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Comments on song "Bhigi Bhigi Si Hai Rate, Yade Bhigi Bhigi"
Geet Bhutani on February 07, 2008
i luv it very much armaan thnx for uploading
Badmaas Keta on February 09, 2008
love this song
armaanyounis on February 15, 2008
my name is Armaan. you have a cool id ;)
Geet Bhutani on February 23, 2008
hahaha peng i luv it too :)
ameliaessu on February 24, 2008
ameliaessu on March 07, 2008
eu now tenho culpa de amar tanto esse clipe...
parshiwal887 on March 15, 2008
song may ont be one of the greatest but piano work especially that one in
the beginning is really impressive, well done
AZBeatZ TV on March 19, 2008
yea this song is a copy too
Geet Bhutani on March 20, 2008
which song then?
AZBeatZ TV on April 09, 2008
haha i dont she shouldnt have cheated...
abs69 on April 25, 2008
lol i'm studying for my exams and listening to the music as well ha ha what
a coincidence
in2ennui on May 11, 2008
It WOULD be okay (there are many shorter stars worth their lack of height
in gold), however this kid is just full of himself. He is an actor who
tries to make up for his shortness, by devouring all the women in his
movies, almost literally... I give some credence to his acting skills, I
think they are okay...
dilbara18 on June 01, 2008
i love this song! theres something strangely haunting about it though =P
Nadeni on June 19, 2008
Once again K.K.! Amazing voice!
afflux0075 on June 22, 2008
(Aankhe teri sabnami chehera tera aaina Tu hain udasi bhari kohi hasin
dastan)2 Dil mein hain kya kuch to bata kyun hain bhala khud see khafa
Hoo. (Aankho se padh ke tujhe dil pe maine lekha tu ban gaya hain
mere jine ki ek bajaha)2 Teri hasin teri aada auro se hain bilkul juda
Hooo. Tuhi meri sab hain subha hain tuhi din hain mera tuhi
mera rab hain jaha hain tuhi meri duniya Tu waqt mere liye hain main hoo
tera lamha kaise rahega bhala hoke tu mujhse juda ooo.
afflux0075 on June 22, 2008
(Tuhi meri sab hain subha hain tuhi din hain mera tuhi mera rab hain jaha
hain tuhi meri duniya Tu waqt mere liye hain main hoo tera lamha kaise
rahega bhala hoke tu mujhse juda ooo..)2 F:Pata nahi kyun anjan jante
huye bhi mein har bar aakash se milne pahuch jati hoo Sayad dil ke hato
majboor hoke Ek mahine pahele yisi resturant me meri aaksah se mulakat huyi
thi Yekin nahi hota itnise wokt me woh meri itni karib aa gaya
roopamkamboj93 on June 27, 2008
who is the singer ?
alittlecrazi on August 16, 2008
love this song <3333
Babeli015 on September 19, 2008
my favorite song ! I listened to "Armonim" of shohruxhon and "sacral
nirvana" but it's really different we can't say that this song is copied
richietiptop on September 25, 2008
tight song :D
SunshineEmoTears on October 09, 2008
this movie made me cry..
coolzishankhan on October 16, 2008
Song for Ever green love .
divakhan on October 22, 2008
i jus love the songs in this movie!
armaanyounis on November 02, 2008
Kangna Ranauat
Shafi deen on November 22, 2008
i Had a high hopes that Kangana she will shine in bollywood was
different unfortunately she landed in tamil cinea let her wish she shines
up some where
Jackrrish Law on December 02, 2008
hey video owner --- song is going somewhere else and video is moving
somewhere else... ?? whats happening?
ShreyasPatel on December 06, 2008
lol, yes.. and even the scenes are messed up... the line "tere hassi teri
aadhaa aauron se hai bikul judda" comes after the line "dil mein hai kya...
kuch toh bata... kyu hai bhala khudh se khafaa...
zaazi123 on December 11, 2008
must say, kanganas acting is awesome in the roles she plays, at least they
got her in tamil cinema, dont watch those films but hopes she doing well
over there
zaazi123 on December 11, 2008
well i like how these movies are different to the mainstream, they are more
real therefore the endings are real too, its time we had some reality in
Singh955 on December 16, 2008
lolz the hot girls drinkin is so hot lolz total drunk
djkurioo on December 18, 2008
The Re make Of this song Search Tu Hi Meri Remake Ft Dj Kurioo .. tell me
what you guys think
SAMY BUTT on December 18, 2008
2gud songs...keep t up.
Biswajit Mohapatra on December 19, 2008
gurl is full talli .
blackglitter93 on January 05, 2009
loved d movie was crying in d end n man...dis song is brilliant
Ismaa Ali on January 16, 2009
ardis10 on January 17, 2009
u think ur any better sheesh. just sit bak and enjoy the music
avinash vt on February 21, 2009
why is audio and video out of sync? Gr8 song though
saafaismyjaan on March 26, 2009
Swanand Pagnis on March 27, 2009
There is an AV delay in this video.. there must be a better video somewhere
GoRla89 on April 12, 2009
Nah i think they cover themselves up with some mini Bikini or some thing.
BeliveInTruth on April 18, 2009
just great!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sanjay Patange on May 11, 2009
Why the lip movements and words does not match? Very poor synchronization
but the song is fabulous
Björn Källander on May 18, 2009
Was your day the best ever?
nourenemies on May 26, 2009
do u no wat synchronization means?
djkurioo on May 27, 2009
my version is better ... watch?v=b1GbtrRT20A&feature=related
Mids14 on June 02, 2009
i hate emraan hashmi for some reasons.sorry to his fans but idk why tho
A.K.M. Kafi on June 03, 2009
copied from 'Sacral Nirvana' by Oliver Shanti & Friends
Sanjay Patange on June 03, 2009
Dont know! But it is clear as crystal that the lips does not move as per
the words. only a blind eye can say that it is matching. very poor!
Faisal Bilal on June 04, 2009
wow awesome song
Sher Khan on June 07, 2009
My favourite song that describes my feelings
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