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Comments on song "Bhige Honth Tere Pyasa Dil Mera"
ShanShafin on September 04, 2008
very romantic song, love it
rashedulhuq on September 05, 2008
very romantic song forever, kunal great..
masudhahmed on September 05, 2008
wonderful trans, superb lyrics, very nice tune.. soooo lovely.
rahmanbd00789 on September 05, 2008
Very romantic song, Awesome!
Faheem2912 on September 05, 2008
Kool;) love it..
jiniaakiran on September 10, 2008
many memories when i was in bd..
turrosayem on September 10, 2008
My alltime favorite song, thks for post.
JassyH84 on September 11, 2008
Soooo romantic.. Loveeeeee itttttt
vividsql on September 12, 2008
very nice song, like this couple;)
KIRAN623772 on October 28, 2008
i like the sound wo o ooooo thats really hot
A Prasad on January 15, 2009
i hate that dude in the movie, hes such a fag
sarahsosweet86 on February 05, 2009
I LOVE this song...
Beautiful Lyrics..
s03i4 on April 07, 2009
i dont think its a romantic song-its about lust!!!! still a great tune tho!!!!!!!!!!!!
nlh4life on April 08, 2009
unfaithful brings back memories of someone!!!
Sehrish Kanwal on May 08, 2009
Amazingggg video
harshit d on May 14, 2009
awesome chic
scir 91 on May 23, 2009
great chemistry on-screen between the two actors!
trazorbullet on June 24, 2009
imagine i am alone in my house and this song is going on in T.V.If suppose
a girl of my age or little less than that comes to my house at that
time,should i change the channel or continue watching with her? I feel shy
to watch this song in front of girls.
makkhan1000 on July 15, 2009
22SB on July 31, 2009
love the song.. not sure about the video. Maybe suitable for other things.
Indira Prahalad on August 02, 2009
Love Imran..he always got 2 get a kiss from his girls!!
Nadish Raies on November 25, 2009
me n my hubby song...
321roomi321 on December 26, 2009
chalooooooo yar indians kabhi tu kissi original ideay per movie bana liya
karo . siraf aamir khan hai jiss ki movies main originality hoti hai
. baaqi saari copies hoti hain
MrRavish807 on December 30, 2009
you know wht guys true love only bring sadness n pain soo better do same as him
321roomi321 on December 31, 2009
LOL hahaha like the way you started your comment ... gadhe kay bhai ...
gajni aamir khan ki prouction nahi hai ... un ghareeb nay siraf us movie
main kaam kia hai ... jo aamir khan ki apni productions hoti hain woh kaafi
original hoti hain ... take care
Rishi Sharma on January 12, 2010
fav line of lyric is kala jadu kare lambe baal!!!!!!!!!!
vividsql on January 30, 2010
very romantic song
TheMahanbahen on February 17, 2010
yeah jo bhaiyaa hai woh kyaa married aurat ko hi pakdtey hai shayad unki bhukh bhabhi nahin bujaa sakti yaa phir unme koi deffect ho..
Shela Islam on April 26, 2010
i love this's touching my heart..
sagextrm on May 10, 2010
This is a great song to hear while making out ; )
Kay Kay on May 18, 2010
@vividsql :::::>>> not romantic dude,its sek c
MrRambhakt on June 03, 2010
after watching this song ,there remains a little doubts in one's mind that
india is country of people of double standards .
CHRIS DIPAOLO on June 09, 2010
someone please tell me what instrument that is in the beginning??
virk05 on June 30, 2010
very romantic song
143kezz on September 04, 2010
lol this vid. turns me on no wonder my gf sent me this link =)
143kezz on September 04, 2010
at 0:33 where was he going? o_o lol
drVlucky on September 05, 2010
@143kezz us road me jaha se hum sab bhr aye hai...! :P
5Sush0 on October 15, 2010
@22SB song is okay but not sure about the video :/
Deepthi rao on October 22, 2010
@trazorbullet - If you feel so shy, switch off the tv.
Deepthi rao on October 22, 2010
@satyendragwl What feelings in this? Its just the love making and nothing
sweet868jbjb on December 04, 2010
indian movie sure has change, the new comes are embarrassing the legends
mbbmahuya on December 31, 2010
i love ds song..itz really nice
Prakul K on January 09, 2011
@trazorbullet ur a fag...grow some balls
vishals2 on January 13, 2011
video is too trashy for such a beautiful sensual song. They are just a couple of horny lust filled new trashy actors. These two will take the trashiest roles just to get a new film offer
vishals2 on January 13, 2011
this song is very nice, romantic and sensual
sk41ful on January 31, 2011
asmajasmeeen on February 14, 2011
some great moments of my life..
PoP KoRn on February 26, 2011
to be very honest .. this guy( cant remember his name) has no idea how to
love a woman .. seriously..
marniekazim on April 21, 2011
@trazorbullet no way watch it with her. then yu guys cn act it out
Mohamed Ameen on July 16, 2011
The song lyrics are very romantic.good to build the mood when you love
your beloved, though, it borders on the physical.
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