
he's romancing Mrs. Santa Claus! WRONG. where's Mr. Claus!!! Shashi Kapoor,
sir, you were one hot dude. luv u!
Sabrina Brina on June 04, 2012
Thumbs Up If You Thought She Was Karishma Kapoor For A Second:)
Jamshaid Yousuf on July 09, 2012
All I can say is wow. Rafi is best singer ever of all and everyone in world.
Indira Sabari on July 18, 2012
tht must have been the latest in paris fr the winter fashion tht sure the designers didnt have santa in mind
Adela Saberi on August 22, 2012
Subhash Jagtap on August 28, 2012
Most memorable and heart touching song.famous for music,natural
Baygairat on November 19, 2012
if only she was wearing a saree.. :)
saju khan on December 01, 2012
it feel melodious into ears n
Suhail Shafi on December 12, 2012
This is another divine duet by the eternal Rafi saheb and Lataji. I do see
the point of the person who made a wisecrack about the blue Santa Claus
outfit, though !
armghan ur rehman Babar on December 15, 2012
may be to look sky whatever thought was but
amazing.and effective.4ever hits songs.for any generation...i like
that song...♥♥♥
Ahmed Feroz on December 30, 2012
Life is not about the people who act true in front of you, it is the people
who remain true behind your back.
Дарья Иванова on February 16, 2013
shashi kapoor veri veri handsome super star
Ferozaafreen on February 28, 2013
Ds song ol abt z shoot in ma jannat ,, jannat e Kashmir but now in prison
in Indian occupation ,,, vht d scenic beauty z ,,, a real heaven lyk
land,,,, luv it n also Rafi sahb
raj6408 on March 14, 2013
In Indian occupation really - all the Kashmiri Pandits have been thrown out
of the valley. Who is really occupying it?
sophia intan on April 09, 2013
love this song they are diamond 4rever
ursaheli on May 05, 2013
Shashi Kapoor, the heartthrob of millions in the 1960s-70s... Continues to
rule my heart. Always a pleasure to watch Shashi baba's songs. Thanks for
the great uplaod.
GAM GURUNG on May 15, 2013
they are superb diamond 4 ever
Tashi Chudun on May 26, 2013
song and dress don't have combination babita look laike clown
manauwwar taaz on May 31, 2013
rafi is only one man jiske awaj me dard hai
MAYOGARDENS on June 14, 2013
You are very correct..
Jeetu bhatia on June 18, 2013
mohd rafi you real diamond in the history of indian cinema
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