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Comments on song "Bhula Denge Tumko Sanam Dhire Dhire"
Grace Christian on June 23, 2007
i love this sad song
Qamar Abbas on March 31, 2008
dis is a great song sumtin tells me im gonna be singin dis one day thanks
for sharing
Qamar Abbas on March 31, 2008
i agree with u sezme414
Ahmed Abdi on April 30, 2008
to jaye hum kahaa,this line shows how embarassed Akki feels and he really
acted well this song, hands off Akki fans.
Qamar Abbas on May 14, 2008
btw anybody whos heart broken heres some advice just go to aplace which
will keep u thinkin about sumtin else dont, stay still, and dont stay alone
cuz than youll start thinkin and than weepin.
Froghkarim on May 15, 2008
Nice song.
Cgirl4buddy on May 15, 2008
O wow..i thought ma bro was the only 1 wit pain of luving,,but his situtaion is differnt because in his case the girl he luv more than aything never care for him mre than just a class sry qamar but cn i ask u wat was gona happen and you new it..sory if u think im being the way is the girl ma bro luves is mst nicest and decent gril we have ever qamar..
lonepoet007 on May 30, 2008
i have also gone thru the pain and still recovering from it...i pray to god no one ever fall in d situation i am in
Karishma Sawhney on June 15, 2008
i know exatcly how u feel :( :'(
luvmarjo on June 15, 2008
nice song, bt the film wasnt gd at all. bad story
suneel38 on June 16, 2008
Himesh extracted the best from Sonu...Excellent song music..& Sonu is the track.& the pain inside the voice of Sonu.
SweetNSourGyal on June 17, 2008
this song brings pain 2 ma heart!!! it reli makes me cry
1ethargy on June 17, 2008
I wana cry :( Beautiful and heart-touching x
Alyn2X on July 05, 2008
szooper song and the movies is the best:X:X:X
y2k3hafiz on July 07, 2008
ugh mein kaysa bhula dhoonga sab ko?
EILEEN on July 12, 2008
um how in the world was it a bad story?
chiweee on July 12, 2008
he was engaged to bipashaa,, and anil kapoor was engaged to katrina, how can they fall in lov with som1 else.. and akshay loved his finace b4 meetin katrina!! wasnt this film floaped?? i loved the songs,, bt nt the movie lolzz bt ya wtever
EILEEN on July 15, 2008
You totally missed the whole point of the film then. Akshay and Bipasha's
marriage was arranged and yes they were happy with it but they had nothing
in common even though Akshay thought he loved Bipasha in the beginning,
Bipasha's character was determined and career-focued while Akshay was more
easy going and carefree and cared about different things. He was content
with being with Bipasha but he hadn't met his soulmate yet, someone whom he
would really fall in love with and that was Katrina.
EILEEN on July 15, 2008
They had an instant connection, they had so many things in common. And
Katrina's character was never happy with marrying Anil Kapoor's character,
she was only being pushed to marry him because of her father.
EILEEN on July 15, 2008
Her marrige to Anil Kapoor was more like a business deal, she wasn't in
love with him ever and he was just possessive about her. So when Katrina
and Akshay met, it turned into a much deeper relationship than either of
them expected. The whole tag line of the film itself is Are marriages
really made in heaven or are they arranged on earth?
EILEEN on July 15, 2008
Is faling in love a matter of coincidence or is it divine connection? What
will triumph in the end? A connection forced by convention, or a connection
forged by destiny? The film wasn't a flop at all actually it did really
chiweee on July 15, 2008
haha ya i kno.. bt still i didnt liked the story.. i didnt liked it. it doesnt mean tht film was nt gd, its like a dream story u kno.. cuz it nvr happens in reality..engaged to one and fell in love with another:-s its kinda weird.. bt anywayz lets forget abt tht and chill;) katrina looks amazing in singh is king:P im startin likin her lol:D
EILEEN on July 15, 2008
lol actually this film was based on a real true story. That actually
happened in Canada so things like that do happen in real life sometimes.
Yeah I know I started to like Katrina after I saw her in Humko Deewana Kar
Gaye which was the first movie of hers I ever watched.
aninablue on July 20, 2008
i dont find katrina kaif attractive not a face you wanna keep looking at.
dr on August 13, 2008
Here Akshay really looks Macho and like Amitabh
rialove16 on August 13, 2008
i love the song !!!!!THE voice is really really touching! i love sonu's voice!!1
Nisa Akanda on August 23, 2008
name of the movie pleace
punjabikurdi125 on September 01, 2008
hum ko deewana kargaye :)
zari786 on September 04, 2008 this song
sonijaan4u on September 15, 2008
luv dis song n so true
Iamurzz on October 24, 2008
the same question i have,,,where shall i go now?i loved it
Iamurzz on October 24, 2008
and yeah canada is place for heart broker.i precticly knows offence
sweetG89 on October 29, 2008
Very touchin soo sad thanks 4 uploadin wid subt.
fahdkk on November 02, 2008
love this so much, since im going through the same time. its so hard to forget some 1.
fil4eva on December 13, 2008
oh god please don't cry luv u man ur gorgeous akshay
farhan0783 on December 15, 2008
@muzklover i think u neva been in love u dun know the feelings buddy thats
y ya sayin lyke tat
Zoahrulz on December 21, 2008
ohhhhhhhhhhh its the most sad song eva love this song
heybittu on January 09, 2009
awsome sonu nigam.
Zoahrulz on January 10, 2009
well, lets try, fanx
aamer12007 on January 11, 2009
Iss rah-e-ulfat k musafir ke sath tu ny kia kia kabi apna lia kabi tukhra
dia Meri muhabat patoon ka mahal tu nahi kabi bana lia kabi gira dia Main
teri kitab-e-zindgi ka woh haraf tu nai hun jisay kabi likh lia kabi mita
lia Mera sath tery leya bah-es-ruswaii tu nahi jisay kabi dunya ko bitla
lia kabi chupa lia Aj kal logoon ka yeahi mashgala hai shahzad kabi humain
soch lia kabi bhula lia
mkproductions08 on January 23, 2009
its not easy 2 get ur true luv buh its impossible to forget them
missfooty95 on January 29, 2009
Thanks seems painful :(
I think I'll try nd keep away from luv
Wow yoo saved me frm fallin in2 a load full of troubels
Thanks again
palaceofmehak on February 03, 2009
that is soo true.. i totally agree with u. i wanna ask u anova
question.probably u might have the appropiate and right answer to it.
what is love?...
palaceofmehak on February 03, 2009
true saying.. absolutely true.*clap clap* everything passes along
with time..
palaceofmehak on February 03, 2009
wah wah!

kya baat hai..*cheers*
inuyasharoxs05 on February 06, 2009
dats truuee
dhruvpatel0909 on February 07, 2009
Hats off to the lyricist of this song. One of the greatest sad songs.
Vikram Teli on February 13, 2009
every one who lost there love will love this song.
Vikram Teli on February 13, 2009
every one who lost there love will love this song.
farhan0783 on February 17, 2009
well said mate
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